Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s Donal! Donal: Hi! Ro: You may know this handsome face, but if you are not familiar he is a fellow Ro: foodie, an amazing cook Ro: And, I’m gonna be putting his links all down below, you may Ro: have seen him on YouTube or on television, you’ve been doing a bunch of stuff

Donal: I’ve been doing loads of stuff basically Ro: Yes! Donal: For a very long time, and this is really the height of it right now! Donal: This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, yay! Ro: Yes! Ro: But before we start, will you sign my cookbook? Donal: Yes! Ro: I have Donal’s new cookbook, ‘Fresh’ I’m so excited Ro: To Ro, R-O Donal: To Ro… Ro: Happy Cooking Donal: Happy Cooking! Ro: Today, we are going to be playing another challenge game, we are gonna be playing the Cheesecake Challenge! Donal: Ooooh! Ro: This was heavily requested, and I’m very excited, it’s gonna be very simple

Ro: We are both gonna be testing 10 different types of cheesecake… Donal: Whooooo! Ro: We don’t know what flavors they are Donal: Nope! Ro: My sister went out to The Cheesecake Factory Donal: Mmmhmmm Ro: She picked up all these different flavored cheesecakes They have tons of them

Donal: I’m gonna have to point out that I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory Donal: in my ever life before, so this is like a special VIP Donal: version of The Cheesecake Factory right now! Ro: Ohhhh! Ro: And we will each be blindfolded! Ro: With these! Donal: This is like the satin that you'd see on some sort of lingerie Ro: I didn’t intend for this to be like, sexy cheesecake testing, but I guess… Donal: That’s the way it’s going Ro! Ro: It’s a… Just a little… Donal: Should we put them on now? Ro: Yeah, let’s put them on Donal: OK Donal: Oh, oh, oooooh! Ro: If you guess the flavor right… Donal: Mmmhmmm

Ro: You get a point Ro: And just, the goal is to get the most points, you want to win Ro: You want to guess everything! Donal: I am a massive fan of these Nerdy Nummies Challenges Ro: Oh good! Donal: So I am honored to be included today Donal: I watch these videos and I like, never realize that the person really can’t see! Ro: You can’t see! Donal: Ha! And it’s just this really weird feeling

Ro: Donal, where are you? Where are you? Donal: I’m over here Ro: OK, wait, give me your hand Where’s your hand? Donal: Here, here, here! Ro: OK, may the best… Donal: May the best… Ro: Cheesecake… Donal: Cheese Tay… Ro: Taste… Tester… Both: Win! Ro: Do you have a slice? Donal: How do you… That’s just your hand… Ro: Oh OK, you have a slice Donal: Oh, hang on I've got a plate

Ro: Oh, OK… There we go Oh! Connection! Donal: I'm just making mush! Ro: This is very difficult! Donal: OK… Donal: I can see why you do these, these are fun! Ro: There’s weight on mine, OK, here we go! Donal: OK, I’m lifting the plate to my mouth Ro: I’m smelling it I can’t smell anything Donal: Oh, smell is good? Smell is good idea! Donal: Ooooh

Ro: Mmmmm, I’m tasting… Ro: It tastes kind of like a normal Ro: cheesecake, but the base has flavor Donal: It’s all about the base! Ro: Mmmhmm, it is, it really is! Donal: It’s not overly sweet Ro: Mmmhmmm Donal: There’s a darkness to it

Ro: You got an idea? Donal: Yeah, do you? Are you looking at me directly Donal: in the eye now? Because I can hear your voice looking at me Ro: That’s because we’re good Donal: OK Ro: 1… Both: 2, 3… Both: Coffee! Both: Tiramisu! Ro: Which is coffee Donal: There’s coffee in there! Ro: I’m gonna give us this because Tiramisu is a coffee cake! Donal: Round 2, cheesecake! Ro: Here we go, here we go! Ro: I’m gonna get in here

Donal: Oh, is that you? Ro: I’m sorry! Donal: How close are we right now? Donal: Cheers! Oh, there you go! Ro: Oh there we go! Ro: Hmmm Donal: Strong, citrus-y flavor… Ro What are you? What are you? Donal: OK, something just fell down me! Donal: I have a wardrobe malfunction! Ro: Uh-oh, what? Donal: I think I threw cheesecake down the front of me Ro: Where? On you? Donal: I don’t think you should help me Ro: I shouldn’t help you! Donal: I don’t think, I think you’re in the wrong place to help me! Ro: Help! Help! Donal: OK… I just feel if I start cleaning it I’m just going to smush it in Donal: Something is… Ro: What? Donal: Something is at my foot, I think it’s your dog! Ro: Cookie! Cookie! Donal: Cookie! Donal: Cookie is licking me clean! Ro: Come here

