How to Make the Perfect Cake with Ro | Everything You Want to Know from Rosanna Pansino

Hey guys, it's Ro Some of you may know me from my online banking show and I got so many questions from you guys about how to assemble and decorate the perfect cake so today I will be showing you some tips and tricks of how to decorate a cake let's get started when I'm decorating a cake like to break it down into four steps level, stack, ice and decorate

The first step is to level our cakes we're gonna do this so that when we stack them they will be even you have even cake in front of me I have 2 8 inch round baked cakes both of these cake the had plenty of time to cool and I even placed them in the refrigerator to completely chilled to prevent coming to level your cake you can use a sharp cutting knife but I like to use a cake leveler because it makes it super even and I don't have to worry that I've kinda at a diagonal angle which me free handing I do that so what you do is you just place it down as little feet at the bottom and then you can adjust this wire on the side has these little notches so you can pick the height so I picked the where it just skims the top to make the top flat and then you just walk him and go back and forth then you're gonna take up this little top layer now this next up is totally optional but if you like icing like I do I would highly suggest it Your gonna take the two cakes and you're gonna cut them in half again called torting like a tortoise To tort these cakes I just moved the little wired a couple notches and you want to make sure that it's hitting about midway halfway through your cake until we have successfully level and torted and now it's on to Step 2 which is a stacking second step is to stack our cakes over here I have the first layer of cake on turntable I love these things I'll show you why later but they make decorating and icing so much easier The first thing that we're gonna do is get some icing in a plastic baggie with the number 12 tip and I'm just gonna outline the cake some people call this making a dam and I think it's looks like a little fence and you go all the way around This is a really good tip if you using a different color icing or a jam to fill the layers in your cake to keep it all in there so I'm gonna be using a pink frosting for the middle then I'm just gonna take a little nine-inch spatula and spread it around so it's nice and even alright we just finished her first layered look at that and now we're gonna add our second layer you can pick it up with your hand or you can use the cake lifter I'll show you that latter

Try to line it up as best you can and then just do the same icing technique making a dam all the way around and then filling it in Here's a little tip for the last layer you're gonna flip the crummy side down leaving the top baked bottom so it's a little bit easier to ice less crumbs Our cake is totally stacked and assembled and now it's onto our third step which is to ice the cake I have placed some whtie icing into a plastic baggie with a frosting tip wanna make sure to put the teeth down and the smooth part up this is totally optional you can just scoop the icing on top of the cake and spread it flat with a spatula but I like to use a bag for a little bit more control cuz I need it okay so I'm gonna do is start one the outside and gonna work my way all the way around this is where the turntable comes in handy even just spin it you can let the icing hang over the edge that's ok Filling it in I'm working my way towards the center like a bulls eye Once you iced the top of the cake you're gonna take a larger spatula this one is a 13 inch spatula I love it I love to use the big spatulas for the icing of the outsides of the cake and you're just gonna slowly level it smooth it out now that we've iced in smooth out the top of the cake we're gonna to add icing to the sides of the cake so again I just have some icing in a plastic baggie with the frosting tip this the technique that I like to do it's totally optional we're just gonna hold your hand stationary it's not going to go anywhere and I'll start applying pressure and spinning the turntable around as we go and now we're gonna do the bottom layer here we go one more time around now sides of the cake are iced in now we're gonna smooth side I'm gonna be using my large spatula I really liked it because it's offset so keep your hand out of the icing and all you are going to do is just place it here and again I'm going to try not to move it and just turn the turntable all the way around and putting it at a bit of an angle it will be perfect the first time around so I'm go around a few times now the top and sides of the cake are smooth but you'll see we have this ridge of icing all the way around the cake from the overhang which helps the icing connect so it looks really good but now we are going to flatten it oir little spatula Your gonna take the little special again and what we are going to do is on the corner gently pull it towards you Once you iced your cake a really cool trick to give it a polished look is to let it sit for about 15 minutes or until the icing has crust over a good test is to take your finger lightly touch it if it doesn't stick it's ready then take a piece of parchment paper place it over the top of our cake I like to make gentle circles and this will smooth out any of the cracks or wrinkles giving it a really polished smooth look and you can do this all over your cake now for the final step step 4 time to decorate which is my favorite step you can decorate your cake however you'd like but what I like to do is first decorate the sides because it's the trickiest

First decorations that I'm going to do is do little loops all around the side of the cake this is called swag To put some swag on your cake your going to place some icing in a plastic baggie and I'm using a number 18 tip you can use whatever you'd like but I like the little star look and you start at the top of the cake and then making a loop and ending right at the top again know that our cake has swag we're gonna decorate the bottom border I love the part just because it just makes your cakes look so finished over here I got some pink icing in a plastic bag with a number 21 tip to make little stars these are really easy all you have to do is squeeze the bag holding it in the same position and then lift up and boom little stars and just go all the way around the cake the last thing that we're gonna pipe is the top border we're gonna do the same thing as the bottom but we're gonna go all the way around on the top of the cake this will also hide your swag connecting points Alright We're done piping and now it's time to decorate the top I'm going to be sprinkling a little rainbow jimmies sprinkle I love these they're so cute and they have pink in there so it will match our pink icing but this is where you can customize your cake to be whatever you'd like you could play a little message on the top like happy birthday or congratulations Here's the cake that we've made today I hope this video on how to assemble and decorated cake is helpful for you guys even if you guys make this cake or your own please take a picture tweet it to me and Wilton open link down below as we would love to see your baking creations a and don't forget to use the hashtag #cakeswag so that I can find it here baking creations I would love that it just makes my day, Alright I wll be making some more videos soon thanks for watching

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