Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to another Nerdy nummies look who it is! We have a very special guest today

It's Mat! I'm back! MatPat Yes, I'm so excited to be here Ro Yes We are baking today something from the nerdy nummies cookbook, and I thought you were the perfect guest because in celebration of Jurassic world We are making a themed Dino treat and we also made a video over on your channel We did we did around this subject We did a jurassic world theory together, Ro and I

I-I was worried though When you said you invited me on specifically for this episode because I thought you were gonna say I'm older than dirt No, no, no No, that's not it We just both think dinosaurs are cool Yes, and that's why I'm like yes, cuz look at this cake This is a paleontologist's dream That's true Ro, impress everyone at home with a dinosaur fact

Oh, okay I got an impressive one Dinosaurs had feathers They actually look probably more like birds That's true But I gotta say seeing a t-rex walking around with feathers would look really, really silly I know just look like the biggest chicken you've ever seen *Dinosaur/Chicken noises* I love the Triceratops and when I try to imagine it with feathers Yeah, Triceratops is your favorite dinosaur? I think I fell in love with those when that movie What was it? Land before time? Yes! With little foot? Ro: with little foot and Sarah Mat: And he's got his little neath

With the water that he can see his mother's face, and then the Sharptooth comes And it's really a huge chickenthis whole time It does It loses something when it's got giant feathers This is one of my favorite days, we're making something Dino themed, Mat's hanging out, Today's gonna be good

Okay Are you ready? You gotta throw your finger up Both: Let's get started Keep spinning Yeah, you keep spinning The things you'll need will be quarter cup vegetable oil 1 and 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour 2/3 cup of cocoa powder 1 and 1/3 cup of sugar 1 cup of sour cream and 1/3 cup water 2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder one and a half teaspoons of baking soda half a teaspoon of salts and four large eggs Both: Now, let's put it all together! First thing that we're gonna do is mix together all of our dry ingredients That we have in front of us You pour in the flour then cinnamon baking powder baking soda double-handed, double-handed Ah, I'll throw in the salt ♪Salty, Salty♪ Then? Sugar, of course Hmm Cocoa powder, this is gonna make it a chocolate cake! It would be weird if it made it a gingerbread cake And then lastly brown sugar then whisk together until well combined Matt, I'm gonna put you to work So just stir but keep it down here, don't go too fast or everything's gonna come out of the bowl I thought I thought I was only here to to look pretty and make lame jokes on the side I have to actually do cooking If you can use host today Yeah, I've gotta take cookie on a walk I'll be back

That's gonna be a long walk You got it, Matt, you can do it! Next step, in a medium bowl whisk together all the wet ingredients All right All right, so here Matt you're gonna pour in the oil I've got the water ♪You've got the water♪ What if you did an entire episode of nerdy nummies

as a musical *Ro realizes that's a good idea *She just dropped it Her mind was so blown, she just let go the eggs and is gone It's happening right? All the ideas Right! We need outfits This could be the microphone

Whoa Were gonna have to wash that one All right, we'll add our eggs Matt You're gonna add two I'll add two We're gonna add the whole egg

All right, we're gonna do one handed egg You said to add the whole egg, so there it is! Minus the shell!! Ohh No shells! I'm gonna do, we're gonna do hardmode here

Okay Ready? We're gonna crack 'em And twist one handed egg crack, two eggs at a time Okay Are you ready? Yep, okay Just try to get the egg in the bowl you got this Matt ready? I got this

One two, three and a crack and a twist Yup Yes Yes Yes Zero shell in there

It's okay It's only one It's only one Now, we scoop in the sour cream Now I know that you thought it a little weird, but it's gonna taste so good in the chocolate cake

I'm excited to taste test it, I don't think I've ever had a cake with sour cream or at least not that II've known of Oh it's so good Ohhh Ya! Last but not least a little vanilla extract My personal favorite Then once again Mat, will you'll mix it together, 'til it's well combined

