i only made ROSANNA PANSINO recipes for a day

I know you guys have been waiting so finally we are going to give it a try with Nerdy Nummies' cookbook by Rosanna Pansino, also an icon and the queen of food on YouTube I would be that happy if I had that many subscribers

[laugh] Good morning guys And for once, I actually mean it because it's like 6:00 in the morning right now But throughout the day every main meal is gonna be a recipe by Nerdy Nummies Which is a cookbook by Rosanna Pansino I thought we should start the day with a freaking bang

So this is breakfast We're gonna be making some cookies for breakfast This cookbook is actually very interesting because it doesn't really tell you how to make the cookies on the page of the recipe, it just tells you how to decorate them So if you want to learn how to make the dough, you actually have to go to the beginning of the book I'm lazy so I think this is actually pretty smart because you can just use pre-made mixes if you don't want to follow these recipes

Even though this is what we're making for breakfast we actually have to start with the basic cookie recipe which is this recipe right here I'm actually having kind of a disaster today because my local grocery shop was closed so I had to get everything from a petrol station, or a gas station if you live in America We might have some ingredients missing today I hope you're ok with that In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda and salt

I've already done that For the next step, I'm gonna add the light brown sugar Wow! That became solid really quickly

I love this already When you have more than one type of sugar, I'm like: "Yes" To this I'm gonna add the butter Mine is a little bit melted because I forgot to put it in the fridge but So the next step is to add the egg So we're going to combine There's a little thread And last but not least we're gonna add the flour and the baking soda and the salt I just realized we forgot to add the vanilla

It's probably fine to add it now Because I did my grocery shopping for this video at a petrol station, I actually couldn't find some parchment paper Instead of parchment paper, I'm just gonna spray this and then add some flour on top My mom used to do that and she's a baker so I'm gonna sprinkle some flour on top Hopefully the cookies are not gonna stick and this is gonna be as good as the parchment paper I'm not entirely sure what the best way to do this is, but I know we're looking for like, perfect circles, so I'm gonna use two spoons This seems okay Hey, that's not too bad I think I think we have to bake the cookies for about seven to ten minutes

And I'm not entirely sure how big they're going to get so I'm actually baking six at a time only This is kind of ridiculous because, we still got so much dough leftovers Alright guys, so I think the cookies are ready I mean They're still very soft, so hopefully they're gonna flatten down a little bit I managed to get the chocolate chips and I managed to get some icing sugar, so we can make the white icing The only thing you couldn't get for this was the black food coloring to make the glasses, so instead I'm actually gonna be using some dark chocolate to make the glasses And if that wasn't enough, I also can't find the piping bag, so I'm just going to be using a freezing bag

I've always said I'm like Rosanna Pansino, except trashy And here we got the chocolate chips So I'm gonna attempt to pour the melted chocolate into

Oh! This is really hot Into this plastic ziplock bag What you'd normally do is with a little bit of parchment paper, you'd try to follow the lines of these on the last page of the book Because I don't have any parchment paper either We're gonna go freestyle It's not the worst

Okay, that looks better I think? [laugh] The key when you're bad at something is to try many times until You have a lot of options, so you pick the least bad one I managed to get this one out I think Yep It just happens to be the ugliest one, but that's fine

My god, this is stocked No How does Rosanna Pansino do this? Wait, I'll do the chocolate chips after

That was a mistake All of this was a mistake This one actually peeled off okay So I'm just gonna move really quickly I'm gonna use the chocolate to make the eyes

It could be worse, that's for sure So, I'm gonna not touch it anymore This looks so much sadder than I thought it would and I have no expectations for myself So that's saying a lot I am so upset right now guys, because these look cute and adorable and everything and then on this side

[laugh] The sad thing is, like I really did try here, like I tried my best And this is what happened

That one in the back looks like someone murdered Mr Potato Head from Toy Story You look bad, but you taste delicious I literally got chocolate all over me, but, this is seriously like a good breakfast These cookies in a glass of milk, that I'm gonna have later, it's everything

Very chewy in the middle They could have definitely been in the oven for a little bit longer, but I like them like that I like to live life on the edge of getting food poisoning We had a very sweet breakfast So for lunch, obviously it's gonna be sweet because it's a baking book

But I wanted something that's not as sickly as like, a cookie or a cake I wanted something different This is so freaking cool These look insane I had to try this so we're gonna do it for lunch

I mean, it doesn't really make that much sense, but I want to show you this one really quickly, but if you get this video, guys, to 15,000 likes, I'm actually gonna give this a try Can you just imagine the level of failure and disappointment that I'm gonna feel when I try to make this

We don't really have the brand jello in the UK, so I'm gonna use some of this jelly This is like solid But I think you add hot water to it and it becomes liquid, and then you put in the fridge and it solidifies again I can't believe I just explained to you how Jello works We're going to boil some water I've never actually used this solid jellies before so this is

New? I put four different flavors because we're making four different ones This is really cool I'm only gonna use half of it, maybe

Or actually, maybe we don't even need that much because this is tough This was strawberry I actually really like to smell this one, and I usually hate the smell of like, artificial strawberry This is like a slime I should have definitely read the instructions; I'm gonna make this so concentrated

So now we add the water to every single one of them Oh, is it kind of melting already? I think I might need more water Oh, I should have probably broken into little pieces before I think these are almost fully dissolved and these actually looks really good I like the colors, so I think these might actually look really good

