Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special Ro: guest, Chris, from Chris Cross Media! Ro: We got a lot of requests for a Pokemon creation, so we are gonna make a Ro: Pokemon Pizza today Ro: The ingredients we will need today will be olives, mozzarella cheese, Ro: turkey pepperoni

Chris: Tomato sauce, pineapple and whole wheat pizza crust Ro: Yummy, and healthy! Chris: Our tools are: A surfboard, a spoon, and our favorite knife Ro: A cutting board and a pizza pan! Chris: What is this actually? Ro: This is actually a really fancy pizza cutter Ro: Let’s get started and make a Pokemon Pizza! Chris: Before we bake our delicious pizza pie… Ro: A pizza pie! Chris: I went to Disneyland Ro: Woo! Chris: I have a surprise, matching uniforms! Ro: Oh! Ro: Boom! Chris: Presto! Disney magic! Look at us! Ro: Yes, da-na-na-na-new-new-new-new-na-new! Chris: Alright, that’s enough

Chris: We look legit now, don’t we? Ro: Yes! Chris: This is professional, very professional Ro: We are pros! Chris: We’ve even got the surfboard, all the ingredients laid out Ro: We got a greek and an italian Chris: The Greek Italian cooking show Ro: Making pizza

Chris: Mmmhmm Ro: Yeah, that’s like our people’s food! Ro: Let’s get started! Chris: Mmmm, this looks good Ro: Yes Chris: Do we get to eat yet? Is it ready Mom? Ro: No Chris: Is this the Chris: first step? Just keep spreading it on? Ro: Yeah you should, it’s done! Chris: Mmmm, that looks, that smells really fresh too! Chris: You were smashing these outside, I saw you

Ro: Yeah… Chris: And you picked… She grew these herself, you should have seen her! Chris: Yeah she had a huge tomato plant outside Ro: Yep… Chris: And she was smashing them this morning Ro: My huge garden, in our apartment Ro: I don’t know guys, what do you think? Do you think an Italian would know Ro: more about a pizza than a Greek? Chris: Well you gotta… Ro: Leave me a comment, let me know! Chris: You’re getting all the, it’s on me now! Ro: Let me know! Ro: I think the Italians originated the pizza

Ro: I think it’s time for cheese now! Ro: Cheese! Ro: It’s super cheesy! Chris: I’m not gonna fall for that! Chris: Alright, what’s the next step? So this is a Pokeball one right? Ro: Yeah! Chris: So now, what we’re gonna do, the Pokeball is red on top Chris: and yellow, or, not yellow, white on the bottom Ro: Mmmhmm Chris: And we’re going to make the red part with turkey sticky pepperoni Ro: Yeah, so take these… Chris: Do you, I brought my, my pet turkey earlier today, Ro: You did? Chris: Yeah, did you? Can we bring him in? Can we show him to the fans? Ro: I, uh, he went on a walk Chris: This is wonderful, this is, this is a lot of fun

Chris: What are you doing? Ro: Flattening it Chris: Don’t massage the pizza! Ro: It likes it! Chris: Can we get like an iron? Do you, does 1 of you guys Chris: have an iron? We can iron this thing out Ro: Look it’s such a happy pizza now Chris: Hmmm, is it done to eat now? Chris: Can we eat this now Ro: No, no, not yet! Ro: We need olives

Ro: Now we’re going to cut olives Chris: Black olives Ro: Grab your knife Chris: Size does not matter Ro: And slice

Ro: I gave you the really sharp one Chris: Oh that’s how they’re supposed to look? Ro: Yeah Chris: What is this? Ro: I have no idea what that is Chris: I killed it! Ro: they look the same right? Chris: No, almost… Ro: Nice job Chris! Chris: Mmm, hmm, OK, so… Ro: There you go! Chris: And my knife evolved! Into a super knife, and I’m gonna keep cutting these Chris: Do you still want these? These are kind of embarrassing, I should just Chris: put these along the side over here

Ro: Maybe I’ll just like, eat ‘em Chris: Yeah, go ahead Ro: Mmmm! Ro: Go slow, take your time, don’t chop off your fingers Chris: So how are you… Really? Chris: We’ve been doing this for what? Like 20 minutes? Chris: And this is, this is, this is what I have to show? Ro: Nice job Chris: She gets the good ones… Ro: No! Chris: making me look like a fool on camera! Ro: No! Chris: Let’s, let’s get to the next step, because I’m, I really want this pizza

