"Hey guys, it's Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies and today we have a very special guest its sWooZie!" S -"Hi, hi, I was gonna say pewdiepie, but that's fine I think they know it's me by now" Ro -"Yeah, I think that they know that it's you" Swoozie -"Thanks for having me" Ro -"This is the first time that we've ever baked together

" Swoozie -"It's happening" Ro -"I am very excited" Swoozie -"This video has to be the number one on your entire channel I'm sending everybody this video" Ro – "Oooh, that's a lot of pressure" Swoozie- "So that way you're see the numbers like oh my gosh have to have him back again next week" Ro -"I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now I have a question for you

" Swoozie -"Lay it on me" Ro -"Have you ever baked before? What's your baking level experience?" Swoozie – "Do pancakes count?" Ro -"Um well it's not baking but it is preparing food" Swoozie -"Okay, cookies like the Toll House cookies, I put those in the tray, that counts right?" Ro -"If it goes in the oven and it bakes, that's baking" Swoozie -"Comments-section guys, yes or no, does the cookies from Tollhouse count as baking? I say yes Yeah it does count Ro- "I think so

" Ro- "If you aren't familiar with sWooZie's content, I'm gonna put a link down below to his channel, go check it out It is amazing, so many fun things" Swoozie -"Unsubscribe from me and subscribe to her" Ro -"No, subscribe to him Show him some love" Swoozie -"Look at this, look at all this!" Ro -"He is amazing, you guys" Swoozie -"The quality of this video is amazing" Ro -"Here is a fun story, we were at Vidcon and Swoozie was the nicest person we were-" Both -"We were on stage together!" Ro – "He had my back, so I had to have you come on and bake

" Swoozie – "Let's do it!" Ro – "Today we are gonna be making something that goes good for many different themed parties We are gonna be making lightning bolt cupcakes, and I love these because so many geeky genres have lightning bolts, like Thor" Swoozie – "I was gonna say Flash

" Ro – "Yeah, Flash, Harry Potter" Ro – "Okay, now you put your finger up like this and we spin it around and I say one two three And then we go Let's Get Started" Swoozie – "Do I have to say that with you? 'Cause I totally missed my cue" Ro – "Yeah, say it with me!" Swoozie – "Okay, I'm ready Ro – "Okay, we go" Both – "Let's-" Swoozie – "Oh sorry One Okay" Ro – "Oh

One" Ro – "Yeah, one two three" Both – "Let's Get Started!" Swoozie – "Are there gonna be VFX? Like a- what's the budget for this video?" Swoozie – "Maybe some subtitles? I don't know" Ro – "Like a explosion or bubbles" Both – "LET'S GET STARTED!" Swoozie – "The recipe we're making today is a lemon cupcake recipe

The things you'll need will be 1 and 3/4 cup of self-rising flour, 1 cup of unsalted butter at room temperature, a quarter cup of buttermilk, 3 eggs, 1 cup sugar, and 2 lemons" Ro – "Then, to decorate, some buttercream icing; I put them in piping bags with number 1A tips at the end, Lightning bolt icing decorations These ones are from my baking line But if you don't have these, you can make some at home, and last but not least, some red baking cups, these again are from my baking line They are lined with aluminum foil so that the color won't seep through while they're baking" Both – "Now, Let's Put It All Together!" Ro – "The first step to making these delicious cupcakes is creaming together our butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl, Swoozie!" Swoozie – "I'm ready Everything goes?" Ro – "Everything" Swoozie – "Clearance sale, everything must go

" Ro – "Now we're gonna take an electric mixer" Swoozie – "Oh my" Ro – "Mix on a medium speed until it's light and fluffy" Swoozie – "Let me take this" Ro – "Okay, you got this

" Swoozie – "Uh, I'm a pro" Ro – "I'll hold the bowl" Swoozie – "What does this button do? OH!" Ro – "OH!" Ro – "That shoots 'em right out! Swoozie – "I'm a professional Don't try this at home kids" Ro – "Isn't that fun though? Swoozie – "This is so rewarding

Here we go" Ro – "There you go, there you go" Swoozie – "Is that supposed to happen?" Ro – "Yeah, just do circles" Swoozie – "This is all mixed up" Ro – "Yeah, look at that

" Swoozie – "Now we have to add the eggs one at a time" Swoozie – "So, uh, I don't know how YOU do it Do you do on the table, or do you do on the edge?" Ro – "You're supposed to do it on the table, but I do it on the edge because-" Swoozie – "You're a professional" Ro – "I like to live on the wild side" Swoozie – "You're in the fast lane

