Blind Unboxing Game ft. Rosanna Pansino And iJustine

– Hey Guys, it's Ro – And I'm Justine

– And today we're going to be unboxing things – [Both] Blindfolded – First box, let's figure it out – I need to feel the edges I just want to see if I can tell what it is Oh, you're already going into it, alright

– Yeah, I'm not even using my scissors I'm using my hands 'cause Justine, I've been working out a lot lately – Really? – Yeah, I didn't tell you this but – Is it a lunchbox? (buzzer) – In the morning how do you know that? – It's an accordion, it's an accordion – But, but

(ding) – Yes, God I'm so, so (laughing) – How did you open that that fast? Can I take this off? (accordion music) – Next box Let's feel it for a second here Let's just get accustomed to what we are going to be opening – It's tall, it's a size of a doll A doll? (buzzer) Do I win? – See, I have a feeling this feels like a shoe box to me

(buzzer) Oh, I mean nothing – Who's feet are this big? – Should we go for it? Do you want to try? – Yeah, okay Let's open it I got to go fast now It's styrofoam, so fragile

I have to slow her down – Oh, oh, oh I won! – I got to slow her down I can't get it – Oh my gosh – Oh

– It's a candle holder (buzzer) – A what? A candelabra (buzzer) A candelabra – What is this? It's mine! (laughing) – It's a, oh shoot, I'm cheating Oh my gosh

– I think these are legs – [Rosanna] Oh my God – What is this? – Okay, that sounds breakable – I don't think its breakable – You got to feel it

– [Justine] This feels like the Big Boy statue – Oh, I've eaten there – Yeah me too – It's a person Five Night's at Freddy's

(buzzer) It's a – [Cameraman] Think more generic than that – More generic? It's one of those butlers that are holding a roll of toilet paper

(buzzer) – Is it Rhett? (buzzer) Is it Link? (buzzer) – It's Link! – Is it a clown? (buzzer) – Ew, that's creepy girl, don't, not, no – A pizza delivery man (buzzer) A taxi driver (buzzer) A Uber driver (buzzer) A Lyft driver

(buzzer) A Juno driver (buzzer) – Who's holding something like this? – [Man] He has a profession specific hat on if you want to try and feel it – Police officer (buzzer) – A firefighter (buzzer) – A chef

– Oh my gosh, I know what it is – A chef! (ding) A chef! (clapping) – I was going to say it's Santa – What the heck is this? – This feels like Santa – Look at him (laughing) Woah, woah, woah

– Woah – We made a mess – Okay, it's our third and final round – Yep – You got get this one

– Yeah, I'm holding Okay, we're are holding hands so we don't cheat so we grab the package – Yes – at the same time We grab the box at the same time Are you ready? – Yes – One, two, three Oh, oh

– Oh – Is it rubber chicken? (buzzer) Is it a rat? (buzzer) It's a head massager (ding) (laughing) (clapping) – How did you know that? – I have one – Let me see I thought – I don't even need to see, I bet it's copper – Yeah, it's close – Oh, it's not – It's a metal, it's a metal

– It's not, it's metal – I thought it was a whisk – Now watch me whisk, now watch me na na – So the final score was 3-0, big congratulations to Justine, the winner of the unboxing challenge She's the quickest unboxer here in the west

If you want to see more of my videos, please go check out youtubecom/RosannaPansino – And for more unboxing and tech videos youtubecom/iJustine – That's right, we had so much fun today Please like, comment, and subscribe Thanks for watching This is Mythical – [Announcer] Click on the left video to watch another This is Mythical video, click on the right to watch another another This is Mythical video, and click the circular channel icon to subscribe

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