Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro, today I’m here with my friend Jake Jake: Hello! Ro: You guys know Jake, and, Luna! Jake: Luna, little Luna! Ro: She might hang out with us for a little bit today

Ro: I got so many requests from you guys to try giant candy, so I decided Ro: I’m gonna make this a game Our friends went out and they got Ro: 10 different, large, like giant candies, I have no idea what these are Jake: Mmhmm Ro: We are both gonna be blindfolded, I got us kitties Jake: Thank you, I like the lace

Ro: The budget for these challenges Ro: has increased by $5, so I got these! Ro: We are going to feel the giant candy bar, open it, smell it, taste it Ro: We’re gonna come to a conclusion of what we think the candy is, if we Ro: get it right, we get a point So we’re trying to get 10 points Jake: OK! Ro: I can’t see you, but I think you look amazing! Jake: Thank you, I can’t see me, but I know I don’t look amazing! Jake: OK, box Ro: Alright, first candy is in a box…

Jake: Ooooh, OK Jake: It has some sort of see-through section on the front Ro: Yes, there’s a viewing section Jake: Oh it’s heavy! Oh wow, OK, it’s soft! Jake: Through the plastic you can even smell it, it smells very sweet Jake: Like candy one might say! Ro: Oooooh! Ro: Oh it’s so sticky! It’s a gummy! Jake: It feels like a…

Ro: Oooh it has ears Jake: Ears, I feel ears! And then maybe these are where the Jake: eyes, I think this is maybe his eye sockets? Ro: Ready for a taste? Jake: Yeah! Ro: OK, cheers! Jake: Che… Cheers, cheers! Ro: Oh these are so heavy! OK, here goes Jake: OK Ro: I think I know what it is, I think it’s a gummy bear Jake: I just need to, hold on…

Ro: Do we say final answer? Jake: Final, yeah we could say final answer Ro: OK, is final answer gummy bear? Jake: Final answer is a gummy bear Jake: OH! It is a gummy bear! We did it! Ro: This is so… big! Jake: Oh hey, you caught me, I'm just working out! Ro: 332… Jake: Aw, yes! Ro: Onto our second giant candy

Jake: Oooh! Ro: Alright, first we’ve got to feel it, whoa! Jake: This is a giant bar! Ro: This feels like charlie chocolate factory large! Jake: Right? Ro: Yeah! Jake: It's our golden ticket Ro: I’ve got a golden ticket! Both: I’ve got a golden ticket! Ro: Oh that’s chocolate, that’s chocolate Jake! Jake: Maybe if you rub it on your body… Ro: Well I don’t know any candy bar that’s flat… Jake: Hershey’s is flat… Ro: No but, Jake, feel this, feel this, it’s just flat Ro: Hershey’s are, you know, they have rectangles Jake: Oh they do have rectangles

Jake: We’ll know it’s Hershey’s if it tastes like garbage, so let’s just eat it! Ro: Oh is this the bottom? Jake: I, well… Ro: Oh my! Jake: It was the bottom! Ro: Oh wait! Jake! Jake: What? Ro: Jake! Jake: What? Ro: Ready? Jake: Yeah Ro: We can feel what it is Jake: I can feel it! Ro: I’m on an H… Oh I’m on an H, I think it is a Hershey’s Jake: I feel the grooves, but they’re not saying anything to me

Ro: H… Jake: Oh that’s an H! Ro: Hershey’s! Jake: That’s, and this is an E! Jake: Oh watch it, oh don’t, don’t, Luna you’ll die! Ro: I put the dog block on Ro: Is it Hershey’s? Jake: Yeah it’s garbage, it’s Hershey’s! Ro: Let me take a bite, let me take a bite Jake: It’s like chocolate sand, it’s Hershey’s, yeah Both: Final answer? Ro: Yep, alright, let’s look Jake: Oh it is! Ro: There’s so much chocolate here, this is amazing! Ro: I’m gonna melt this down… And take a bath in it! No I’m just kidding! Ro: Are you ready for this? Jake: Yeah! Ro: OK, gotta feel the box