I am SO ready! Yes, can you imagine if these were a scrambled egg omelette? So at this point we have our dry ingredients we have our wet ingredients time to mix them together and then, see what happens Pour that sour cream mixture into the dry Okay, now we gotta whisk together *Mat looks at camera like model* And I'm gonna go really slow because I don't want to spill anything This is gonna be delicious this mix is so well, so easy oopsies Ha- Some recipes are a little bit more difficult to hand mix So I prefer electric

But I hear that you've been working out, Ro? Yeah, I have So you got those guns Look at those Did you feel them? Feel how strong! No! Ah this is so hard! I'm putting my whole body into this Whaaaaaaa! Oh! Oh my gosh! I've got some work to do

Yeah, II do havea lot of

work to do, I think, is what we've just seen here My goal is to become the Rock Yeah? But little so like the pebble! Batter is ready, it's time to pour in our pan over here We have two 8-inch round pans

They are both greased and I put a piece of parchment paper at the bottom So that they come out easy after they bake It's a really good idea to do that That is a really good idea All right, now, we're just gonna eyeball it Okay, go go go Go go go go go And tell me when How deep should it be in the pan? I don't, ahhh

that's good Great! Switch! Yeah, there we go, there we go! Well done! So our cakes are all ready to be put in the oven, just preheat it to 325 and bake for 35 to 40 minutes

There we go So while our cakes are baking we're gonna take the opportunity to make ourselves some dinosaur bones That's right You just so happened to have some lying around I found these cute little dinosaur fossil molds These are so cute

These ones are made by Fred I'll put a link down below I found them online I thought they were perfect We are also holding some white melted chocolate We put into piping bags Would it be wrong of me right now to pipe this directly into my mouth? Well, then we wouldn't have enough bones, for the cake

Yeah, but I would have a bunch of white Chocolate in my mouth Mhhhhh decisions So fancy Oh my gosh, okay

Okay, you can have a little bit, Mat, but now save some for the dinosaurs Okay, fill 'em in while your chocolates still hot It's really good Fill in your mold It's rare in my life that I'm presented with a bag of just melted chocolate So I'm very excited about the prospect You're like 'Oh!'

This is gonna be my new desert of choice Do you want some ice cream, you want some cake? No, I'll just take Just take a bag of melted chocolate, it's fine! Then give your tray a little tap, it will help get all the little air bubbles out of the chocolate mold and smooth it out Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Get those air bubbles out Yes! Get those air bubbles out Yes! Get those air bubbles out

Yes! Newest dance craze So this is the part that I've been really waiting for We've got our graham crackers We've got our Oreos, it's time to crumb 'em, we are gonna crumb them together to look like dirt I really gotta ask Ro, what did you do with all the stuffing in those Oreos? Ate 'em We're gonna be crumbing them one at a time

We'll start with Mat 'cause Mat, you're the guest Oh, thank you All right So let's break these apart We're using a food processor, but you can also use a blender Here we go ready? I am so ready! Pull and you're just gonna pulse it, keep breaking it up

Pulse! Pulse it! Oh, oh here's the pulse button There you go It's on this side Pew pew pew pew It's really fun Mat, you wanna try it? I would love to pulse! Okay, hit this button, go pew pew pew

Okay, pew pew pewpewpeeeewwpew pew pew Oh that looks great! That's it! Okay now, pour it in here, and I don't want the blades to fall out Well They always do that! Pshh, wishful thinking Let's grow some Oreos! Okay? Im ready! Ready to pulse? Whoo! Okay I'll hold it, wait, wait, pulse! Pulse, pulse, pulsePulsePulse Pulse

Pulse There we go, there we go Bada bing bada boom! Now, this is the most satisfying part of the recipe and I'm gonna let you do it Mixing them together to make it look like dirt

It's so fun! I thinkI can't be selfish You have to do this, you're the guest

You worked for this Are you sure? I bet we -I bet we could find another spoon here No, no, no, you do it, you do it! It's two dirts becoming one Here it is, here it is! Ohhh wow there it is All right, this is looking pretty darn good, so let's set this one off to the side so as you can see our cakes have baked and have had plenty of time to cool

