Kids React to Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) (Bonus #152)

♪ (theme music) ♪ – (Ro) Hey, guys, it's Ro So today we are gonna be making emoji cookies, and I'm gonna show you how to make a few of my favorite ones

– Emoji cookies! – (Ro) Cut out a heart and a triangle, my little favorite– – What's a triangle supposed to be? Illuminati? – (Ro) Once you've got your cookie base coats on, you can decorate them to look like any emoji face that you'd like Like this one! Ah! (giggling) – I actually have a pillow of that one

– (Ro) Now we're gonna decorate the little poo He's so cute We're gonna just draw on his two little eyeballs (chuckling) – (Ro) and he has a little smile – Poo! – (Ro) Ta-da-a-a-a! Here are the emoji cookies that we made

– Oh, they're cute Thanks again, you guys Bye bye! – Bye bye! – (Ro) Yeah, I'm here with my sister Mo – (Mo) Hey, everybody! – Ooh! She's with her sister – (Ro) So today I'm gonna show you how to assemble and decorate the perfect cake, but with a twist– I won't be able to use my arms

They're gonna be behind my back, and Mr Husky, who cannot see, will be my arms The first thing that you're gonna need to do – I love these – (Ro) is grab a little hat

So you can, like, adjust it to find the right size – That seems really hard – (Ro) We're just gonna ice, ice, ice the top of this cake Smooth out the icing You just want it nice and smooth

Watch a pro in action here! – They totally messed things up – (Ro) You're gonna start at the top of your cake – (Mo) Uh-huh

– (Ro) and then you're gonna do a loop (sing-songy) Now we're all done piping! Now we're gonna add some sprinkles! – Hers is so nice

– (Ro) Here we go! Just make it rain! – What the–?! – (Mo) Oh my gosh! – She made a mess – (Ro and Mo) Ta-da-a-a-a! – Oh my gosh – (Ro) Here are the cakes that we've made today – Oh, that's horrible – That was awesome! – (children) Rosanna Pansino! – (Finebros) Okay, so do you know who the main girl was in these videos? – No

– No – Yes! Her name is Ro! – (Finebros) Do you like her show? – No I just wish it was less pink – I like it a lot– just like, 'cause she's funny – It is so fun to watch

– She's fun I like how she creates all these cool stuff It looks like she's really fun to meet (laughs) – (Finebros) What do you think about how YouTube has all these big stars doing so many things like vlogging, and playing video games, to even having channels that cook and they're popular – It's really cool

– I like how YouTube do all those things 'cause if you want to look for funny videos or cooking, then it has all of them, all together – There are science channels, where you watch them and you learn stuff Like, I watched some There's something for everybody – (Finebros) So Ro loves to bake, obviously

Do you like to bake or cook? – I like baking – I usually eat more food than I bake – When I had no school, I used to cook with dad dinner before mom came home – It depends My mom made cob-lub– cobbler

I helped her taste it (giggles) – Cakes, mini-cakes, cupcakes Mostly just cakes – (Finebros) Well, Ro makes a lot of creative desserts So now we're gonna show you pictures of some more of them

– Okay – Ooh, Angry Birds (giggling) – Oh my gosh! I love it! – That looks good – I like Angry Birds and those look delicious – It looks adorable, especially with the little sprinkles and the little tongue on the pig

– Minecraft – This is the Minecraft cake This is a Minecraft grass block – The cake, and then the grass, I like that! That's cute – Minions! – Bob, Stuart

Kevin! – I like this one I want to make it – I love Minions and that's so cute

– (Finebros) Not only does Rosanna do her Nerdy Nummies cooking show, but she also does a lot of collaboration videos with other big YouTube stars, as well as challenge type videos with her sister Do you like challenge type videos? – Yeah, I do – Yes – Yeah, I actually want to try the Chicken Nugget Challenge – Watching other people do challenges, to me, it's just a little bit more entertaining

– (Finebros) Rosanna says she got her love of baking from her grandma, who is a really great baker Who is the best baker or cook in your family? – Um, my mom – My mom – Mostly my mom – My mommy and me

Because we do it together – My grandma, yeah She has, like, a lot of creativity with all her foods, and it makes it really good – My step-grandma She makes soup, which is my favorite food

– I don't want to hurt any of my family's feelings but, really, it either has to be me or my dad 'cause we're the only two– no offense, mom ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

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