Hey guys, it's Ro Today, I'm hanging out with my friend Lilly; you guys know Lilly But if you are new to my channel, I'm gonna put her link down below to her channel Please go check her out, show her some love and subscribe

She is amazing I invited her over today We were hanging out, and I wanted to play heads up This is the game that I love I play it all the time with my sister And I thought you'd be really good at it Lilly: really? ugh Ro: you're quick and you're witty I'm trying to find my heads up Dream partner I'm on a mission It would be my honor and I'm hoping that it's you because we'd have a great time Lilly: If that happens, I'm quitting YouTube! We're catching off heads up player national punch up team Oh, I turn oh well Oh, oh like just get around and take selfies I've turned on the camera Lily Do you want to pick a category? Let's do sound it out

Okay sound it out Yeah, are you moving first? Maybe you'll hold it up and I'll try to get you to guess okay here It's happening It's all happening ready I'm ready good Okay, okay Bubbles, no popping champagne

Yeah, okay, okay? Yeah What kind horn up, okay, all right next next I Got it oh Yeah Wow Okay She's like I don't care what your answer is like I'm confident I know what that is yep We got five points, but I'm gonna say that's a warm-up ring because I'm overconfident What do one more time okay, so category yeah Cory you got this okay is it going okay? What's not a common word Pouring milk Coffee cup warming coffee espresso coffee empty machine yeah, that's right Okay right okay? Yeah from what I? Sound exactly like Time's up rewind alright Let's see how many points we down again I think oh Oh, that's fun skill we're winners

Yeah fine scale we won those rounds points wise we got a three all right It's my turn Okay sound it out You got this Yeah, we can do it all right? noises boom okay, okay focus three two one scissors yes Oh Turkey yes Gremlin a grab a wedge a dead zombie gremlin devil Horn yep booster chicken A coffee maker coffee pot coffee machine my semester may go steam sizzling frying Yeah, you said we'll give it to you, okay, we ran out oh Yeah, we were pretty good at dinosaur that really I was trying to be t-rex got it why the face Now that I see it look you look exactly the dinosaur we got four all right pretty good ready, okay, okay? I'll make better noise No no you're doing great

Okay Here We go here We go one here We go

Oh, yeah lion yeah I Don't think they make a noise okay bass Yes Whisper yep, oh yes Braces jaw what? Yes Record player it's getting closer record player recommend this eg record scratch record break We killed a Good job making how many did we get I'll fit what's about fish What sound does it fish me Maybe I should do that sounds like a fish actually let's do phlegm We're gonna kill it Yeah, let's do food her than idea Let's do food I got I feel really competitive it like we got to get this like teamwork Oh you have a tree outside a lemon tree no cop there

It is Yeah boom Okay? It's like a fountain with cheese oh Yeah, yeah cool, okay? It's a type of dress and you put on salad for healthy people healthy people Nicorette yes, but what kind Oh? Playing During Halloween there's a lot of orange Okay, yes And what kind you make a cake out of them kind of like this fuckin like Oh what so what's another word for a cake A flatter cake with icing well they all I say okay No I'm like us break you up a piece of this

Okay cap pumpkin blank pumpkin spice not good You drink it in its creaminess absorbs a Lot tank yes, the time is up No No we get that one Patty the iPad now, okay, all right You ready to go This is you should be your this is your strength here This is all right in my element and I eat a lot, so I'm gonna describe to you food right for me I'm ready ready and ready for the jellybeans three two one

Let's go Oh Dinner there little round made out of bread buns dinner ol Tanner Yeah, okay? That's it Lulu on a hot day I like to have a glass I see it grows outside juice orange juice apple juice lemon juice lemonade lemonade yes, Oh Pasta dinner okay pasta that are filled with me tortellini ravioli ravioli good Yep Oh this is It's it's not a dinner roll But it's another what's on here and you cut it in half sometimes for butter on some people have a gurney yeah biscuit Oh, yeah, yes on a cold day

I like to have something soup hot has beans in it spicy chili chili oh The shell is hard lettuce meat tomatoes on the inside crunchy taco yes, oh My gosh open up a can of these And then their protein some people are being my salad the chickpeas yes your face Yes, oh my god We didn't get times up We did great Yeah, food is us We can't no us right I think we got everything once Wow Yes, all right that does it for a head today a big

Thank you to my friend Lily Thank you for coming over hang with me today This is so much fun I mean II was sounding out my favorite part was you sounding out things to me my hair pot was basketballs under green Again I'm gonna be putting your links down below so go check her out subscribe show her some love and if you haven't already make Sure you subscribe to ROS channel as well She's lovely and awesome and adorable, and if you'd like to watch any other fun videos You can click up here or right over here alright? We can hug, it's time, man

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