And I just stack them together with a little bit of chocolate frosting in between and now we are going to frost and decorate, the cake All right Now I'm gonna give you one of these Okay So I'm just gonna pipe an outline on the top of the cake like this I'm gonna do half Now, you do the other half

I got thisFollow the line, follow the line, follow the line, follow the line! Yeah, yeah good pressure fill in the top you can be quite generous so don't feel like you're gonna mess up It's fine and just do zigzags like this zigzag zigzag zigzag Woow, now you do it, you do it! That's really good, okay It can get a little messy

That's okay Now I'm taking an Offset spatula and we're gonna smooth it out and to do so we're using a turntable if you don't have one of these at home, that's okay You can just move your hand, but this makes it a little bit easier Ugh I gotta move my hand? 'Cause look at this look you hold it in one place and then gently just apply a little pressure Not too much to frost the sides of the cake apply even pressure And work your way all the way around and then we'll do another layer Just try to get the frosting to stick to the cake Okay squeeze Is this a good pace? Yeah, this is great! Here we go, okay,, I think that is the top of the cake there I think we're pretty good

Right then, again taking the offset spatula place against the cake and then we're just gonna turn it and you can spin around a couple times, 'till it's as smooth as you want Ro! Everything looks so good these bones turned out so well! Everything's coming together It's gonna be so cute! Time to decorate and it's super easy Our cake is frosted We moved it to this little stand and I've got the picture from the book, okay? All right I'm gonna let you put the bones on I'm gonna let you do the honor So just follow the book Put the little head over here

Okay, you want the head over here Yeah, yeah Okay And then you gotta fit his little body on and what I really like is that if you want to reposition something you can do it! It's okay because then we're just gonna put cookie crumbs all over the top No one will know It's so fun! Oh my god

Can you imagine if you found bones like this in your backyard? I would love it I would have a party I also love this where like you have little bone fragments that came out So it does kind ofYeah, you can break them Maybe you can stick them in the side Okay, stick them anywhere on the sides of the cake Oh, here we go

Got a little ribcage right here Oh jeez It's fine, five second rule Boom, get in there Alright, boom Oh wait, you did this? I I knew that! It's cookie time! Cookie time! We're gonna make it rain cookie crumbs all over this cake now I always, make a mess when I do this, and the reason is because, the sides of the cake, it's just hard to get it to stick Are you ready ? I'm gonna bring this over to you

We just leave this here and just sprinkle on the top Yeahhh Aw, he's getting buried Well, let's get the sides of the cake Yeah, how do you? Now, be fearless Just take your spoon of cookie dirt and just

just fearless Okay, fearless fearless fearless I I just I also like that the cookie plate has a lip because it keeps all the cookies in there

Clearly It's doing a good job of keeping all the cookie dust in there So we'll continue doing this until it's completely covered Ta daaa! Here is the dinosaur fossil cake that we made today in celebration of at the new Jurassic world I am so excited for it I hope you guys enjoyed the video and a big thank you to MatPat for helping me make this cake today Hey this this was a blast I had a great time Thank you for letting me make a mess with my own kind of dirt crumbs here So can we slice off a piece? Yeah, yeah Okay

Let's take a bite Also, don't forget we made a video over on Mat's channel, again, I'm gonna put a link down below Go check it out, It's about Jurassic world as well And I'm also gonna be putting all the links down below if you guys are new to the channel go check out his YouTube channel, Show him some love and subscribe Thank you! He is amazing

Ro is dropping all sorts of dinosaur knowledge on the other video, so Yeah, Dino facts Dino facts, dino facts I'm gonna take a bunch of pictures and post the recipe on Rosannapansinocom, facebook, Instagram and Twitter and this recipe is also in the nerdy nummies cookbook so you can find it there as well Yeah, you can find it everywhere

It's everywhere Everywhere you want it– you have no excuse not to make this cake Okay, ready? Yes, I'm so ready Yeah, this is the chocolate cake with a little sour cream grab myself a little bone Think you'll like it I'll get a little bit of everything into this, My God, that's so good! You may have made me a believer in sour cream desserts

They're good It's Brilliant They're really good and Dino themed desserts just across the board Bye! Bye!

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