Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it is Dominic! Dominic: Hello! Ro: Oh my gosh, you guys! I am a huge fan of all of your work Dominic: Sweet! Ro: X-Men, Lost! Dominic: True

Ro: And 1 of my favorite geeky, favorite Ro: fantasy series, Lord of the Rings! Look at this handsome face! Ro: Was Merry little Hobbits-es I love it! I’m just dying! And now… Dominic: I was like this big in those films Ro: Yeah, you’re more like there Ro: It’s interesting how they CGI all of that to make it look Dominic: No we Dominic: just took a lot of medication Ro: Uh-huh

Dominic: And it shrunk us Ro: Oh like Ant Man! Dominic: And then when we were done we ate normal food Dominic: and then we came back up Ro: Now Dominic is traveling the world, Ro: interacting with different species, and it is so fascinating! Ro: Wild Things! Where can they find it, where can they see it if they’re Ro: not familiar and haven’t Dominic: You can actually see a couple of little Dominic: clips of Wild Things on YouTube, which, uh, is kind of a fun place Dominic: to go to! But, it officially plays on the Travel Channel Ro: Mmmhmm

Dominic: Uh, 10 o’clock on Wednesday nights Ro: Mmmhmmm Dominic: We’re about a third of the way through the third season right now Ro: Mmmhmmm Dominic: And the next episode I think we’re going to Brazil

Dominic: Which I’m sure as you know is an incredible place for food and animals Dominic: and people in general Weather, beaches, ladies, maracas! Ro: I’m gonna go put all of his links down below, so go check him out, and follow him Ro: Today, I had to make something from Lord of the Rings! Dominic: Duh! Ro: Because I’m such a huge fan, and I love the little hobbits-es, I feel spiritually Ro: connected with them because they love food so much! They eat 7 times a day! Ro: They have said to eat breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, Ro: afternoon tea, dinner and supper Ro: So they eat about as much as me Ro: So today we’re gonna be making Bilbo’s Seed Cake Muffins and some Homemade Jam

Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 3-1/2 cups of flour, 1/2 a cup of Ro: brandy A lot of butter, we have 1 pound of butter or 4 sticks, Ro: 1 tablespoon of caraway seeds, 1/2 a teaspoon of ground cloves, 2 teaspoons Ro: of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, zest of 1 orange, 1-1/2 cups sugar, Ro: and 6 eggs You will also need to make the homemade jam… Dominic: 1 6-ounce package of raspberries, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 a teaspoon Dominic: of yummy lemon juice! Both: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: Did you know you’d be dancing? Dominic: No I didn’t! Very exciting! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do, in a mixing bowl, we are gonna Ro: combine our flour, our dry ingredients and all of our spices Ro: Dominic, will you pour the flour in here? Dominic: Me? Ro: Yeah Dominic: Is that my job? Ro: You’re closest to it, I’ll hold the bowl! Dominic: What’s fun about this is that we get to see the color change which Dominic: is always exciting

See look its like painting, ohh-ho-ho! Ro: I like this, look how artsy he is you guys! Dominic: These are one of my favorite seeds ever as well, caraway seeds… Dominic: Let me take 1 before it goes in Dominic: So full of flavor! Ro: Then just whisk it together until it’s well combined Ro: Perfect! Dominic: Finished! Done? We just eat that, like that? Ro: Yeah I wish Dominic: Looks good! Dominic: OK, so we’ve got all our dry mixture to the side and now we’re gonna Dominic: cream together our butter and sugar right? Ro: Yeah, yes Dominic: This one’s butter right? Ro: Yeah that one’s butter

Dominic: This one’s sugar as far as I understand Ro: Yep Dominic: So we’re gonna put these two things together? Ro: Mmmmhmmm Dominic: Ok, butter first you think? Ro: Yeah, do butter! Dominic: That is a lot of butter now! Ro: It is a lot of butter, Ro: and in this recipe's defense it does make a lot of seed cake muffins Dominic: How many do you think? Ro: Like… It doesn’t make just like 2, Ro: You aren’t consuming all of this in like you know, 2 servings

