Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a special guest, my friend Jake! Jake: Hello, thanks for having me! Ro: Thanks for being here Jake: Of Course! Ro: He runs the really cool channel Ro: Vsauce 3, so I’ll put a link down below so you can go check it out

Ro: It’s pretty cool, I love all the Vsauce Channels… Jake: Thank you Ro: They’re so cool Ro: Alright, so today we are gonna be making something we’ve never made on Ro: Nerdy Nummies before… Jake: Mmmmmm! Ro: We are gonna be making piñata cookies Ro: I saw these all over Pinterest and I found this recipe on a gal Hanie’s blog, Ro: so I’ll put a link down below to her recipe, but we’re gonna be making Lego Piñata Ro: Cookies, are you ready? Jake: Yes! Ro: Boom! Jake: Ungh! Ro: And let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 3 cups of flour, 1-1/3 cup of sugar, Ro: 2 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, Ro: 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, 2 sh-ticks of butter, a baking sheet, and… Jake: A rolling pin made of wood! A-ha, it could be of any material, then you Jake: need your rectangle which is a cookie cutter, and then a tiny rectangle which Jake: is also a cookie cutter, then this little cylindrical thing which is a cookie Jake: cutter as well, then Mini M&M’s, and most importantly, 4 different Jake: colored food dyes, giant mixing bowl, huge whisk, and then a perrrrr… Jake: Eat, drink, bake, pink flippy flopper… Spatula Ro: Pink… Pink Spatula Jake! Ro: Alright, let’s put it all together! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is, in our big mixing bowl mix together Ro: the flour, the baking powder and the salt, all of our dry ingredients

Ro: I’m gonna have Jake do it, ‘dere you go Jake: Yes! Ro: Yeah just put it in there Jake: Put it in the bowl Ro: Put it in ‘dere Jake: Alright, theres the flour

Ro: Are you ready for this? Jake: This is the baking powder Ro: Yeah, are you ready? A-degh-degh-degh-degh-degh-degh-degh! Jake: A-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah-bwah Both: A-rwar-rwar-rawr-rwar-rwar-rawr-rwar-rwar-rawr-rwar-rwar-rawr! Ro: Angry little things… Alright, now just mix it together Jake: Mix it together! Ro: You’re doing really good, I can tell you know how to make a piñata! Jake: Thank you, I do And then this turns into glue, or papier-mâché? Ro: Yeah, yeah papier-mâché Jake: OK, wonderful

Ro: This is a recipe for papier-mâché Jake: I’m gonna be really good at this! Ro: Now we’re gonna put together our wet ingredients Ro: The 1st thing that you’re gonna do is add your 2 sh-ticks of butter into the bowl, Ro: Oh shheeeeessshhh! We were trying to be so cool Ro: Now just put it in the bowl Jake: Put it in the bowl Ro: There we go! Jake: Success! Ro: Now you’re gonna mix it up for 2 minutes until your butter is Ro: nice and soft

Ro: Um… Jake: Ooooh, oooooh! Ro: Give it some… give it suh… oh let’s go a Ro: little faster Jake: Little faster? Ro: Give it some gas! Jake: Whoa-ha-ha-ha-hooo! Ro: Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! Jake: So once your butter is mixed, add your sugar, mix it, 2 eggs, mix it, Jake: vanilla, mix it Ro: Boom! Jake: Got ‘em! Ro: We’ve got our wet ingredients and our dry ingredients and now we are going to Ro: combine them, so Jake if you will please Jake Yes! Ro: Yeah! Jake: Alright Ro: Put some of that dry ingredients in there

Jake: Just, you wanna shake it, sift it in ever so gently Ro: Yeah, yeah Jake: Oh man, I am doing a great job getting it everywhere Ro: Perfect! It’s OK to be messy! Jake: There we go Ro: Now we’re just gonna mix it together and then your Ro: cookie dough is ready to roll out! Jake: Pwah-ha-ha! Ro: Tsa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Once you’ve got your cookie dough all ready, we’ve taken 4 bowls and the Ro: 4 different dyes, and we’re gonna evenly distribute the dough evenly-ish… Jake: Ehhh, you know, well… Ro: Into each of the bowls and dye them red, yellow, Ro: green and blue

Are you ready? Jake: YES! Ro: So just, take a handful in each hand Jake: Get in there Ro: Like this, Ro: doesn’t have to be perfect… How’s that? Jake: I mean… Ro: Oh this one, he’s a little small Jake: It’s not perfect Ro: Like this? Jake: Yeah, that’s about good! Ro: That’s good! Jake: That’s about good! Ro: Measuring! Jake: It’s a science! Ro: Once you got your dough separated, now we are gonna take a couple drops of food Ro: coloring dye, and dye each of our little balls of dough

Jake: So now that we have our dough dyed, we do… What? What do we do? Ro: We’re gonna roll our all of our dough, and I’m gonna show you how to make a Ro: piñata cookie! You have to bake it in levels Jake: In levels? Ro: Yeah! Jake: Scheeew! Ro: We’re gonna take a little bit of dough, and Jake will you grab some flour? Jake: Yes Ro: And sprinkle it down on the surface, so that our cookie dough doesn’t Ro: stick to our table top Jake: You’re gonna gently sprinkle it Ro: Gently