Jake: Oooh, feeling the box Jake: It’s a giant stick… Ro: What is this? Jake: What could this stick be? Jake: Oh, oh, I think I know! Ro: Oh my gosh, I think I did a challenge of this, before with my friend TJ Jake: Oh who’s TJ huh? Jake: I see how it is, doing challenges with everybody that comes around Jake: We’re not wanted here Luna, let’s take our chocolate stick and leave! Ro: Think of these as really small Ro: Like, OK, well how much… Oh you ate all of it! Jake: I’m hungry! What? Ro: I was gonna show you in comparison what I thought it was, OK, we’ll use mine

Jake: Don’t guilt me for this, who’s is this? Ro: Now hold, this is mine… Ro: Wait, wait, wait… Wait, Jake! Ro: You want to play this game? There we go, there we go! OK, now, I think it’s about this… Ro: Oh! Ro: I give up! Jake: What is it? I don’t know what this is Ro: OK, I’m gonna help you out, Ro: this little biscuit, if you shrunk it down, I’m pretty sure it’s a Pocky Jake: OH! Ro: Right? Jake: 100%! Ro: Do you agree? Jake: Yeah?!?! Ro: Final answer? Jake: Yeah, fine! Ro: OK, let’s see Jake: Oh it was! Ro: Oh yeah! Ro: It’s Pocky, oh my gosh! Ro: This one is like slobber-y! Jake: I hope the next one’s a toothbrush! Jake: Alright, and now it is on to our fourth delicious, giant candy! Ro: Oh there’s 2 of them

Jake: Oh, OK Ro: Oh! Jake: Oh it feels like a giant pop of lolly! Ro: This is the biggest lollipop ever! Jake: Do you think you can get the whole Jake: thing in your mouth? Ro: No! There’s no way! Ro: Nope, it’s not gonna work Jake: Well not with that attitude! Jake: Mmmm, that is a… Mmmm, mmm-hmmm… Jake: Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm… Jake: It’s not cherry… Ro: Watermelon? Jake: I don’t know, because watermelon Jake: I find usually pretty bad, but this is actually kinda nice

Luna: *Sneezes* Jake: AH! The dog moved Ro: What’s another red? What’s another Ro: red, raspberry? Jake: Could it be a strawberry? Ro: Oh, I think it is Strawberry Lollipop, you ready? Jake: Hear-ye, hear-ye! In Candy Court! Ro: Royal Subjects! Jake: Quiet you, behind the camera, no telling me what to do! Ro: Strawberry Lolly! Jake: Yes! Ro: OK… Jake: Strawberry, WOOOOOO! In your face candy challenge! Ro: We did it! Jake: Ooooh, or we could do Lolli-Pop Stars Ro: Lolli-Pop Stars? Jake: Hey now, you’re a… Both: Pop star… Jake: Get your Lolli-on

Ro: Loll… Jake: Go get… Diabetes… Jake: There’s no like, cool way to eat this Ro: No, there’s not! Jake: Sup girls, ugghhhhh! Do I look… Ro: Hey do I look like one of those little boxer things? Jake: Oh you do! Ro: Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom! Jake: I’ll hit your, the button in the back that makes you punch! Jake: So we are now 4 for 4, we are candy rockstars

Jake: Should we move onto the next one? Ro: Yes! Jake: Oh, I think I know what it is already Ro: Could be a Red Vines? Jake: That’s what I was… I think I was gonna say its a Twizzler or something Jake: Some sort of licor-ache! Ro: OK Jake: Oh that’s licorice, that’s red licorice Ro: Oh yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Jake: Oh yeah, it’s licorice

Ro: Look at how big this is! Ro: You could use this as measure tape Jake: I have made a mistake! Jake: You know how in movies when kids go to summer camp they make little, uh, hat Jake: things out of, daffodils or something like that? Ro: A daisy crown? Jake: Yeah, I’m gonna make a licorice crown! Jake: For the licorice king in candy court! Ro: Whoa! Jake: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Jake: Hear-ye, hear-ye! Ro: Final answer Twizzler, let’s see it Jake: We did it! Waaahhhh! Ro: We did it! Jake: What do you want? No you can’t have any licorice Ro: No you, no you’re a dog Jake: Because you are a dog

