How to Make Flower Cookies with Rosanna Pansino

Hey guys, it's Ro! I just made a cookie flower bouquet over on my channel and I wanted to make another video to show you how to make different types of flowers with the same cookie cutter A big thank you to Wilton for supporting and collaborating with me to make this video possible

The bouquet that I made is a bunch of daisies because that is my mom's favorite flower I really wanted to show you how to make a couple other flowers to give you some decorative creative inspiration Today I'm going to show you how to make and decorate a sunflower and hibiscus, so let's get started! The first cookie that we're going to decorate is the sunflower cookie These cookies are fresh out of the oven I've given them plenty of time to cool and as you can see they're in the shape of our little daisy cookie cutter

To make this cookie really look like a sunflower we're gonna be piping the outline with some yellow royal icing with a number 3 tip making sure to make the ends of the petals pointy After you've outlined your cookies let them sit out for a few minutes to set Once set, time to flood This is one of my favorite parts, it's like coloring but only edible like an edible coloring book Just fill it in and you can also use a toothpick to smooth it out

After flooding allow your cookies to completely dry then we will decorate the middle to look like a little sunflower If you're comfortable free handing the center of the sunflower go for it I'm going to be using a small circle cookie cutter as a guide and some brown royal icing Place your circle cookie cutter in the middle of the cookie You don't want to press down really hard because it's gonna crack the icing, so you're just going to give it a gentle twist and then it'll give you a really even guide for your brown icing

As soon as you've iced take a scoop of chocolate jimmies or sprinkles depends on which coast you live on, sprinkled on top doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo make it rain yeah yeah and then let them off the excess Look at it, it's already starting to look like a sunflower Again using the yellow royal icing I'm gonna pipe extra details on the petal Start piping at the center and pipe on top, pedal to the point and come back to the center and work your way all the way around the cookie Then I'm gonna pipe a little line down the middle of each petal and tada there you have it our sunflower cookies using the daisy cookie cutter! They're so cute! Now I'm going to show you how to make hibiscus flowers using the same cookie cutter

In front of me I have cookie dough that I've cut out using our cookie cutter This cookie cutter has 10 points but we want five petals So using your hands press together two petals at a time and then using something small that you have lying around the house, I'm using a lollipop stick but you could also use a toothpick, a chopstick, a spoon, whatever you got Press in between each petal to create a little bit more definition and bake them in the oven following whatever recipe you used Once again after your cookies have baked and had plenty of time to cool, we are gonna outline them with a little bit of royal icing this time I am using pink royal icing with a number 3 tip for a little bit more control

When you're piping the outline go for a round and smooth look Once you've outlined all of your cookies we are again going to fill them in and flood them, but unlike the first time this decorating technique is gonna move very fast Start by flash flooding filling in the cookie with the pink royal icing then immediately after take your yellow royal icing and make loops Then using a toothpick drag the yellow through the pink starting in the center pulling out towards the end This creates the marbling effect, it looks beautiful you just need to move fast

(Move fast Ro, move fast RoWHEW! It's fast but it's fun! After that exhilarating experience I've given them some time to set, now we are going to add the final decoration detail Once again using the yellow royal icing we are going to pipe the stamen, that's the part of the hibiscus flower that kind of sticks you know the little middle part It looks like this and it has a little like pollen on them You know what I'm talking about

Just pipe a small straight line starting in about the middle of the cookie then pipe little dots around the top I'm using a number 2 tip, but if you'd like to use a number 1 to have even smaller pollen dots, go for it, it's up to you Tada! Here are the flower cookies that we made today using the same cookie cutter I used to make a daisy flower bouquet for my mom mama mia over on my channel I really wanted to show you how to make some other flower options using the same cutter You could easily make this a bouquet of hibiscus flowers or a bouquet of sunflowers

If you guys make any flowers or cookie bouquets, please take a picture and send them to me and Wilton we would love to see them, and if you'd like to learn about more tips of how to decorate cookies, check out the links below I hope you found this video helpful, thanks for watching, bye bye! Do these look like really cool sunglasses or like a really weird Snapchat filter?

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