Ro: Hey Guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: I have 2 very special guests today, oh my gosh they’re so tall, come down here guys! Ro: Come down here! Rhett: Heh-hey! Ro: It’s Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning! Link: Hello Ro! Ro: Hello! Thanks for being here you guys Today we are gonna be Ro: baking, and I got so many requests from you guys to make a classic video game, Ro: so today we are doing Bomberman Cupcakes! Ro: Get your fingers out, are you ready? Rhett: Uh huh… Ro: Let’s get started on 3

Ro: 1, 2, 3… All: Let’s get started! Ro: We just did the Sugar Free Taste Test on Good Mythical Morning, I’ll put a link down Ro: below so you can go check it out But in the spirit of that I decided to do Ro: a sugar free cupcake recipe! So over here, we have a sugar free yellow classic Ro: cake mix, and we got 3 eggs to go with the recipe, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and Ro: 1 cup of water Rhett: You’re also gonna need, sugar free frosting Ro: Mmmhmm Rhett: Ivory food coloring, Ro: Mmmhmmm

Rhett: black food coloring, a chair… Link: If you’re tall Rhett: If you’re a giant! Link: Yeah haha! Ro: Poor Rhett he had to be in a chair, he’s too tall! Link: And a chrome bucket, aka bowl… Ro: Mmmhmm, bucket bowl Link: A mixer, it can be Link: any color, uh, and it needs to actually work This one works! Ro: Hahaha yeah! Link: It’s for real, not a prop! Rhett: Careful! Link: And… Be careful why? OH! Ro: Oh! Oh! Oh! Link: Don’t give me appliances! Link: A cupcake tray with black cupcake pants and white cupcake pants Ro: Mmmhmm

Rhett: Equal opportunity! Ro: Alright, now let’s put it all together! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is put all of the ingredients in the bowl, so Ro: do you want to dump in… Link: Whoa, whoa, whoa, we’re actually gonna do this? Ro: Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, come on, here ya go! Link: Whatever happened to like, the “Magic” of YouTube? Ro: Well we don’t have… Link: Like, and by the magic of YouTube it’s made! Ro: I don’t have any of that! Ro: Pour all of the dry ingredients in the bowl… Rhett: Great job link! You did it! Ro: Just dump it all in Right on! Link: Now I’m really good at making cereal, which involves a bowl, and that’s kind of Link: the extent of my cooking experience Rhett: This is not that Rhett: Is that water? Ro: Pretend that’s milk, but this is water Link: OK, yeah I’m good at this

Ro: Add your water Link: And then just give me a spoon Ro: I’m gonna have you add the vegetable oil Rhett: Can I taste it first? Link: Don’t drink it Ro: No, well I wouldn’t… Well… Link: Don’t, what, don’t! Rhett: I just want to make sure it’s vegetable oil

Ro: It is! Link: No, don’t touch your mustache to the container! Rhett: It’s all gonna bake out! That’s what my grandma always said! Rhett: She’d spit in the cake and say, “It’s all gonna bake out!” Link: She would like, make eye contact with you, spit in the cake Rhett: She’d hock a loogie then she’d say, “It’s all gonna bake out!” Rhett: And be like Grandma’s always right Link: Was she like, in prison or something? Rhett: A-ha-ha! Link: You know I know how to crack an egg with 1 hand Rhett: So do I I was gonna say that too! Ro: The 1 handed egg crack

Rhett: And then, you just do that right there Ro: That was good Rhett: And I only got a little bit of shell in there Ro: Little bit of fiber Rhett: I learned how to do that in prison! Ro: A-hee-hee! Link: With your Grandma! Ro: Ready? Rhett: Oh you can do it too? Ro: Oh, mine was… Link: Whoa! Ro: Oh! And I got a shell! Link: You destroyed it! Ro: OK, let’s wash our hands! Ro: Here, thanks for coming on the show

Link: I’ll wash yours, you wash mine! Ro: Thanks, thanks for baking! Rhett: I’m gonna go to the faucet! Ro: Now we’re gonna mix it up on a medium speed for 2 minutes Alright, are we ready? Link: Medium? Rhett: Are you sure you should be letting him do that? Ro: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Yeah medium! About a medium! Rhett: Do you need help? Ro: Do you want to turn the bowl? Rhett: What I mean by that is Link: No I’m good

Rhett: I’d like to try it Ro: Yeah! Link: Oh here Ro: OH! Oh-oh-oh! Rhett: Can I spit in it? Link: No! Rhett: It’ll bake out! Rhett: OK, now we’re gonna take the batter that is not on our clothes but is still Rhett: in the bowl, and scoop it into the cupcake pants Ro: Mmmmhmmm! Rhett: I have a heart shaped spoon, you can use that if you’ve got one Rhett: Scoop along

Ro: It’s very pretty Link: I don’t have one… Rhett: Loser! Ro: OK, so you’re want to put 2 tablespoons in each cupcake tray Link: Mmmm! Ro: So 2 hearts for you Rhett: 2 hearts… Rhett & Link: 2 hearts that beat as 1! Our lives have just begun! Link: Now what’s the ratio between dipping and letting go and just dipping and Link: eating it? Ro: I, uh, that’s a… Good ratio! Rhett: Now you’re gonna get Grandma spit in there! Rhett: You double dipped man! Ro: Once you’ve filled your cupcake trays, now you’re gonna put these in the oven Ro: at 325 and bake for 18 minutes Rhett: Or you can do 800 degrees for like a minute! Ro: Yeah, that too, but, be careful! Link: Alright, we’ve removed the cupcakes from the oven and allowed them to cool Link: because… That’s cool! Ro: Yeah! Rhett: Heh-hey! Link: And necessary! Now what? Ro: Now it is my favorite part! Now we’re going to decorate! Ro: So, we’ve each got 2 cupcakes, we have a cupcake with the black pants

