Hey Guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Lately I have been playing a lot of App Games on my phone, and one of them has been Clash of Clans! And, I’ve been getting so many requests from you guys to make something Clash of Clans themed, so today I wanted to make something that we’ve never made before on Nerdy Nummies, I wanted to make some homemade custard And I found these cute little jars that look like the spells from the game, so today we are gonna be making Clash of Clans Custard

Let’s get started! The things you will need to make the custard will be: 2 cups of milk, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup of sugar and 1-1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract You will also need, a small mixing bowl, purple food coloring, yellow food coloring, and electric blue and sky blue We’re gonna mix them together to get the perfect color for the lightening spell Three bowls and three spoons to mix the custards and their colors And then we have the square jars, I found these online, I’ll put a link down below so if you’d like to order them you can

And then over here we have the stove pot, a little bit larger mixing bowl, a strainer, a whisk and some decorating bags Now let’s put it all together! The first thing that we’re gonna do is mix up our egg, so you’re gonna crack each egg into this bowl… Bewp! Then take your whisk and whisk them together, like you’re gonna make scrambled eggs! Alright, this is mixed together and I’m gonna set this off to the side, and now we’re gonna head over to the stove with our milk, sugar and corn starch Turn the burner onto medium heat, add your milk, sugar and cornstarch, and whisk together until evenly combined Keep whisking occasionally until the milk begins to scald This means that little bubbles will start to form around the edges of the pot

Then, remove the milk mixture from the heat, take a small scoop of the milk mixture and add it to our eggs, whisk together This will warm up the eggs slowly so that when we add them to our milk mixture they won’t cook Now, pour the egg mixture into the milk mixture and whisk constantly Return the pot to the heated burner and turn the heat back onto medium, whisk gently together until the custard thickens, it should take about two to three minutes Then turn off the heat, remove the pot and head back over to your baking station! Our custard over here is now nice and thick, and it’s fresh off the stove, there’s still steam coming so be careful, because it is hot! And then over here we’ve got our other mixing bowl, with our strainer

I’ve just placed it right on top, and now you’re gonna pour the custard through the strainer We’re using the strainer because sometimes egg whites form these long strings, and we want to make sure our custard is just very smooth! Once we've strained our custard, now we are gonna add our vanilla extract And we’re just gonna mix it around, again I’m just gonna use my whisk Now we are gonna divide our custard into three bowls evenly I’m just gonna use the eyeball technique and just try to make them the same

Now we are gonna dye the custards different colors to look like the different spells from the game The first one we’re gonna dye, you’re just gonna take one drop of yellow and mix it up for the healing spell Now we’re gonna add one drop of purple to make our rage spell And one drop goes a long way because these are gel colors, they’re a little bit more condensed Now for the last custard, we’re gonna be dying it blue for the lightening spell

And because the custard is a natural yellow and you add blue, it wants to turn green, so you’ll have to use two drops of each blue so it fights the green, so it will turn a blue color It’s color science We got our colors mixed up, and now we are gonna put them in our decorating bags to make it a little bit easier when we put them in the little jars So, I’ve just got the decorating bag here and I’ve just placed it down into the cup, and now you’re just gonna take one of your custards and scoop ‘em into the decorating bag I’m tying it off with a little elastic hair tie

And then we’re gonna do this to the rest of our custards Custards are all ready and now we’re gonna fill up our little jars Take some baking scissors and I’m just cutting a really small hole right at the end, and then fill ‘em up! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dooooo! This recipe makes six little mini custards, and I found these adorable little spoons, they are mini tasting spoons, so if you’re having a party that’s Clash of Clans themed, or you’re just having friends over, you can just, they’re little bite sized! You have a little spoon, you can eat your little custard! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom! These are so cute and they really are wonderful for parties because it’s an easy recipe to scale up or down, depending on how many guests you have coming And the last step is you’re just gonna pop on the little cork lids, bewp! Ta-da! Here are the Clash of Clans Custards that we made today! They look just like the spells from the game We have healing spell, rage spell, and lightening spell! Which happens to be my favorite because it’s my highest leveled spell in the game, but, they all have their merits

A big thank you to you guys for suggesting this, these were so fun to make! And, we’ve never made custard together, this is the first homemade vanilla custard recipe that we’ve made on Nerdy Nummies It was very special! I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these cute little Custards on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and if you guys make these, please send me a picture, I would love to see your baking creations, it just makes my day, I get a big kick out of it And, if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen! Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye!

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