Donal: Oooh it’s nice, oooh! Ro: Good girl! Good girl! Donal: Did you like that? Ro: We’ll fix it, I’ve got a Tide pen Donal: Oh, do you know what I think it is? Ro: Hmmm? Donal: Oh wait, I have to tell you Ro: Don't tell me, don't tell me! Donal: OK, OK… Donal: OK, I know, I know! Donal: You ready? Ro: OK, yeah! Ro: 1… Donal: What’s a Tide pen? Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Lemon! Donal: Lemon Meringue Pie! Ro: Yes, lemon! Donal: Meringue pie! Ro: OK Donal: Key lime pie? That’s completely the opposite! Ro: Agh… Donal: Oh, I’m so disappointed in us Ro: I feel like we still won this round because this is delicious Donal: It is very delicious, and more than anything, Cookie wins, because she’s Donal: eaten more than half the cheesecake off my, oh… Oh no! Donal: Get the Tide pen! We need the Tide pen! Donal: This is cheesecake round 3 Ro: Mmmhmmm! Donal: Ohm, mmmmmmm! Ro: Mmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Donal: Mmmmhmmm! Ro: Mmmm! What is that? Donal: Mmmhmm! Ro: What are you? Donal: What are you cheesecake? Speak to us! Ro: What are you? Donal: What accent was… I love your accents! Ro: I don’t know! Ro: I can do a southern accent really good

Donal: OK go Ro: What do you want me to say? Donal: I want you to tell me, Donal: my my… Oh no I’m gonna do it now! Donal: My my, your cheesecake is looking fine today Ro: My my, your cheesecake is looking fine today! Ro: I tasted a little chocolate, I tasted this frosting thing, kinda tastes like Ro: fluff Do they have fluff in, um… Donal: Oh, oooh! I think I know

Donal: Oh I think I know! Ro: You know? And if you put those together Donal: Yes! Both: A S’more! Both: S’mores! Ro: S’mores, s’mores, s’mores! Donal: That was really good! Donal: High five! Ro: Yeah! Donal: Can we just like, get extra points for that? Because I like, come on! Ro: Let’s do it! Donal: Are we giving ourselves extra points? Donal: I don’t know if everyone else is on board with that, but Ro: We can do that here! Donal: Oh no? OK

Ro: I’m gonna ask my editor, Matt, can we get 2 points for that? ………… Donal: He’s leaving us hanging? Ro: Give him puppy dog eyes! Ro: Is this working? Ro: Alright! ready for the 4th piece of cheesecake Donal: Oh! Ro: What are you smelling? Donal: Oh I’m smelling something real good! Ro: What is it? Donal: Do you want me to tell you? Ro: Yeah! Ro: I’m not really… Donal: Oh Ro: The most excited about this one Donal: That’s weird, are you getting nutty-ness? Ro: Yeah Donal: Are you still here? Ro: I’m just really just… Donal: You’re not liking this one? Ro: I’m trying to ignore this

Donal: Do we know what it is? Ro: I don’t know! Donal: Are you over this game? Do you want to go home? Ro: No, no! I, No I like this Ro: game, I just don’t like this cheesecake! Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Chocolate hazelnut… Donal: Snickers peanut bar, pie… Donal: Cookie dough? Ro: Cookie dough Ro: I would have to say not my favorite flavor

Donal: No, I agree Ro: No, pass, pass! Donal: Next cheesecake please! Ro: Yeah! Ro: OK, Next cheesecake! And Donal? Donal: Yeah? Ro: Will you do your Scooby Doo noise? Donal: Scooby-dooby-doooo! Ro: Dooby-doooo! Oooh! Donal: Can I just point out at this point I think the sugar Donal: is reaching our brains and the decisions we make from here on out… Donal: Uh… Ro: They’re, they’re stimulated, they’re affected! Donal: Oh, mmmm! Ro: Now we heard from our friends that this is a multiple layered cheesecake, Ro: and we have to taste all of the layers to get the flavor right Donal: What? Donal: OK

