Hey guys, it’s Ro! And today I am making an update video because I have some updates and a really big fun announcement but I’ll save it for the end I’ll start with some little updates, the 1st one is, well, it’s more like a thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted and nominated Nerdy Nummies for a Streamy Award This was the first time Nerdy Nummies was ever up for a Streamy Award, in the Food & Cuisine category and the Audience Choice Best Show of the Year It was just really special and I just want to say a big, big thank you because it was very unexpected You guys are amazing, thank you so much! It was a really fun night, I got to get all dressed up and fancy and hang out with other YouTube friends and I guess just thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! 2nd update, for those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that I finally finished Fault in Our Starts book on Audible and I asked you guys: Do you have any suggestions for the next book that I should read? And I got a lot of them, and I picked: The Maze Runner, by James Dasher I heard it was pretty… a-MAZE-ing… Bwah-hah-hah-hah-hah! OK, OK that was really bad, but I absolutely love this app, I’m so excited to get into this book

And, if you guys are interested in checking out Audible, you can go to Audiblecom/RosannaPansino and you will get 1 free book Just remember, it’s Audiblecom/RosannaPansino if you’re like me and you like to read! And now finally for a big life announcement, drumroll… Sister, come here! OK, ta-da! My sister Molly Lu is finally, officially moving to California! I am so excited, with her cute hubby and their cute dog Henry! Ro: Say hi, say hi! Greg: Hi guys Ro: That’s Greg and Henry! Ro: Oh my gosh, yes! Um, Henry is what happens when a Shih Tzu falls in love Ro: with a Yorkie

Molly: Like this, you get a big underbite! Ro: Hey Molly, who am I? Pfff, pfff, pfff! Molly: You’re speaking his language, that’s Henry! Ro: He likes that! OK, I Ro: got you guys a gift Molly: Oh, ok! Ro: Are you Ready? Molly: Yeah Ro: It’s a welcome to California gift! Both: Hahahaha! Ro: It’s a California orange! Ro: That’s for Molly, and then, for Henry… Molly: Oh! Oh! Ro: I got him Ro: Rilakkuma bear! Molly: Oh he likes that! Hahaha! Oh my gosh! Ro: I got him Boo last time and he like, ripped Boo apart! And now Rilakkuma, here you go! Molly: Oh my, oh my gosh! Ro: I’m so excited, her and her hubby drove down here Ro: How many hours was it? Molly: It was about 18 hours, uh… Ro: Woof! Molly: We took a break, yeah woof! We took a break in the middle We ended up passing Molly: a town called Yolo… Ro: Yolo? Molly: In northern California, yeah

Ro: That’s so funny, I didn’t know there was a town called Yolo-s! Molly: They must be having a great time! Ro: I’m so excited because, Mo has been helping me bake Nerdy Nummies for the last Ro: 2 months about, it’s been so much fun because we get to hang out and bake together Molly: Get some sister time! Ro: And, yeah! And we’ve been doing TAG videos together, Ro: now that you are here full time… I’m so excited! Because you guys are going to Ro: get to see more Mo, which you guys have been asking for, so, I’m just so happy Ro: and I just wanted to share the news with you as soon as it was official Ro: Yeah, hope you guys are having a good week, I’ll talk to you later and I’ll keep Ro: you updated about everything going on OK, bye-bye! Molly: Bye! Ro: Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff! Molly; Henry, go get it! Ro: Who’s got the cutest underbite in the world? Who didn’t have braces growing up? Ro: High five, good boy! High five, good boy! Down, roll-over, good boy! Ro: Freeze! Reach for the sky! OK, here you go, good boy!

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