Hey, guys, it's Ro, welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be delicious, we are making a #RoRecipe i recently, went to Disneyland and, Disneyland has a new treat! It combines two AMAZING things, Churros and Pineapple! Thats right I went to Disnleyland and they Had pineapple churros they are sold in front of the castle at Disneyland and they, taste like pineapples they are delicious! Now if you don't live in California, or you can't make your way to Disneyland, I wanted YOU to be able to enjoy this recipe! So today, i'm gonna teach you how to make pineapple churros at home

All the ingredients and recipe will also be in the description down below, so go check it out! Alright! Now without further ado, let's get started! First up, you wanna heat some oil I have some oil on the stove heating up, you want it to heat to about 350 degrees So while that is heating up i am gonna combine the dry ingredients into a bowl and whisk them together! Flour, Baking powder and salt! Whisk together till well combined Dry ingredients are ready they're over here mixed together in this, bowl now in a medium sized saucepan you're Gonna combine water sugar and coconut oil, *crash* OOP? Mix together take it over to the stove turn it to a medium high heat and bring to a Boil once boiling take it back to your baking station i have the hot ingredients of the stove now pour it Directly into our dry ingredients right away, Doo Do To Tu Duuu oh yeah Then before we mix together, using the electric mixer add your pineapple extract This smells SO GOOD! Everybody, ohhhh i could just drink this this smells so delicious alright pour it in Woo and then on the low-speed, mix together using an electric hand mixer i'm gonna start on low And work, my way up to medium mix until it's well combined this usually takes about a minute this Is what the churro dough should, look, like it's all mixed now scoop into a piping, bag I have double bagged So that it won't tear when you're piping the churros and at the end i have a Big star tip this is a number 825 to scoop the dough

i like to use a cup So just take, your piping, bag place into a cup, oop, like this so using a, spatula i'm just gonna scoop into the bag Look, it smells so good 🎵So good So good🎵 Okay, now you're ready to pipe some churros over on the stove, i'm gonna place this down here but before We head over there i'm just going to get our sanding sugar ready this is just some yellow Sanding, sugar, versus regular, sugar i just think this is a really cool, detail because your churros will look more yellow They'll look, like a pineapple pour whatever sugar you Want to coat the churro with onto a tray or a Plate i'm just gonna pour a lot to you i do this before you start making the churros so that right when they're done from The stove you can roll them in the sugar right, away Now, take the sugar and the dough over to the stove the oil should be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit over medium heat dip your fingers into a little bit of water and flick off the excess pipe the dough Directly into the oil to create your churro then using your damp fingers pinch off the end of the dough Immediately after you pipe your churro you can Use the tongs to shape the churro if you'd like to make it straighter or into any shape, you'd like Fry the churro on both sides until it's golden brown, this will take About three to four minutes once cooked remove the churro i'm using, some tongs onto a paper towel And let it sit for one minute! then toss the churro into, some golden sanding sugar Until it's completely coated do this for the rest of your churros! And Tadaa there you have it, Fresh homemade pineapple churros just like the ones at Disneyland i really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you, did please give it a Thumbs up, also don't forget to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications every time i post a new video

you never know What delicious treat i'll be making next, you can find this #RoRecipe in the description down below! *sniff* Ah These smell so good, my entire kitchen smells like Pineapple churros this is a treat that is simple, Delicious and it's worth the work it is so good now i get to enjoy When i'm gonna be eating the biggest And ugliest one that i made, this is the first one so it's a little it's a little funny but, who cares mmm! Muah! this is so good is there sugar on my face I don't care, i hope you guys, enjoyed the video thanks again, for watching bye bye!

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