Dominic: This is enough for like a gang of hobbits Ro: Yeah Dominic: Not just one of them Dominic: Now this thing? Ro: Now take a hand mixer Dominic: OK, I’m very nervous that I’m gonna like go off into a different direction here

Dominic: What, what speed should I put it on? Ro: Just put it on about a medium, maybe a 3 And just mix together until Ro: it’s well combined and fluffy, light and fluffy! Ro: There you go Dominic: I’m having a good time Ro: I’ll turn the bowl for you! Dominic: Thanks Ro, look at this, teamwork! Ro: Yeah, I’m putting him to work! Dominic: I’m gonna gamble here I’m gonna go maverick and turn it up to a four! Ro: Do it! Do it! Dominic: Oh now it’s going everywhere! Ro: Crank it up! Dominic: I’m going to turn it back down to a three, I’ve got butter all in my face! Dominic: Maybe eat some of that, when you’re not looking Ro: Mmmhmmm… Ro: Look at that! Dominic: Mmmm, it’s buttery and sugar! Ro: We just put our butter and sugar off to the side and now we are gonna mix Ro: together in our small bowl our eggs and brandy! And… Dominic: This looks like the fun part of the mixing stuff

Ro: Mmhmm! Ro: This is, I just gotta make sure this is OK! Dominic: Oh yeah let’s check Can I have a little try? Ro: Yeah, oooh yeah! Ro: That’s pretty good! Dominic: Obviously to make tasty muffins you want to have good ingredients, Dominic: so you choose a good brandy right? Ro: Mmmhmmm! Dominic: Something royal! Ro: Yeah we wanted it to be really good, Hobbitses love beer, they love brandy, Ro: this is what’s up! Dominic: Oh that’ll put hairs on your chest! Dominic: OK Ro: Alright, we are going to crack some eggs, are you ready? Dominic: Yeah, can I show you my 1 handed egg cracking trick? Ro: Huh!?! Dominic: Well it’s not really a trick, but I can crack an egg with 1 hand Ro: I’m very impressed, let’s, let’s see it! Dominic: If it goes anywhere near Dominic: your feet just ignore it Ro: It’s fine, I get messy on this show! Dominic: Huhhh! Ro: Look at you! Whoa! You guys! Ro: We’ve got a pro here! Dominic: You can do it right? You're a professional! It’s true! Ro: I’m very impressed! Dominic: Thank you Ro

Ro: Oh my goodness! Dominic: You can do it too! Dominic: There’s a little bit of shell in there I’m not sure if that was Dominic: me, could have been me Ro: That’s OK, that’s OK! Dominic: That’s alright, it makes it crunchy, crunch muffins! Dominic: Brandy, hold on, just make sure that that is good Ro: Yeah, just, give it a taste test, make sure this is OK Dominic: High quality there, oh yeah! Dominic: Now if you were to drink 6 raw eggs and some brandy you’d probably Dominic: feel quite ill

All the stuff that we made up until now looks Dominic: quite appetizing but to be fair, 6 raw eggs and brandy… Dominic: It looks like a giant has sneezed Dominic: OK, now we’ve got our 3 things together, Ro: Mmmhmm Dominic: We’ve got our dry mixture, our buttery sugar… Ro: Mmmhmm! Dominic: And our brandy egg thing Ro: Mmmhmm! Dominic: I’m not gonna add the egg thing to the sugary butter while you do Dominic: the hard work and keep stirring is that right? Ro: Yeah! Dominic: Because you’re the strong 1 out of the 2 of us Ro: I’m the pretty buff 1 here so… Dominic: You’ve got the guns

Ro: I’ve been doing… I’ve been doing burpies! Dominic: Oh nice! They’re not easy! Ro: No they’re not! Dominic: Good for you! Dominic: Be strong, be strong Ro: This is teamwork you guys! Dominic: No pain no gain! Ro: Now that our egg mixture and our butter mixture are combined, now we Ro: are going to add our flour mixture And I’m gonna have you fold Ro: Just scoop down, flip over the top Dominic: To fold like this, you have to Dominic: be quite physically strong, um, that’s why I, I’m doing the dirty work here

