Going to VidCon for the First Time | Meeting Rosanna Pansino & Fun For Louis

up on the ball pit ready oh now try to get out of here is the hard part Oh how do I get out of here? Oh too old for this

yes We're gonna play slapjack you can go back to your booths nice work I like you are working up a sweat this is great Now you have to vote who you think was the best air guitarist Only at VidCon I'm up here at the creator's level and all the little people are down there they just have community badges if you have a creator badge you can get up this level and you my view of the stage and stuff back of the VidCon sign Other people are vlogging because that's what we do right creators lounge a little nicer than the other one i'm here at VidCon and I'm with Kobe Nice seeing you peeps there you go okay hello hi look at these guys I'll come back on let go oh look shown his gums I know there's also mrs

VidCon behind us oh that's a big Kaname there yeah people just walking by like they're like they're nothing come on what's up oh my god that we are we are we're totally hiding are you kidding we are not we are not socially we're not worthy to be on this blog I know 123 subscribers I have come on appreciate every other Cape unit that you can fill a large room with that Wow is great reverence I was lying you first you were so legit and then like it you come you come here and you realize that all those numbers every single one of them is a is it is a people it's a beautiful yeah it's a world were like and yeah I mean there's people there's people in there my home make sure to LIKE make sure you like this video and then comment if you watch because you have to give support and supportive and subscribe if bye bye you

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