Ro: This is not a dog food Jake: Here you can wear daddy’s hat! Ro: There you go Luna! Jake: Look at that! Ro: Oh my gosh you’re so cute in that! Jake: Little Luna! Ro: We are more than 1/2 way there, we’re 5 for 5, this is number 6! Jake: Wooo! Jake: I know what it is by just touching it Ro: What is this? Jake: Snap, crackle and pop, Ro! Ro: Huuuuuuuhhhhhh! Is it really? Jake: I feel like it could be Jake: Just a little, just a little bite Jake: Just take off a little bit, just a little bit! Ro: Huuuuuuuh! Ro: I know what this is

Jake: A giant Rice Krispies Ro: Yeah! Jake: What is this a reci… Ro: Is it? Jake: OH MY CROWN! NOOOOO! Ro: Sorry Jake… At least we’re winning this game Jake: I liked being king…

Jake: Yeah, well it’s not the same… Ro: OK, well did you take your blindfold off? Jake: No… Ro: OK, ready? Jake: Yeah… Ro: We’re doing Rice Krispies Treats, Ro: final answer Jake: Yes… Ro: We were right

Jake: This victory doesn’t fill the hole, of my crown Ro: Oh Jake, don’t worry! Jake: Do you think I can suck this up my nose into my mouth Ro: Huuuh! Jake No! Ro: No, no, no, no, no drugs in this house! Jake: Noooo! Jake: Alright, we are destroying this game Ro: Yes! Jake: And now we’re onto Jake: number 7 Jake: Oh, I already know what this is just by touching it

Ro: How do you know what this is? You just touched it! Jake: I know everything! Jake: I, can I just say it Ro: Well can I guess it? Jake: You can guess, you guess Jake: *Whispers* (Reese’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!) Ro: I don’t know what this is Jake: *Whispers* (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!) Ro: What the heck is this? It’s a York Peppermint Patty? Jake: No, what are we, 80 years old? Jake: Who’s gonna get us a giant York Peppermint Patty? Ro: It smells what I think it is… Ro: Oh, this plastic

I tried to take a bite and I… But it’s not a paper Jake: Wow this is probably the best York Peppermint Patty I’ve ever had Ro: Are you messing with me? Jake: Eat it, you’ll taste the peppermint Jake: The cool, refreshing peppermint

Ro: No that's No, that’s peanut butter! Jake: Oh that’s what that is, all these years! I thought it was peppermint Ro: OK! Jake: I love peppermint and jelly sandwiches

Ro: Jake, this is a Reese’s Jake: *Whispers* (It’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup) Ro: Final Answer Jake: *Whispers* (Final Answer) Ro: OK

Ro: Yeah, that’s what that is! Jake: We did it! Ugh! Ro: The sugar is kicking in over here Jake: What are you talking about? Jake: *Burps* That’d be awesome! Ro: I give that a… 5 Ro: Giant candy number 8 Jake: I think it’s a giant York Peppermint Patty

Jake: OH, OH! Ro: Jake, how do you know that? Jake: I don't know anything! Ro: That’s not even possible! Jake: It’s squishy though! Ro: There’s 2 of them again though, I will give you that Jake: What? No way! Ro: I can feel, I can feel 2 circles Jake: No, is it really!? Jake: Is it really!?!? Ro: Wait, I didn’t even open mine, what’s yours? Let me Jake: I know what it is, I just, I know what it is I’m so upset Ro: Wait, wait, wait, I didn’t open it yet Ro: This is a York Peppermint Patty Jake: It’s a York Peppermint Patty! Ro: Jake’s favorite candy everybody! Jake: I knew it from the moment it touched it