Link: Yeah! Ro: Yeah, with the black pants, this is gonna be our little bomb Ro: And then we’ve got the cupcake with the white pants, and this is gonna be our Ro: little Bomberman! Link: Mmmmhmmm Rhett: Simple! Ro: And then to decorate, the things that you’re gonna need are: We have our sugar Ro: free frosting which we’ve dyed and ivory color, and a black And then we’ve Ro: got little red licorice, which you can get in sugar free, and pink gumballs, which Ro: you can also find in sugar free And, these are not sugar free, just a warning, Ro: but they were just the perfect size, a little round dark chocolate

Ro: So you can use anything, any kind of candy that you can find Ro: if you want it to be sugar free Ro: you’re gonna take a little bit of frosting, put it on the bottom Rhett: You’re using it like glue? Ro: Yeah, food glue! Ro: Then you’re just gonna stick it right on the top of your cupcake Link: Stick it! Ro: Boop! Link: Boom! Ro: Now we’re gonna stick these in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, just to let them Ro: set and chill Rhett & Link: Chill

Ro: Now that our cupcakes have chilled, we are going to dip, are you ready to dip? Link: Well I wanna watch you dip first because this seems like a really important step! Ro: Yeah it's, it’s pretty important! OK! We’re gonna take our little bombs… Link: Put your hand up on your hip… Ro: When I dip, you dip, Ro and Link: we dip! Ro: So it goes down, just like this, and you kind of jiggle it around Ro: And then pick it up, let the excess frosting drip off like this Ro: Diga-diga-doo! The jiggle Ro: And now we’re gonna dip our little Bombermans, so take your white pants, Ro: and we’re gonna dip it in the ivory one, all the way around again Ro: Let the excess frosting drip off, I love it

Link: Now you could do the drop it like it's hot! Ro: Ohhhhh! Link: And then, spin it like it dizzy Ro: Techniques! Link: And then, give it the little wobble, wobble! Ro: Now we’re gonna Link: Lick it! Ro: Let it sit for about 10 minutes to Ro: just let the frosting set Link: Oh OK… Rhett: 10 minutes Ro: 10 minutes

Rhett: Just stand here and look at it for 10 minutes Ro: Just stand a look at it Link: Here we go! Rhett: Strike a pose! Link: We’re not gonna edit, don’t edit! Link: 10 Minutes… Link: Anybody got a watch? Ro: No… Rhett: Whaaaaat? Ro: Look at that, how many dyes are goin’ on in there! Ro: It’s been in there a long Rhett: Link you want some jelly beans? Link: What? Ro: A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Link oh my goodness! Link: 10 Minutes? Rhett: OK, we let the cupcakes set and we have some, uh, utensils here? For… Rhett: I’m assuming we’re gonna squeeze something out of these Ro: Mmmhmm! We’ve got a lot of frosting in here because we’re gonna make some little Ro: face designs

And the 1st thing that we’re gonna do is take a piece of licorice, Ro: and then we’re just gonna cut a little piece with your baking scissors, and then you Ro: just stick it right on the top Boop! Ro: Now for this little face we’re gonna do an outline in white Link: Oh goodness, oh goodness, this is when it’s gonna get dicey! Rhett: You make a circle, with a square inside it Ro: Perfect! Link: My Bomberman's gonna have a beard of some sort, Link: He's gonna look like Santa Claus or something Ro: He does have a beard doesn't he?!? Ro: Sqaure-cle, looking good and

Really good with the beard Link: Having fun! Link: I'm just, I'm having a positive attitude Ro: Alright, now you’re gonna take a gumball Link: So this is the top of his head

Ro: Yeah, this is his little ball Rhett: Yeah! Ro: And you just stick it right on top Boop! Ro: Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, wait, oh, oh I need those for the other cupcakes! Oh my gosh! Ro: We each have a little plastic bag with the black frosting inside, and we’ve got a Ro: number 2 tip at the end So I’m just gonna make 2 eyeballs just straight down, Ro: just deeewwwwwwp! Link: Deeewwwwwp! You make that noise Ro: And then I’m gonna make him a little bit angry or something because he, ya know, Ro: he looks like that when he’s kicking butt! Link: Deeewwwwp! Ro: Dewp! Link: The proportions of mine are not

What I was hoping Rhett: Yours doesn't look like bomberman Rhett: 'Pry tastes like a cupcake though

All: Ta-daaaaaa! Ro: Here are the Bomberman cupcakes that we made today, the look amazing! Rhett: Well, some of them do Link: Some more amazing than others Rhett: The ones on this side do! Ro: I’ll be putting their links down below, so go check out Rhett & Link Ro: And, if you guys have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let Ro: me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen Link: And remember it’s not Bomberman, the correct pronunciation is bomb-ber man… Ro: No

Link: Bomb-ber man! Rhett: No it’s not… Ro: Nope, nope Link: Bomb-ber! Ro: It’s not “ber,” it’s bomber, Link: Ber! Ro: Bomber Link: Ber! Ro: Bomber Link: Ber! Rhett: Don’t listen to him unless you want to embarrass yourself! Link: Ber! Ro: Thanks you guys, bye-bye! Link: Ber! Ro: Ah-ha-ha-ha!

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