Ro: That’s why I really invited you over Dominic: Thank you! Ro: When we met I was, I went like this… Dominic: I remember that! You did grab my muscles! Dominic: If you have anything in the house that’s broken, or you want me to Dominic: chop a piece of wood or sawing, I can do that once we’re done… Dominic: Manly work! Dominic: OK, so now that our batter’s ready, we’re gonna start scooping it Dominic: into these little cute muffin trays you got here Ro: You want to make sure, that before you put the batter in, I just put Ro: a little bit of butter, and then sprinkled flour so that the muffins won’t stick Dominic: So they come out when you’re done Ro: Mmmhmmm

Dominic: Easy-peasy! Dominic: As opposed to like, bits being in there, and then you have to eat Dominic: out of the tray, it’s horrible! Ro: Yeah, and then we just have to eat them out of there! Dominic: OK, this I believe is an old Edwardian torture device, am I right? Ro: Yes Dominic: Which doubles as like an ice cream scoop Ro: Scoop, yeah Ro: it’s about 3 ounces, so if you guys have a scoop at home that's about 3 ounces, that’s what we’re Ro: going for, perfect! Yeah! Dominic: And then you do that! Ro: Perfect! Boom! Dominic: Is that alright? Ro: And then your’e gonna do this to the rest of your tray, just fill ‘em up Dominic: Boink! Ro: Once your muffin tray is ready, we’re gonna pop these in the oven at Ro: 350 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes, and while those are baking… Dominic: Yes! We’re gonna combine the raspberries, the sugar, and the Dominic: lemon juice in a little pan so that we can make our jam Mmmmm! Ro: Yes! Dominic: Jam! Ro: Homemade jam you guys, is amazing! Ro: Now let’s head over to the stove! Ro: In a small saucepan combine the raspberries, sugar, and lemon juice

Ro: Then turn your heat to medium low, once everything is warm and soft, Ro: mash it up with a fork Continue to cook the jam, stirring frequently Ro: so that it doesn’t burn Do this for about 5 minutes, until the jam thickens Ro: Now turn off the stove and remove your jam from the heat to cool Ro: We took the jam off the stove, it is cooling, and while it is cooling I Ro: thought, lets have some afternoon tea, just like the Hobbitses! Dominic: It’s very english! Ro: This is the 5th meal of the day or whatever

Dominic: Yeah, yeah! Ro: And this is where I want to just bug you a whole bunch and ask you about everything about Wild Things Dominic: Thank you Ro: Here I’ll let you pour, do you want me to pour? Dominic: OK, you can pour! Ro: OK, tell me when Dominic: You can be mother, Dominic: That’s what they say in England, Shall I be mother? That means Dominic: shall I pour the tea for you Ro: Oh shall I be mother? Ro: So on the show Wild Things, what countries have you gone to? Ro: What animals have you interacted with? Dominic: All kinds Ro

Dominic: We’ve done 38 countries up to now So let me see how many I get Dominic: We’ve done Kenya, Cameroon, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Dominic: Madagascar, Mozambique, Peru, Brazil for 2 episodes, Laos, Dominic: Vietnam Ro: Mmmhmmm Dominic: Australia, New Zealand, Florida… Dominic: Not really a country

The show tends to be about animals, I’m an Dominic: animal fanatic! But I also love the world, so we do do animals, but Dominic: we do young people, we do sport, we do a lot of street food which Dominic: I’m sure you’re passionate about Ro: Oh street food! Ro: So, I was looking on the world wide web Dominic: I’ve heard of this place! Ro: Did you find a different species of spider, you came across? Dominic: I would say that’s like 87% true I was with an arachnologist, someone Dominic: who has a degree in spiders Ro: Cool! Dominic: I was with him, in Laos, in Southeast Asia, in an underground cave