" Ro – "And I have to be honest with you, I don't always get a clean break" Swoozie – "Ahhh" Ro – "And sometimes, a little shell will get stuck in there

" Swoozie – "Yeah" Swoozie – "For demonstration purposes, I will crack it on the table" Ro – "Go for it Swoozie, let me see what you got

" Swoozie – "Are you ready?" Ro – "Yeah, crack the egg, whole thing in there" Swoozie – "Here we go Boom" Ro – "Yeahhh" Swoozie – "That's how I roll

" Ro – "Nice" Ro – "And mix it up" Swoozie – "You're gonna do the number two?" Ro – "Yeah" Swoozie – "Alright, let's see" Ro – "Now, I'm gonna show you how to do the one handed egg crack, okay?" Swoozie – "Ohhh!" Swoozie – *gasp* "You know about this?" Ro – "So, you're gonna crack, and then with the top two fingers, pointer finger and thumb, twist, and then on the bottom, you twist the opposite way

" Swoozie – "I'm ready Ro – "And you're gonna do it next time" Swoozie – "One take This is the only eggs we have here in the house, so you have to get this right" Ro – "Okay, here we go, crack crack, and twist!" Ro – "

See? See what happens sometimes?" Swoozie – "Yeah That's yeah" Ro – "Swoozie, can I have a towel for my hands? Because this is just really gross I really messed it up" Swoozie – "Yeah, you can borrow this, you just step on over here Alright, I will begin

" Ro – "Swoozie's doing great I just think it was a warm egg When they're colder, they do it better Swoozie – "Are you ready?" Ro – "Yeah" Swoozie – "Don't say you're ready if you're not ready

Are YOU ready? Okay" Ro – "Oh, I'm ready Let's just see what happens 'cause I've already messed it up so, we know how to fix it" Swoozie – "Ope" Ro – "Oh-

" Ro – "That worked It was just slow-mo And last mix" Swoozie – "We could work at Cheesecake Factory, do you know that? Ro – "Ohhhh" Ro – "What's your favorite thing at Cheesecake Factory?" Swoozie – "Oh, I know it's gonna sound a little basic, but their Linda Fudge Cake" Swoozie – *gasp* Swoozie – "Have you had it?" Ro – "no" Swoozie – "Get some-" *laughs* Ro – "Next we are going to zest and juice the lemons, starting with zesting, you want to zest first It's kind of like grating cheese" Swoozie – "That, I've done" Ro – "You know? Yeah

" Swoozie – "I love cheese" Ro – "And you just want to grate until the white part is showing Once you see white, stop, you don't want to go any deeper than that" Swoozie – "That smells delicious" Ro – "Oh, it smells so good

It smells like fresh lemonade" Swoozie – "Mhmm" Ro – *orgasmic sigh* Swoozie – "Oh wow, it actually does

" Ro – "Lemon Jolly Ranchers!" Swoozie – "Lemon drop" Ro – *inhale* "Oooh, lemon drops" Swoozie – "You doing alright over there?" Ro – "Yeah" Ro – "Okay, now to juice these, it's really easy We're just gonna cut them in half

" Swoozie – "Okay there we go hi-yah Ro – "Yeah, you can use a little hand juicer, or this little guy" Swoozie – "Heyyy! You have-? Wow" Ro – "Look'it And it's kind of messy, it's kind of messy, but that's okay" Swoozie – "Wait, hold on, actually" Ro – "Wait, how's that doing-? Oh yeah, better roll up your sleves Yeah, gotta use the muscles

" Swoozie – "Oh, I think I got some juices on me I gotta burn this outfit now" Ro – "That's okay Nice Nice! Nice!" Swoozie – "Yeah, I gotta get in there and get all the juices! Are you getting all the juices?" Ro – "Muscles!" (x5) Swoozie – "You know, this needs to be your thumbnail, right here

I'll give you some options for your thumbnail" Ro – "Okay" "My mom She came to check it out, Swoozie" Swoozie – "I thought that was your security guard

" Ro – "No, that's my mom!" Ro – "Hi mom!" *laughs* Swoozie – "Oh, 'cause she was walking around out there, touching her ear, like she was touching her earpiece" Ro – "That was probably her hearing aid Both – *laugh* Ro – "I'm just kidding, mom You're probably messing with your hair or something I don't know

" Ro – "Okay, look at this: fresh lemon juice, fresh zest" Swoozie – "I love it" Ro – "Now, let's add it to our butter mixture" Ro – "We'll need two tablespoons of lemon zest, and three tablespoons of lemon juice" Swoozie – "Now, at this point, you have to let this know who's boss