Ro: Oh, ooooh! Donal: Oooh Ro: A sweet cream in a cake, what the heck is this? Donal: Sweet cream… Ro: I’m getting, ah! Ro: This one is much messier! Donal: What are you doing? Ro: It’s a cake, I know it in my soul! Donal: You know it in your… Ro: It is a cake for… Donal: Praise the lord! Ro: What is a cake that has a little cocoa but not all cocoa, because it’s not a Ro: chocolate cake, it just has a little bit… Donal: Red velvet! Donal: Are you making a face that makes me look like that is the correct answer? Ro: I’m like, YEAH! Yeah! Ro: We’re gonna do a team answer on this one Donal: Team answer everybody! Donal: Right now Ro: Red… Both: Velvet

Ro: Cheesecake, let me see it! Donal: Cheesecake! Donal: Yes! Ro: What!? What!? Donal: Gah, we’re really good at this thing Ro: Boom, teamwork Ro: Points, points, points, points, points! Both: Ding, ding, ding, ding! Ro: Bing-bing-bing-bing-bing! Ro: Oh yeah, I’m going, I’m going Donal: Oh just straight in there! Ro: Oh yeah! Donal: You’re like a pro at these challenges Donal: Very chocolatey

Ro: Very chocolatey, mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm! Ro: It’s just a common cookie I think it is Donal: A common cookie Ro: That’s what I’m tasting Donal: OK, well we don’t have very many of your Donal: American style cookies back in Ireland Ro: Uh-oh, I may have an advantage

Donal: But I, we do have one Donal: It's that really, sweet, chocolatey thing, and sometimes when you eat them, Donal: and then you open your mouth, nobody would like to kiss you because you Donal: got them all in your teeth Ro: 1… Both: 2, 3… Both: Oreos! Donal: Yes! Ro: Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! Donal: OK, this is cheesecake number 7, 4 points each Donal: Now, it gets really competitive, so… Ro: Yep! Donal: I’m not giving you any more hints Donal: And you shouldn’t give me any

because this is, it’s on right now! Ro: Yep Ro: Out the way Donal, I’ve got cheesecake to taste! Ro: Good, well, if you could just go over there Donal: I’ll just do it over here! Ro: I’ll just taste it myself! Over here! Without him around! Ro: I’ll just do this over… Oh my gah… Donal: What the? EW! Ro: Donal I couldn’t get it in my mouth, I couldn’t do it… Donal: That’s disgusting! Ro: This is kinda gross, I’m picking this up, but Donal, feel this, Ro: feel this, you gotta I know it’s cold, I know it’s cold! Ro: I think I know what that is! Donal: Ew, oh! Ro: Yep! Donal: What happened to no hints? Donal: You literally just handed me a piece of the cheesecake, to feel my way through

Ro: OK, OK… After this time, no more hints! Donal: OK, after this time? Ro: Yeah, after this one, no more hints Donal: OK, I’ll believe it when I see it Rosana Paninho! Ro: Taste that Donal: Oh no! Why would you do that? Ro: Are you ready? Donal: No, yeah I’m ready… Ro: Yeah 1… Both: 2, 3… Both: Apple Pie! Donal: Apple streusel? Ro: Streusel? Donal: That’s the… Oh come on look at that Ro: That’s it, I think we get a point

Donal: I’m stuck Ro: Oh ah-ah, here you go, here you go, here you go! Ro: Donal, from now on… Donal: Mmmhmmm Ro: For real-sies Donal: For real-sies? Ro: We’re not gonna help each other! Donal: OK

Ro: OK, next cheesecake! Donal: Hang, on, I need like, I need a shower! Donal: Cheesecake number 8, no cheat-sies! Ro: It’s really smooth! I’m like grooming it, because it’s… Donal: You’re grooming your cheesecake? Donal: It’s very cream cheese-y! Oh no, sorry, I’m not allowed to say! Donal: No cheat-sies! Ro: Hmmmm, DONAL! Donal: I feel like, this is the curve, the curve ball? Ro: Yeah this is… Donal: What are you doing over there? Ro: I’m checking, I’m checking! Both: 1, 2, 3… Donal: Plain Ro: Original Cheesecake! Donal: Original! Ro: Yes-yes-yes! Donal: Plain? Do I get a point for plain? Ro: Yeah! Donal: Oooh, look what we did Ro: Look at this, looks delicious! Donal: A cheesecake massacre! Ro: It’s still a tie game, so we gotta get serious, but this is cheesecake number 9! Donal: Number 9! Ro: Only 2 more to go, we gotta break this tie! Donal: We gotta break the tie Ro: Alright, I’m feeling soft, and then it goes, Ro: oooh, thicker crust at the bottom

