Hey guys, it’s Ro! I wanted to make an announcement video because, we have so many exciting things going on and I wanted to fill you guys in The first announcement is that… I just got the green light, I’m gonna be going on a cookbook tour, and it is a national cookbook tour! I know that we’re gonna be going to over 30 stops, and I know that the places haven’t been finalized yet, so, if you have a city you’d like me to come visit, please leave me a comment down below, because I would love to see you guys

I am so excited about this because, I don’t get out of my house very often, I just don’t travel a lot because I’m always in my kitchen making Nerdy Nummies This is gonna be the first opportunity that I have to tour around and to meet so many of you guys face to face, so it’s just very special for me And, this is pretty cool, we’re gonna be on one of those huge, like rockstar tour busses, it’s gonna have 6 beds We’re gonna board the bus in New York, on the East Coast, and we’re gonna drive throughout the country doing meet-ups and then we’re gonna end in California! If you haven’t pre-ordered your Nerdy Nummies cookbook yet, you can go to the website nerdynummiescookbookcom and order it there, remember it comes out November 3rd! And, a helpful tip for you guys is that a lot of the online retailers do ship worldwide, so go click around! Also, we’ll be posting lots of information about the tour on the site, we’re gonna be posting the upcoming dates and locations, so you can always check in there to keep up to date

Second announcement, I am gonna be going to Stream Con this year, it is in New York City, and, I’m gonna be there October 31st! Which is Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday, so it’s pretty special you guys! I’m gonna be doing a panel, a book signing, and just hanging out with you guys So if you are in the area, you should swing by and say hi! Third announcement is that I teamed up with Best Fiends! You guys know that I love this game, I am totally addicted, like… I am currently on level 308 Ooooh! If you guys play this game a lot, let me know what level in the comments what level you are on The games are really short, so I can play a few before I fall asleep

And, I love all the little bug characters that you unlock You guys know Howie’s my favorite! I gotta show you this you guys, but, I've leveled Howie to be level 15 and he looks like a little Wizard now! Hello Howie! Best Fiends is doing something really fun, they are doing a big Treasure Hunt! The objective of this treasure hunt is to find 13 stickers, hidden throughout the game This is really cool because the stickers are inspired by myself and some other YouTuber's Channels So, one of the stickers looks like a cupcake that we made on Nerdy Nummies, it might be like the cupcake we made with Austin Mahone… Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm! But I don’t want to spoil it! I can’t tell you exactly where to find my sticker in the game But I can say that Howie’s my favorite character, he loves cupcakes and he has a pretty cool back story you should maybe check out…

A-ha-ha! If you find all the stickers in the game you get to open up a chest and what you get inside are diamonds, gold, always comes in handy, and a cute character named Newt! I got him on my phone I’ll give you a sneak peak, OK? He’s a little frog, he’s super cute! Random fact, I used to have a frog growing up, his name was AquaDude, and I got him because he was the class pet, and then during Winter Break he needed a home, someone to take care of him, so I brought him home I was like, I’ll volunteer to take him home And then I fell in love with him and the teacher let me keep him If you want to play the treasure hunt, it is for a limited time, you can download Best Fiends for free on iPad, iPhone or Android, I’ll be putting some links down below! The fourth announcement is about the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook itself I wanted to show you guys the final cover! I worked with a designer to make the new Nerdy Nummies Font! And I am so excited because it’s starting to feel real! We’re so close, it’s almost here, even as we are speaking, the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is printing! I got some footage of the printing process and I wanted to show you guys so you could see it coming together! I’m so excited for you guys to finally see it! Ah! We’re so close! Speaking of books, my fifth announcement is for all you bookworms! I have been reading a sci-fi series, it’s a trilogy, but I’ve only read the first one, it’s Red Rising by Pierce Brown

It is so good that I had to share it with you guys! If you like sci-fi and space, I think you’ll really like this, this one’s set on Mars I am gonna be on a tour bus for about a month, so if you guys have any good book suggestions, please let me know down below I think I’m gonna have a lot of time to catch up on some reading, so if you are reading any really good book series, I would love to know about them so I can check them out Please leave me a comment down below and I will definitely check it out Alright, that does it for announcements, I am so excited for everything! I hope to see you at Stream Con and I will be making another update video as soon as I get tour dates and locations

OK, bye-bye! Cookie, I know you’re sleepy but do you want to say hi to anybody? Hello? Hello?


  1. My daughter is 9 and watches your videos nonstop. It would be so cool to see you near Wichita KS. I’d love to make her dreams of meeting you come true.

  2. My daughter would love for you to come to Massachusetts or Rhode Island. She has all of your products and is patiently waiting for your new line.

  3. Please come to Batesville, Arkansas! My daughter would love to meet you! She has your book and follows you. She is eleven and plans to open her own bakery!

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