" Swoozie – "So get in there Before, you can flirt a little bit You know, be nice, and dainty, but now you-" *growls* "get in there!" Both – "Get in there!" Ro – Just tell him what- whose the boss of this- the bowl!" Swoozie – "I am your daddy! Grrrrr!" Ro – "Here are the last two ingredients to add, our flour and buttermilk Add a little flour, mix it up, buttermilk, mix it up, flour, mix it up, buttermilk, mix it up, and then flour, mix it up" Swoozie – "Can I hold this for one second?" Ro – "This is a really nice, made with love batter- Swoozie! What-?" Ro – "Swoozie!" (x7) Swoozie – "Wha-? Aw, I can't? Oh, sorry

" Swoozie – "I can't-? Oh, I wasn't doing anything!" Ro – "Oh my gosh" Swoozie – "I was just- I was just looking I was just looking at it Just looking, that's it!" Ro – "Yeah, that's all you were doing" Ro – "Batter is ready, time to scoop some cupcakes

In front of me, I have a cupcake tray, lined with a bunch of these little liners Again, they are aluminum lined so that when they bake, the outside color won't change And I'm just using an ice cream scoop You want a full scoop, and fill it two-thirds full All right, all right

Go ahead Swoozie" Swoozie – "Just gonna get a nice little scoop, and then you want to-?" Ro – "Yeah" Both – "Alright" Swoozie – "Boom" Ro – "You're just gonna do that to the rest of the cupcake trays, fill them all up

" Swoozie – "Once you guys are all done, Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then toss these bad boys in for 14 to 16 minutes So our cupcakes are all baked, they've had plenty of time to cool Ro, what happens next?" Ro – "Now, we frost, and decorate" Swoozie – "Mmmm" Ro – "Super simple this time Again, we've got some buttercream icing in these piping bags" Ro – "To decorate, this is very easy, we're just doing a little dome of frosting" Swoozie – "Just a dab

" Ro – "Hover, and then squeeze Boom! *gasp* Swoozie's got skills!" Swoozie – "Alright, I'm just gonna go ahead and start doing the rest of these, 'cause I need this" Swoozie – "I'm ready to eat" Ro – "And then if you want it to spread a little bit more evenly, you just tap your cupcake Tap-tap-tap

Swoozie – "Ohhh!" Swoozie – "Look at you with this secret Oh- and it works!" Ro – "Tap-tap-tap, boop-boop-boop" Swoozie – "Oh, who's gonna eat all this?" Ro – "Oh no" Swoozie – "Me" Ro – "Final decoration step- Will you help me open up the little icing decorations?" Swoozie – "Yes Okay, that'd be awesome if I just like, popped-" Swoozie – "Op-" Ro – "Dibs!" Swoozie – "These are actually pretty good" Swoozie – "Okay, so, we're gonna put these anywhere?" Ro – "They're just sweet and crunchy Swoozie – "I love sweet, so

" Ro – "Then you just place them on the top, boop!" Swoozie – "Mhhh You make that sound effect, too?" Ro – "Boop!" Ro – "Swoozie, look at these, look how cute they are!" Swoozie – "And this is so, Flash" Swoozie – "I don't know how much longer I can look at this before just eating it, so you better show the camera

" Ro – "Okay, let's show 'em" Both – "TA~DAAA!" Ro – "Here are the lemon lightning bolt cupcakes that we've made today A big THANK YOU to Swoozie" Ro – "Thank you so much for helping me make these" Swoozie – "Thanks for having me

" Ro – "I had so much fun Swoozie – "Oh my goodness" Ro – "I always love making baked goods with fresh fruit inside This recipe is so good, It's simple and, if you like lemon, two thumbs up I'll be posting Swoozie's links down below, Again, don't forget, show him some love go subscribe

He's amazing I love his content I'll be posting the recipe and a bunch of pictures on RosannaPansinocom, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter So you can check it out there, and if you guys have any other ideas for any other ~NeRdY NumMIES~ Let me know, leave me a comment down below, and I will do my best to make it happen" Ro – "Alright, are you ready? Okay

Swoozie!" Swoozie – *exasperated* Oh, we get to eat 'em now!" Swoozie – "Mmm, ohhh" Ro – "Mm, the lemon is so good It is so good, this lemon is right on

" Swoozie – "So we got it, right? We're good?" Ro – "M-hm! Yeah, we're good" Swoozie – "Okay okay, thank you

" Ro – "Okay" Swoozie – "THANKS, RO!" Ro – "Bye, Swoozie" *laughs*

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