And I think this is gonna take a little longer because my tool is a lot smaller But I want to still give it a try because I want this to feel like we're doing a science experiment This is probably gonna take a long time This is never gonna be cold, because it's so little Alright guys, so this is the fun part which is decorating and I'm gonna start with this one

I feel like they could look cool I think I might cut these into even smaller pieces for the last one which is that one I actually love these, guys I don't think I (?) [laugh] This is everything else, so like, these makes me happy This will be a very difficult task to move this the fridge

But I'm gonna show you the final result in just a second It's been about an hour and on this side we've got the jellies that were made by Rosanna And on this side, we've got the ones that we made and I'm actually pretty proud of this As usual we worked through what we got and I'm actually happy with this This is weird

I mean, it's me so it's probably not weird for you, but I kind of want to eat this without a fork or spoon [loud suction noise] No, it's not going anywhere Okay The gummy pieces become really tough Maybe it's this specific type of candy that I used I like it though I used to hate jelly when I was a kid, but now I actually think it's kind of nice I'm glad I'm eating others snacks in between today's video, though

Because these would have been too much sugar It's actually nighttime, so I'm sorry if it's a little bit dark right now, but for dinner I thought the only thing that made sense to make is obviously a cake

More specifically the Zombie Brain cake This looks gross, but also super cool For the cake, for the frosting and the marshmallow fondant It says that we should follow the recipes in the beginning of the book We're gonna be making the fake blood from scratch

We're also going to be making the marshmallow fondant And the only thing that we're not gonna be making from scratch is the cake and the icing, because If I made the cake and the frosting from scratch this would be like a whole video on its own

So I'm not gonna do that This only cost me one pound I think it was reduced from Christmas So, it's probably not the ideal size and also not ideal that it's already frosted, but we're gonna give it our best, you know I'm not gonna lie the shape is kind of already perfect for a brain cake But I'm going to just trim the size a little bit It kind of looks like a brain, I guess [laugh] So we're gonna frost the remaining bits of the cake Come at, just a little bit on top Does this still look like your brain? Not entirely sure but I think the blood will fix everything

That's what I keep telling myself For the marshmallow fondant, This is actually a very Interesting recipe because what you do is you put it in the microwave and you wait for the marshmallows to puff out until they get like, really big Look how cool this actually looks Can you believe these are the same marshmallows, so now we have to add the icing sugar This is the most satisfying sound I've ever heard in my whole life It's getting a little tougher, but I think it needs a lot more icing sugar Major credit or a sign up and see if she actually does all these things on like, a daily basis because this is a lot of work All this is doing is sticking to my hands

Oh my god Oh my god, I'm gonna have to go washing my hands I can't I'm not gonna lie This is still sticky, but I give up This is too much work

Oh my god At this point I just want to be done with this [laugh] I'm not even gonna lie

This is exhausting This is the last piece that I own so it better freaking count It's not even mediocre It's just like something else If you want to unsubscribe from my channel at this point I completely agree And I'm gonna even encourage you

So I'm gonna start with the liquid glucose And I'm just gonna add a little bit at first because I think this is gonna make it easier Now we're gonna add a lot of the red food colouring And last but not least a little bit of the cocoa powder I'm gonna mix it up That is very sticky

I think that kind of does look like– Woah, it's so shiny, it's really cool I'm gonna use a brush because I have a feeling they have to cover up some details a lot more than others Here for example, needs to be covered up

dsperately Oh, this [chuckle] This looks very realistic it's kind of grossing me out

You know, I actually don't think we did that much of a bad job with the cake So we just add a whole lot on the top So on this side, We've got a picture that you've already seen, which is Rosanna Pansino's Zombie cake that looks amazing and on this side We've got my very own brain cake Mine looks messier Mine looks like a cheap: "When you order online versus what it arrives

" But I'm proud of it, you know! Because I thought it was gonna look much worse, so I'm happy If it's your birthday, and you really love zombies or if it's Halloween and you really love Halloween That's the only scenario that I could imagine anyone actually attempting to make this So for this one, I can't really be like: "Oh! This is like the best cake ever or like this is not very good" Because I literally I didn't make the actual cake which is the part that matters

I just bought it already made so there's nothing really to taste on this one Obviously it's gonna be amazing Take a little bit from the back because I don't want to save this to take a picture for the thumbnail after The bread is kind of falling apart It does look really cool to cut into it

And then, it's like red on the inside; That looks freaking amazing The marshmallow fondant tastes better than normal fondant The glucose syrup, the freaking marshmallow fondant, the frosting There's so much sugar, that I actually can't even taste the cake If I have like a tiny slice of this with a little bit of tea on the side, I think that would be perfect, like, 'cause, this is very sweet It kinda goes with the tea Very sweet definitely cool to make for like a special occasion, but do watch out, guys This is a lot of work And finally Rosanna Pansino I have a new appreciation for you I already did but even more now because this is

this is not easy This is not easy at all And that was it for this video guys

I really hope you guys enjoyed I know it was a little bit ambitious today, but hopefully you liked it If you did, don't forget to give it a like If you didn't like it: There's a lot of videos on YouTube there's no need to stay here and roast me Because, I've got a lot of that as it is

It's free to subscribe to my channel so if you're interested There's a little subscribe button down below and a little bell So if you tap that Bell every time I put up a new food video, you'll actually receive a notification on your phone Most of the times I think Yep, that's it I love you, and I will see you on my next video Bye bye!

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