How to Use Silicone Molds | Everything You Want to Know from Rosanna Pansino

Hey guys it's Ro, I just baked Lumpy Space Princess mini cheesecakes on my geeky baking show Nerdy Nummies using this Wilton silicone mold I want to make a video to give you guys some more information about the silicone molds and to answer some your questions

One of the most frequently asked questions is can you really put this bendable mold in the oven? The answer is yes you can bake treats in these silicon mold in the oven, in the microwave and even the toaster oven because they are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Most things that we bake you only bake them at 350 degrees so they are heat safe On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum you can also put these in the fridge and the freezer They are freezer safe so if you'd like to make some custom ice cubes or jello molds or a little moose little moose desserts you can do that Another thing that I really like about these then it's super easy to pop out your treats when your done, so say you baked treats in here and you're to pop them out because they're super high quality and flexible you just poll the sides and then your cake or brownie or cheesecake will just separate and then from the bottom you just pop and they pop right out so that makes it really easy

I've never had to use any baking spray or butter I absolutely love these You guys have seen you these a Nerdy Nummies and in some DIY treat videos I've made Lumpy Space Princess mini cheesecakes with these ones and then for a DIY Super Bowl treats video we made little football sliders in here We actually baked meat patties in here before we put them in the pan so they'd hold their shape and work great these are awesome

You guys may also recognize this heart mold that we made mini cheesecakes in the DIY Valentine's Day video, so yummy There are so many molds to choose from these are just a few from my personal collection so whatever the occasion there's probably mold for it Lastly let's talk about cleanup I got a few questions from you guys know how it is one clean a mold like this that's very flexible and have little crevices You can wash it by hand but they are dishwasher safe he can just pop them in the dishwasher and the stain resistant, boom

All right that's it for silicon molds I hope you guys found this video helpful I'll be making some more soon Bye, Bye

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