Chris: Is it ready yet? Ro: Hmmm… Chris: No Ro: Yep, it’s ready! Ro: Now we are gonna put the olives onto the pizza, but we have too many pepperoni! Chris: My dear, take 1 please Ro: Mmmmm! Chris: Smashing good! Ro: Mmmm! Chris: Now you’re gonna grab your olives and make the Pokeball button Chris: So we’re just gonna line these up Chris: Wait, what are you doing differently? Mine look different

Ro: I'm doubling Chris: You’re from Dublin? Ro: I feel like your line’s up here, and mine’s down here Chris: Let me see it… Yeah that’s not right Ro: OK, meet me in the middle Chris: I will try

Ro: Wow Stubborn Greeks! Ro: Perfect! Chris: What do you guys think? Can we hold this up without wrecking it? Ro: Boom! check that out! Chris: Whoa, whoops! Don’t, you don't want that to slide! Ro: Magnifique! Chris: Magnifique! Now we are going to set this in the oven, how long? Ro: Yes… For… Both: 10 minutes! Chris: And, it’s gonna be… Ro: On Chris: 425! Ro: Yeah! And while that’s baking, we’re gonna make our other pizza! Chris: Pizza #2! Ro: Yeah! Chris: Pikachu style, alright! Ro: Pika! Chris: Start with the sauce again Ro: I’ll let you do the sauce this time Chris: I did the first time! Chris: Now, I’m not gonna be cheap with the sauce

Chris: Just keep layer… Oop, layering this on Ro: Yeah Chris: Mmmmhmmm Taking a bath in it Ro: You’re just… It’s gonna be a soup

Chris: You spread this all over, just like we did on the first pizza, go crazy! Ro: Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle! Chris: Do you have sprinkle, like a sprinkle song? Like the rain song? Ro: Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle! Sprinkle, spr-spr-spr-sprinkle, sprink… Ro: Don’t you just want to sing it? It’s so good! Chris: I don’t know the words! Ro: Oh no! Chris: We have pineapple here, which you so eloquently laid out for us Ro: Yeah I made it look all fancy Chris: How do we chop this up now? These are like the spears, Chris: Or the Oh what do you call these? Spears are the longer ones Ro: They’re like the happy faces! Ro: I call them the happy face pineapples! Ro: Yeah you just chop it up like… Chris: I don’t know how you do it Ro: Because I don’t like, I don’t like canned fruit Chris: No Ro: I like fresh fruit

Chris: Only the freshest and finest for Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Yeah! This is fresh pineapple, it’s organic! Chris: Ok, so you just do it like that Ro: I think I have to cut Oh you have to cut with the… Chris: It’s with the grain Ro: With the grain! Chris: I’m gonna try this Ro: Oh snap! Chris: It’s gonna be a… Ro: Whoa

Chris: Pokemon tower here! Ro: This extreme pineapple cutting! Chris: Munch on this please! Ro: I got it! Ro: 1, Both: 2, 3! Chris: Hitmonchan! Both: Whoa it worked! Chris: In 1/2 the time! Both: 1, 2, 3! Scizor! Both: 1, 2, 3! Ro: Koffing! Chris: Snorlax! Chris: We did not rehearse this, did we? Chris: And um, now we gotta make the shape of Pikachu! Ro: All done with little Pikachu and the oven is still set to 425 so we’re Ro: gonna stick him in there Go in there little Pikachu! Ro: Pikachu, I eat you! Ro: Chris is a Pokemon trainer Chris: I am, I got my license Ro: So he’s gonna train me the Ro-Kachu! While it’s baking! Chris: Left, right! Left, right! Left, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster! Ro: It’s ready! Chris: Alright, are you ready to reveal? Ro: Yeah! Chris: Ready for the drumroll, like Both: Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! Ro: Fa-da! Ro: Here are our pizzas Chris: Mine’s better than yours! Ro: Pikachu kinda looks like a picasso-chu now… Chris: Yeah, he’s, he's, he's all over the place

He’s got, he’s, he’s good It's Pikachu, you can tell it's Pikachu! Ro: It’s still cute, it just got a little separated Chris: It’s great Ro: Thank you to Chris for being here Chris: Thank you Ro! Ro: He is awesome! Chris: I had a delightful time being here

Ro: ChrissCrossMedia, he can’t cut olives, but he can make a mean pizza! Chris: Is he back with the turkey yet? Ro: I, um, he left a note Chris: He’s alright, thank you Ro: He’s fine Chris: Thank you Ro: Thanks for watching! Chris: Thank you, you’ve just been ChrisCrossed! Ro: Bye-bye! Husky: Ah yeah, there we go! Chris: Is it time to eat yet Mike? Ro: Piece for you? Schmidt: Buh-bye! Ro: Bye-bye! Chris: Adios!

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