Hey guys, it's a Ro! I got so many requests from you guys to make a back-to-school video And I remember when I was going to school I loved doing arts and crafts So I thought it would be really fun to make a DIY art supply video! The three things that we're gonna be making today are cute little erasers, homemade chalk and crayons We'll be using two of the silicone molds from my baking line You can use whatever molds You'd like but if you're interested in these, I'll put a link down below

In my right hand is the Nerdy Nummies mold It's got smart cookies, hearts and little dinosaurs And in my left hand I have the 8 and 16-bit hearts mold so without further ado Let's get started! The first thing that we're making is adorable homemade chalk The things you'll need will be: Plaster of Paris, this is the same stuff you use to make paper mache tempera paint I'm using colors green, blue, orange and pink, some water, And then a cute mold First step to making your chalk is mixing everything together But you do this individually for each color in a small bowl combine For the cup of plaster of Paris then you'll want an even measurement of paint lastly add 1 tablespoon of water Now mix it up using a fork until it forms a paste make as many colors as you'd like Once you have all your colors mixed up pour into your mold if you're using my mold You don't need to prep it by greasing it You can just pour it directly into each cavity once all the cavities are filled Give it a little tap tap tap tap tap tap – tap tap tap tip this will help release all of the little air bubbles Let it sit out at room temperature for about 8 hours if you want to leave it overnight That's a really good idea as well the time varies depending on your climate whether you live in a very dry climate Or a humid climate, but as soon as these are completely dry they're ready Just pop them out I like to pull on the mold to loosen all the pieces and then just gently from the bottom pop it out oh adorable I love it Then pop out the rest of your chalk Do doo there you have it adorable homemade chalk making this chalk brings back so many good memories one of my favorite memories I was walking cookie around the neighborhood and I looked down at the sidewalk, and it said nerdy nummies And I went oh and I wish I had a little piece of chalk with me So I could write back and be like you're awesome heart Ro Next thing we'll be making are these cute and easy to make erasers the things you'll need to make these cute erasers will be a DIY Eraser kit and your favorite silicone mold the first step open up your DIY eraser kit I have made erasers from scratch before and I prefer to use the kits because it saves a lot of time And I think they just turn out better pick any color and pinch off about a quarter you just need enough to fill the cavities of the mold roll into a ball and Squish inside the cavities keep doing this you can pick as many colors as you'd like and fill up the entire mold for these you don't want to overfill the cavities if you have any excess just pinch it off and flatten down Our mold is completely full so colorful I love it now it is time to bake place on top of a baking sheet heat your oven to 210 degrees and bake for 30 minutes once your erasers have baked give them at least one hour to cool Then pop em out, and they're ready to use I love this this is such a cute idea if you want little custom erasers when you're going to school You could also make some for your friends I am in love Do doo here are the cute and easy erasers that we made today This is super fun because you can make a bunch of them at once the last thing that we're gonna be making are these custom Shaped crayons the things you'll need to make these custom crayons will be an assortment of crayons you can choose whatever colors You'd like and a cute mold first step to making some custom crayons choose whatever colors you want to use and take off the wrappers break them apart and peel them off fill your bowl with A bunch of colors these ones are about a quarter inch big But you can break them To be any size depending on what size mold you have and what you want it to look like now Just fill each mold with a bunch of little pieces fill it up a good piece of advice is to Overfill them just a little bit because they're gonna melt down now our custom crayons are ready to bake heat your oven to 275 degrees and bake for about 12 minutes Once your crayons have baked give them plenty of time to cool before you pop them out This usually takes about 30 minutes after 30 minutes pull on your mold on the top and bottom and the sides Press on the bottom and pop em out Its beautiful look at the rainbow It's fun popping them out because you get to see what each one looks like and they're all different, I'm very curious I'm like what do you look like? Ta Da Here all the DIY school art supplies that we made today We made homemade chalk cute erasers

These are adorable and custom crayons I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting the instructions on Rosanna Pansino Dot-com Facebook Twitter and Instagram you can check them out there, and if you make any of these crafts Please take a picture and send it to me I love seeing your creations I really like making these crafts because they're all super easy and some of them even bake in the oven So it's super similar to baking right up my alley And again if you want to use any of the molds you saw on the video I'll put a link to them down below Thanks again You guys bye-bye

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