Hello, it’s Ro! And today on Nerdy Nummies, we are gonna be making Angry Bird Cupcakes I got so many requests for these, so I’m really excited! OK, let’s get started! I already pre-baked my cupcakes

You can use any recipe that you like I used a vanilla box cake, because I like to keep it simple First thing that we’re gonna do is frost I’m frosting the cupcakes each of the different colors of the birds We have, the red bird, the yellow bird, the piggie, the black bird and the blue bird

I’m going to start with yellow Yellow is the only one that I couldn’t find that was already pre-dyed, so I just added a little food coloring So if you can’t find one of these colors, just dye ‘em! And it’s ok if it gets a little messy, because we are going to dip them in sprinkles! What I like to do when I use these bottles, is you just put a little bit of pressure, and get out the frosting Meerwwwhhh-wheeewwwww! And then, smoothing it out When you’re doing individual cupcakes, I’ve just found that this way is just really, really easy

After you’re done frosting, we’ve got our green ones, these are the piggies, and we’re gonna take a big marshmallow and cut it in half, and put it on top for his nose and then we’ll frost it green Once you’re done frosting we’re gonna dip all of the cupcakes into the different candy sugars And if you don’t have candy sugars you can just stop here, because these are the colors of the birds So, it’s ok! I’m just being super fancy today! So we’re gonna start with, these are little sugar candy balls, you’ve got your candies and you just dip ‘em, just like this Boom! Delicious! Next candy is blue, these are a little bit like, bigger sugar crystals, I found them at a cake store

Oooh, look at that! That one’s pretty! Mmmm-mmmm! Now I’m gonna dip it in red, this is a really easy to find color, I found this at every grocery store that I went to Now black! Pff-pff-pff-pff-pff! When you’re making the little piggie you just want to be really, really careful because you don’t want his nose to fall off! So, I’m just really, really gentle when I’m dipping it I’m at no point, just putting all the weight onto the nose You can even put him down, kinda sprinkle a little on top I MAKE IT RAIN! I MAKE IT RAIN! I MAKE IT RAIN! Then shake the excess off

Piggie makes it rain, piggie makes it rain I’m all done with the sprinkles, and now I’m gonna make all their little faces The things that you will need, will be: Yellow Starbursts, Confetti, I bought a variety pack, but it’s these, um, circle confetti’s because we’re gonna use the blue circles Jelly beans, we’re gonna need red, black, this light blue color, and green jelly beans Small marshmallows, big jumbo marshmallows, orange Airheads, which I found at the grocery store

Double shot of mini chocolate chips, these come in big packs at the baking section And, rope hard licorice, this was a little harder for me to find, but I found it I think at Trader Joes I’m gonna make the white part of their belly first and just like the Pig’s nose, you’re gonna cut this marshmallow, but this time you’re making it a lot thinner Not in half, what is this? Like, one fifth of the mushroom? Wait… Marshmallow? Just watch what I’m doing, don’t listen to what I’m saying! But not the blue bird, he doesn’t get one of these! Because he’s just not as cool! Now we’re gonna paint the black bird’s tummy gray

And I got this silver color, it’s fondant paint, I used it on the Game of Thrones Chest piece cake And you just dip your paintbrush and paint right on top of the marshmallow Oh it looks so cool! I’m really loving working with other candies that aren’t just fondant Deee-neee! They’re so cute! Now we’re gonna make the beaks, with these orange Airheads I’ve unwrapped a few, so this is kind of what they look like

And you’re gonna take your baking scissors, and cut little triangles Laffy Taffy and Airheads, they cut so easy, so they’re really easy to mold And then just take their little beak, and stick it on Ta-da! And you’ll just do that for all of the birds Now we’re gonna do the eyes, and you’re gonna take your little marshmallows and cut them in half with your baking scissors

Reeewwwwp! And I’m gonna put these on… The blue bird first, just gonna stick them right here And then for his eyeballs, you’re gonna take one of the mini chocolate chips Stick ‘em right on top, and you can use a little frosting to make them stick if they keep falling off My chocolate chips are kinda warm, so they stick right on there And with the eyeballs, you can have fun with it, you can make them be lookin wherever you want them to look

Like here, or here-ere-ere haha! And you’re gonna do this for all of the birds and for the piggies OK, once you get all of the eyeballs on, ta-da! Don’t forget to put two little chocolate chips for the pig’s nose And now we’re going to make, Angry Bird eyebrows! These are the most important part, they make them look angry! So we’re gonna cut open the bag, unroll, and we’re gonna cut eyebrows And you can just kind of eyeball them, see how long you want them to be He’s really mad because he just lost an eyeball! And now you’re gonna put the eyebrows on for all of the birds, but not the pigs, no pigs! Now we’re gonna add their feathers

These are the little feathers that go on the top of their head And, the yellow bird has black feathers, so I’m gonna take black jelly beans, I’m gonna put 2 of them right on top of his head and hopefully they’ll stick If not, I might have to put some more frosting So we put 2 black jelly beans right here, just like that And then for blue bird, he has blue feathers, so he’ll get 2 blue jelly beans

The red bird has red feathers, so we’ll take 2 red jelly beans for him And then for the black bomb bird, he has, like, just 1, so you're just gonna put 1 black jelly bean And then for the pigs you’re gonna use 2 green jelly beans And for the first one I’m putting 2 of the ears to the side because I’m gonna make a crown out of Starbursts And these will just be normal

Now, for the final step I’m going to be making a little crown I’ve got a Starburst, and I’m gonna roll it out We’re gonna roll it out just to be a little bit thinner There we go, then you’re gonna take your baking scissors and cut a crown shape out In the game it’s kind of like a tall crown, so I’m gonna make it really tall! For my little piggy! And then, you’re gonna take the confetti sprinkles, I got it in this multi-pack at the store, and you’re gonna find 3 blue,These are so small, blue sprinkles

You might have to use tweezers to pick these up if you don’t have small hands Then you’re just gonna stick those, right on the Starbursts The Starbursts are sticky, so you don’t need to put any frosting or anything And now, I’m gonna crown my little pig! Perfect! And, I also put an extra piece of licorice and a red jelly bean so it looks like my other pig is sticking out his tongue Ta-da! Angry Bird cupcakes! They’re so cute! This is my favorite one, I like the one with the uh, the pig with the crown! Thanks you guys for watching, if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know! Leave me a comment and I will do my best to make it happen! OK, bye-bye!

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