Jake: Happy snow, happy snow! Ro: Happy snow! Ro: OK, so you’re gonna roll it out this way Jake: This way? Ro: Yeah! Jake: Oh man… Ro: Just roll it out Jake: Oh, oooooh! Ro: Oh, oh, oh! Jake: I am… Sorry ladies, I’m just too strong I guess Ro: A-hahahaha! Jake: But then look! I can gently, because I’m also gentle, Jake: I can also just roll it back together, just like that Ro: I don’t know if I should’ve had you do this part! Jake: No, shhhh, shhhhh

Ro: Now to make piñata cookie, you’re gonna do 1 regular cookie, and then you’re gonna Ro: do 1 center cookie, and 1 top cookie So piñata cookie is 3 levels high, and Ro: then the center one, you’re gonna use the smaller rectangle piece, eee-dee-dee! Ro: To cut out a center, and that’s where we’re gonna put the candy! Jake: It’s cookie inception! Ro: Yeah, it’s cookie in-snep-tion Jake: So now I’m cutting out little dots which will be the tops of the bricks right? Ro: Mmmmhmmm! And you’re gonna cut out 6 of them, 6 a cookie! Ro: Now we’re just gonna take off the excess dough, and put these cookies on the pan Ro: Here is your red Lego cookies, all put together as you can see, and now you’re just Ro: gonna do this to the other colors But you’ve got the bottom of the cookie, Ro: the center, uh, confetti holder, uh awghwah, OK Jake take it away up there! Jake: So you’ve got the center confetti holder of the cookie and then you’ve got the Jake: top of the cookie, and then, that’s not all, you’ve also got 6 dots that you Jake: can put on top of the cookie, to make it look like a lego brick! Ro: Once you have them all on your cookie sheet, throw them in the oven at 350 Ro: and bake for 7 minutes

Keep your eye on them, as soon as they Ro: start to turn a little bit golden brown, they are done! Ro: Our cookies are out of the oven and we’ve given them plenty of time to cool, Ro: you want to wait until they’re completely cool before you do this Ro: So what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna take cookie icing, and we’ve put them Ro: in these little plastic baggies, just white cookie icing, then we’re gonna take Ro: a pair of scissors, and I’m just gonna cut the smallest little hole in the top Ro: OK, so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take the cookie with the hole in the Ro: middle… Jake: Hello! Ro: OK, and on the back, you’re just gonna put a little bit Ro: of cookie icing all the way around And then we’re just gonna stack ‘em Ro: Gonna put him right on top of the bottom one, woop! Jake: Look at that! Ro: Pretty cool huh? Jake: That’s beautiful! Ro: Now we’re gonna add some little mini M&M’s, you can add any kind of little mini Ro: candy you want, but the M&M’s are just perfect, look at those

Ro: Then you’re gonna take your icing again, and go around the outside Ro: And then put on the top Ro: Now you’re gonna take these little circular cookie jobbers Jake: Cookie jobbers Ro: You’re gonna put a little bit of cookie icing on the back, and we’re gonna put 6 Ro: of ‘em on top

Ro: And… Jake: Boom! Ro: Check those out! Pretty cute! Ro: And now you’re just gonna do this to the other 2 Legos and then we’re all done Jake: Yes! Ro: Yeah! Jake: Can we cheers them? Ro: Cheers! Jake: Cookie Cheers! Both: Ta-dough!!! Ro: Here are the Lego Brick Piñata Cookies that we made! Ro: Thanks you guys for suggesting this because I have wanted to make a Piñata Ro: cookie for a really long time, and, would you say that they were easy mode? Jake: Yes, yes, for the most part Ro: Yeah it’s a pretty easy recipe, so it’s really easy to do, and again, thank you Ro: to Jake from Vsauce 3 for being here, I put his links down below and I’ll put your Ro: social media and… Jake: Thank you, thank you Ro: All that fun stuff that I follow Ro: If you guys have any suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, Ro: leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen

Ro: Alright, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Jake: Bye! Jake: Yep, do the spin Ro: Dis how you supposed to do it? Jake: Yep! Ro: Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! Jake: Ohp! Oh, oh! Ro: OH! Jake: Oh there’s 1 Ro: Oh, where’s the cookie? Jake: Oh! Jake: Ohp! Ro: Ohhhhhh! Jake: OH!!!! Jake: Hwphhhhhh, I’m gonna do this Ro: Go Jake go! Go Jake go! Go Jake go! Jake: I’m gonna do something right today! Ro: Yeah you are, OK, time to piñata! Jake: OK Ro: Keep going, keep going! Off-screen: It’s, it's so far up

Jake: OK… How tall are you? Jake: I feel OK Yes! What was that? Was that somebody’s head? Ro: No, no, no! Jake, you gotta cheat! Jake: I did it! Yay!

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