Ro: The York Peppermint If you’re ever going to any meet ups or fan meet and Ro: greet and you're hanging out with Jake, bring him these Jake: Yes, so I can smell like your grandfather! Ro: Final answer Jake: York Peppermint Disappointments Jake: Hey! It is! Ro: Next Giant Candy! Jake: Oh, it’s a candy bar

Ro: It’s a bar Ro: Weren’t you saying that you kind of know candy bars? Jake: If I had to guess I would either say a Snickers, or a 3 Musketeers Jake: You gotta put it in your mouth Ro: OK, here we go Ro: I open all of these upside down…

But that’s where the seam is Ro: What are you gonna do? Ro: OK, this is huge! Ro: OK, it smells like there’s a peanut Jake: Hacgh-agh-sharchgh-hegrfh! Ro: Oh Jake! Jake: Ahhh-herrrhhhhmmm! Ro: Jake, did you take a big bite? Ro: You need to take small bites Jake: Herrf-herrrrgh-herrrgh! Ro: What are you doing? Give me that Jake: Heragh-weharnt, heragh-weharnt

Ro: OH GROSS! Jake: Wheergh-gheee! Ro: Jake you drooled all over me! Jake: Herasghhhhefgggh! Ro: Oh jeez! Jake: *Muffled* It’s a Snickers… Ro: You think it’s a Snickers? Jake: Yeaghf Ro: I think it is, but… Ro: Final answer, Snickers! Jake: Asssghhcffff! Jake: Asssghhcffff! Jake: Hrrrrmmmmmm, hrrrrrmmm! Ro: Jake! You give me that right now! Ro: Oh my gosh! Jake: Asch-gagh-baghhhhhh! Ro: It’s stuck on your face! Ro: Let me go get you a napkin Jake: Errraaaaaaggggggh! Jake: Ohhhhhh, we did it! Jake: Alright, so this is the last one, and I have guessed some by tasting, by Jake: touching But I feel like we should try to guess this one by listening

Ro: Listening? Jake: With our ear bones Ro: You just listen Jake: OK, I’m gonna listen Ro: It’s a rectangle shape… Jake: What if you shake it? Ro: It’s definitely a chocolate Jake: OK

Ro: I can tell you that right now, this feels… Jake: OK, would we say that it’s a bar? Ro: I think so… Ro: Yeah, Jake, these are little bars but they’re all together Jake: Are there bumps? Ro: There’s little bumps in it Jake: OK… Jake: Would you, would you, would you describe it as crispy? Ro: Let me taste it Jake: OK

Ro: Yeah it’s a little crispy, it tastes like there’s Ro: Rice Krispies inside of it Jake: Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep! Jake: I’m seeing a blue wrapper, is it a blue… You don’t know Ro: Uh-huh Ro: I don’t, I don’t know that Jake: And with red Crunch

Ro: Oh you think it’s a Crunch bar? Jake: Is it a Crunch bar? Ro: Yeah, oh! That’s what it is… Jake: Could it be a crunch? Ro: We’re going 10 for 10, I trust Jake! Jake: I don’t, I haven’t touched it! Jake: I haven’t eaten it, don’t trust me! Ro: He’s great at this game! Jake: Hey! It is a Crunch bar! Ro: Wow! Jake: So we’re 10 for 10! Ro: Yep! Jake: We’re winners! Ro: We won! Jake: Hey good work Ro: Yes! Both: Bbbbb-bbbb-bbbb, bbbb-bbbb-bbbbb-bbbb-bbbbbbbbb! Ro: We both get a victory trumpet today because… Jake: Yeah! Ro: We, got 10 out of 10! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting this very odd game Ro: And a big thank you to my friend Jake Jake: Thank you

Ro: For trying a whole Ro: bunch of ginormous candies Jake: Even though I lost my candy kingdom throne… Ro: If you would like to see any other challenges you can click up here… Jake: Or over here Ro: That’s right, and if you have any other ideas Ro: for any other games or challenges that you would like to see us play, Ro: please leave me a comment down below Ro: Alright thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Jake: Bye! Jake: Bye!

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