Donal: This is much bigger Donal: Speak to me cheesecake! Ro: What are you!? Donal: Tell me your secrets! Donal: Oh, I don’t think I can eat any more! Ro: It’s so sweet, it’s too sweet! Donal: It’s just… Can we go home? Ro: It’s too sweet! Donal: You’re home already! Ro: Too sweet! Donal: Wow! That tingles the tongue! Ro: Too sweet! Ro: La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Donal: But, you know what, I think I know what it is Do you? Ro: I don’t, but I’m just gonna guess Donal: Where are you? There you are Ro: Donal, I don’t know, but I’m just gonna guess because I can’t eat anymore of that

Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Carmel Donal: Caramel Donal: Carmel? Carmel? Ro: Caramel? Donal: Ca-caramel? Ro: Is that how you’re supposed to say it? Donal: I don’t know, but that’s how I say it! Ro: He probably is right Donal: Is it cara… Ro: It is, Donal, Donal, Donal… Donal: Caramel! Donal: We’re down to the last cheesecake! Ro: Yes we are

Donal: And we are tied! Donal: So this, is the clincher, this is the one that could take us through! Donal: Someone’s gotta be a winner, let’s find out! Ro: Mmmhmm Donal: No cheat-sies! Ro: 1 winner! Donal: There can only be 1 winner! Donal: 🎵 Suddenly I’m on top of the world, I should have been somebody else! 🎵 Ro: Woooo! Donal: 🎵Believe it or not, I’m walking on air, I never thought I could be 🎵 Donal: Do you know it? Ro: No, but I love it! Donal: I could tell you’re like Donal: Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm-hmmm! Ro: I don’t, but Donal, I don’t know a lot of things! Donal: Alright, we’re playing a cheesecake game Ro: OK, let’s do it! Donal: Feel a fondle of the cheesecake Ro: Yeah a little fondle, here we go! Donal: Here we…

Ro: OK, OK, let’s see, what have we got here? Ro: Tart Donal: Sharp Ro: Fruity Donal: Tangy Ro: Sour

Donal: Sweet Ro: Punch Donal: Nice Ro: Basket Ro: Oh don’t tell me, don’t tell me

Donal: No cheat-sies! No cheat-sies! Donal: Are we gonna do this? Ro: You ready? Donal: Yeah Ro: I mean, I’m… Donal: Look at this confidence over here, she’s like, you ready? Donal: This is the last cheesecake round, so Ro: Yes Donal: Whoever gets this right wins

Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Fruit punch! Donal: Raspberry Cheesecake! Donal: Lemon and Raspberry! Ro: You said raspberry, so I’m gonna give you 1/2 a point Donal: Does that mean what I think it… No I can’t because… Ro: Yes, yes! Donal: I can’t win, because you, you helped me so much throughout this! Ro: No, no, no! I’m gonna give you the victory trumpet! Donal: Do you have a victory trumpet? Ro: See, I’m gonna buy a trumpet Ro: I'm gonna buy a trumpet because right now it's Donal: You’re telling me there’s no trumpet right now? Ro: It’s invisible, it’s an air trumpet, I’ve just been doing it… Donal: Oh, oh play it! Ro: Bbbb-bbbb-bbbb, bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbbbb! Ro: Congratulations to Donal! Donal: Hoorah! Ro: The victor of the Cheesecake Challenge! Ro: Well played Donal: I feel like you helped me a lot but thank you very much, Donal: I will take my victory and be humble about it Donal: I’m off to go for a sugar crash! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting this silly game, Ro: and, a big thank you to Donal Donal: Thank you Ro: For being a good sport and coming on here and playing this with me

Ro: And go to Donal’s channel to check out the video we made over there Ro: It’s my dirty little food secrets, so I have some little secrets Donal: You know, I’m very excited to see what your dirty little food secret is! Ro: Mmmmm! Ro: And if you guys want to see any other challenge games, you can click up here… Ro: And then you go, or up here Donal: Oh, or up here! Ro: Yeah, that’s right! Ro: So I’ll put a link down below Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Donal: Bye!

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