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108 bucks for a month of cable? You got to be kidding me! Welcome to Takei's Take I love television but I only really watch a handful of shows so why do I have to pay for the whole package? It's like being locked into a 10 course meal when all I want to eat is the prime rib and cheesecake That's why I'm considering getting rid of cable altogether It's called cutting the cord! What have I just done? I've joined more than one point eight million people who have already cut the cord in the last year What's does cord-cutting mean anyway? No! It's not quite that violent cord-cutting means using on-demand services like Netflix Hulu and Amazon Instant to circumvent the cable companies You can watch what you want, when you what Fascinating! There are a variety of devices out there right now that turn your boring television into an Internet enabled starship

Live long and prosper! Don't complain about my food Let's start with Apple TV it's a device that costs around a hundred dollars and lets you download shows and movies from iTunes as well as a bunch of different services including Netflix and Hulu This is very classic Apple very simple design but not a ton of customization if you wnat to geek out a little more love you probably want to go with something like the Roku also around one hundred dollars which has more apps than Apple TV and thus more options to find your content Even Google has jumped into the game for a measly 35 bucks You get this tiny device It allows you to instantly stream movies, TV shows, and music to your television Alright! Time to bring in YouTube star and cord cutting lifer Rosanna Pansino Thanks for having me So tell me should I cut the cord? because right now I'm not totally convinced That is a really good question I personally have never had cable I went from using like basic antenna when I was growing up and watching PBS right into college where I was watching online programming for free it seems like I'm gonna have to jump from place to place to get what I want How much is this all gonna cost me? Well it's actually really affordable, basic cable generally cost about $70 dollars a month and then Netflix is $7

99, and then Hulu is about ten dollars, So that's seventeen dollars compared to seventy dollars It's the holiday season if you want to get a loved, a cord cutting device What would you recommend? I would be getting them a smart TV, I think that that is the best thing for someone who's just starting cord cutting because the smart TVs, what they have now on their menu are different apps, so you, just like cable like you take a remote to click the cable button and you see your cable menu of all your shows You can just take your Smart TV remote and you can click Hulu, Netflix, whatever you want to watch in its just all there and I really like it because it just brings you don't have to jump around as much Everything's all in one spot on the TV That's terrific! Well you've been very helpful thank you for sharing all this information with us As Rose said there are pros and cons to cutting the cord it can cost less and give you instant on-demand access to thousands of shows and movies, but cutting yourself off from cable completely, can be a hassle and it does mean giving up stuff like football and local news

What do you think? Are you ready to cut the cord? Have you done so already? If not, what's keeping you from making the switch? Tell me in the comments section below and make sure to subscribe to Takei's Take We're on YouTube right now you know? Yeah and if you started cord cutting people may be watching this right now! Great! That's Terrific

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