Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to another nerdy Nummies I got so many requests from you guys to make something else emoji themed, and I thought hmMm What's circular and should be an emoji? a doughnut! I love donuts, so today we're going to be making emoji doughnut filled with vanilla cream with my favorite homemade donut recipe Let's get started! The things you'll need will be two eggs just the yolk 3/4 cup milk 1 package of active dry Yeast 2 and 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour 1/2 a vanilla Bean quarter teaspoon of Almond extract Half a teaspoon of Salt 3 tablespoons of Sugar 2 tablespoons of butter and a circle cookie cutter Then for the filling two cups of cold milk and 1 package of vanilla Pudding mix

for the frosting you'll need powdered sugar and lemon juice and lastly Vegetable oil to fry our doughnuts in now let's put it all together! first step to making these donuts pour the yeast into your warm milk then add your sugar and Mix it up once mixed, wait 10 minutes to allow it to bloom once its bloom pour our yeast mixture Two egg yolks butter almond extract and fresh vanilla Beans mix everything together Next we're going to add our flour and salt But don't start with the salt because the salt will kill our yeast so to protect it we start with flour mix the flour in a third at a time *deup deup deup* Now it's safe to add the salt and the other third of our flour oh Add the last third of your flour and mix it together When you can't mix together anymore with your spatula it's time to knead with your hands This is one of my favorite parts of baking I love it But but kind of messy and I like that hey Sprinkle a little flour so the dough doesn't stick Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh place the dough down and push with the heel of your hand And then pull it back and turn it keep doing this super relaxing Like playing with slime or something dough's done! You'll know it's ready when it's still firm but Springy and tacky But not sticky

In a large greased Bowl place the dough inside Then cover with food safe plastic wrap set it off to the side to rest Until it doubles in size while our dough is resting we get to make our filling Pour the entire package of pudding mix into the bowl then pour in two cups of cold milk whisk together until well combined and then pop in the Refrigerator for five minutes to set we're minutes away from frying these doughnuts behind me I've got my oil heating up on the stove as you can see the dough has risen Let's get out of here look at this It's so fluffy! my favorite part about making donuts is kneading the dough But this may be my second favorite part, cause you get to squish the fluffy dough all right ready, okay? Sprinkle the flour down on the surface This is the moment I've been waiting for ready *boop* *pat pat pet pat pat a pet pet pat pat pet pat pat a pet pet* you want your dough to be about an inch thick take your circle cookie cutter and cut out some Donuts, *boop* cut out as many as you'd like with your donut scrap You can reroll this one more time to make a few extra heh, it's my special donut It has little giraffe buns There's my self-portrait donut with the scraps brush off the excess flour I'm just using a little pastry brush Take a clean kitchen towel and cover them up let 'em rest for about five to ten minutes night night Once your donuts have rested wake them up like this RABUBUBUBUBUB I woke Molly up like this one and I got an alarm clock thrown at me now move your doughnuts over to this cookie sheet Let's head over to the stove turn your burner to medium high then heat your oil to 350 degrees I'm using a candy thermometer when the oil is ready Carefully add your donuts fry the donuts on one side for about one to two minutes or until Golden Brown Then flip the donuts over and fry the other side for an additional 1 to 2 minutes Remove the Donuts from the oil and place them onto a cookie sheet lined with Paper towels Do this for the rest of your donut and then Bring them back to the baking station our doughnuts are hot off the stove

while they're cooling, Let's make our donut Icing mix together powdered sugar and Drizzle in a little bit of lemon juice at a time and mix it up until you get the right consistency We want it to be a thick frosting that will coat the back of a spoon I'm going to be using yellow food coloring to Dye my icing yellow now to fill our donut Take wooden skewer, place it right here and go back and Forth like a teeter-totter That's going to create a cavity inside Then dig your vanilla pudding mix I just scooped it into a piping bag with a circular tip at the end Line up the two holes, you gently squeeze Oh there you go now Now do this for the rest of your donuts Our donuts are filled and ready to dip this is a super easy way to frost dip them straight down to cover the top turn Just a little bit tickle jiggle jiggle and pull up letting the excess icing Drip to the Bottom when the dripping starts to slow down pick up your donut and place it back on the baking sheet Then do this so the rest of your doughnuts, being careful not to drop them in your icing *whisper* Sombody's done that time my favorite part, it's time to decorate we have red and black royal icing which we put into a piping bag with Number two tips at the end some pink luster Dust small baking brushes and some toothpicks in case you need them you can decorate your donuts to look like any Emoji face that you want

I'm gonna start with this one right here, okay, girl mister with his little kitty lips and over here We need a circle and eyebrows and a winky eye and perfect *boop* Next I'm going to make the blushing face because this is one of my favorite emojis I use it all the time It's like you're happy But you're also kind of embarrassed and shy and blushing about it first do the eyes They're like upside down smiley faces dip little decorating breath in the luster dust paint little circles for the cheeks Now give it a little *phoof* Let me know in the comments down below What is your favorite? Face emoji leave it leave your favorite face emoji in the comments Ta-Da! There you have it, emoji Donuts with vanilla cream filling this homemade donut recipe is delicious I'm going to be posting pictures and the recipe on RosannaPansinocom, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can check it out there And if you guys make these donuts Please take a picture and send it to me

I love seeing your baking creations it just makes me happy It makes my day and if you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies Please let me know leave me a comment down below And I will do my best to make it happen alright thanks again bye! now for the best part I get to have one Imma go for ol' kissy winky face mmMMmm this doughnut is so good and the lemon frosting is incredible It is so fresh oh

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