Dominic: And he and I were searching for the largest spider in the world which Dominic: is called the giant huntsman And he had said that he thought he Dominic: had been seeing spiders that he thought were potentially things Dominic: he had never seen before He said, you know there’s a pretty good Dominic: chance that one of these spiders could turn out to be a new species, Dominic: and if it is, you can name it Dominic: So he said, I’ll let you know 3 or 4 months later he emailed me and Dominic: said it was a new species, do you want to call it the Dominic Spider? Dominic: And I was like, no, no, no! Call it the Monaghan Spider because then Dominic: that’s all my family

And he recently found a new spider, which he Dominic: named after David Bowie So there’s the David Bowie spider now Ro: I just can’t believe that you have a spider! Dominic: I know! Ro: Like, that is so neat! What’s something about spiders that I wouldn’t know, Ro: or people wouldn’t know Dominic: A cool spider fact for you, which makes them kind of interesting… Ro: Yeah Dominic: Is that, spiders are known for spinning webs, right? Dominic: A lot of spiders use their web in different ways, so, for instance, Dominic: A black widow spider, an animal that I keep at home, will have different Dominic: types of webbing in it’s house

Ro: Huh Dominic: So where it lives, in its little kind of bedroom area, that’s a very Dominic: cushion-y soft kind of webbing But in the places where it’s catching Dominic: food, those things are very brittle like guitar strings Dominic: And it also has the ability, if you were to pick it up and it got Dominic: annoyed, it can exude a webbing that’s very slimy and sticky, because it wants Dominic: a predator to kind of get it in it’s face and get annoyed Ro: That is amazing! Dominic: Fascinating creature! Ro: I think the muffins are done! Dominic: Let’s do it! Ro: And the jam, let’s take a bite! Dominic: My muffins are done! Ro: We gotta do a taste test! Dominic: OK, I’m gonna copy you, so you’re gonna cut it in 1/2

Ro: Yeah! Ro: We’re gonna see if Bilbo would be proud of us, I think he would Ro: We got our homemade jam, oh my gosh! You guys! Dominic: I’m very excited about this homemade jam! Ro: I love homemade jam, it’s so good! Dominic: Well duh! Ro: Taste test Dominic: Cheers! Ro: Let’s do it Dominic: Mmmm! It’s very buttery! Ro: Oop! Mmmhmmm! Dominic: Oh wow that jam is amazing! Ro: Mmmmm! Dominic: Wow this is good, this would get you up to Mordor! Dominic: It’s yummy! I recommend it! Ro: Oooh, steam, hot! Dominic: It’s quite hot! Ro: It’s very hot though, oooh! Dominic: It is quite hot though! Dominic: I dropped some jam on your kitchen counter Ro: That’s OK! I do it all the time! Ro: This is probably the most used room in the house

Dominic: Nice, mines, mines the dungeon Ro: Take a little sip Ro: I don’t have one of those Dominic: Oh I’ll get you one Ro: But I better get one

Ro: I, I think I need to get one Dominic: I have a dungeon builder, he’s Dominic: excellent, I’ll recommend him to you! Ro: Thank you! Dominic: You’re welcome! Ro: OK, well just DM me, we’ll figure it out Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are Bilbo’s Seed Cake Muffins that we made today! Ro: They are so good! Dominic: Yummy! Ro: With some homemade jam! Ro: And, you guys, a huge thank you to Dominic for being here, thank you for Ro: helping me bake today! Dominic: It was lovely hanging out with you and cooking some food! Ro: You’ve got some skills Dominic: Thank you! Ro: And so much knowledge, I love it, you guys go check out Wild Things, Ro: I’m gonna put all of his links down below, so you can find him and go check Ro: it out! Super cool! And if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies… Ro: Let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to Ro: make it happen! Also, we’ll take pictures of these and post them Ro: on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter Ro: And if you guys make these, please take a picture and send it to us, Ro: we would love to see your baking creations! It makes my day! Ro: Thanks again you guys, bye-bye!

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