Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I have been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 lately, the new DLC came out and I have been rolling around as Link Whew, ha! Beep-Beep! So, I thought it would be the perfect time to make something Mario Kart themed

And, we have a very special guest that’s coming today at the end of the show, and when I say special, I mean, like, super special! So, today we are gonna be making Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops! Let’s get started! The things you will need for your cake pops, will be: 1 chocolate cake, you can use any chocolate cake recipe that you’d like I’m using a milk chocolate cake and I will put in the description the little recipe, but you can use anything you’d like You’ll also need 1 tub of chocolate frosting, a styrofoam brick to put your cake pops in You’ll also need a big mixing bowl to mix it all together And then to decorate our pops you will need 4 chocolate colors, you’ll need off white, red, blue and green

And of course, you will need some lollipop sticks, a cookie sheet, and a piece of wax paper Alright, let’s put it all together! The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is crumb the cake, so what you’re gonna do is cut your cake into 4 sections I’m just taking a sharp cutting knife, going right down the middle, make sure your cake has had plenty of time to cool Then you’re just gonna pick up 2 slices and you rub ‘em together over the bowl Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub! Now that we’re done crumbing our cake, now we’re gonna add our frosting and what you want to do is add 75% of this tub, so you can save a little extra for some snacks! And now you’re gonna mix it up

Now that our cake pop dough is ready to go, you’re gonna take your cookie sheet with a piece of wax paper on top so that it doesn’t stick, and we’re gonna roll our little cake pops And you want your balls to be about an inch and a half big And then just place it right on top of the baking sheet Oh you could do some workouts, so I like to do squats, when I’m doing these Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm

Once you’ve got all your little cake balls rolled, we are going to chill them now You can either put them in the refrigerator for about 2 hours or you can pop these in the freezer for about 30 minutes, you just want them very cold, but not quite frozen Once the little cake balls have chilled in the fridge, now we’re gonna attach the lollipop sticks So I’ve heated up a little bit of our off white melted chocolate in the microwave, and what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna take a little lollipop stick and a cake ball, and I like to poke a hole first So I poke the hole about 1/2 way down, and then you’re gonna dip the lollipop into the chocolate, and place it right back in

And then you’re gonna do this to the rest of your cake pops Now we’ve got all of our little cake pops assembled, we are going to dip them into some chocolate! I poured the off white chocolate into a little cup so that its easier to dip and we’ve got our styrofoam block here on the ready And remember to poke your holes ahead of time, you don’t want to do it once you’ve already had the pop dipped Alright, so you’re just gonna take any pop… Da-dew! And remember you want them firm, but not frozen And then you’re just gonna dip them straight down… Wait till the chocolate touches the end of the stick, wa-dew! And then pull up! Up, up, up, up, up, up, up! Let the excess chocolate drip off into the cup, and then you’re just gonna start spinning your little pop all the way around

And tapping, giving it a little jiggle, letting the excess chocolate drip, drip, drip! Then we’re gonna stick it over here in the foam block, bewp! Now we are gonna decorate our cake pops to look like the 3 different Koopa Shells from Mario Kart We’ve got our green shells, red shells and the blue shells, which are my favorite The seek out the leader and they’re the best! That’s why I’m wearing blue today! Blue’s the best! Alright, so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take a little cake pop, and we’re just gonna dip it half way Then let the excess chocolate drip off, just go drip, drip, drip, drip, drip! Then you’re just gonna take your little cake pop and put him back over here to dry Next we’re gonna make a red shell, here we go

And again, you’re just gonna go halfway down, just eyeball it, don’t need to be fancy Let the excess chocolate drip off, then stick him over here Ooooh, let’s do blue, my favorite! Halfway down, let the excess chocolate drip off Then you’re gonna dip the rest of your cake pops Once you’ve dipped all of your cake pops to look like the 3 different shell colors, now we’re gonna add a few final touches for decoration

I am using fondant, but you can use frosting if you’d like I am just going to be making the rim that goes around the shell What I got going on down here is I just taped down a piece of wax paper, so that the fondant doesn’t stick to your surface, a little white fondant And then I’ve rolled it out, like so Now you’re just gonna take a cake pop, bewp! And I have a, ohhhhh what’s down here? Extra piece of foam! So you’re gonna take your rolled out fondant, just put it at the edge connecting the green and the white, and then on the 2 sides you’re gonna bring up the fondant so that it looks just like the shell

And, here it is, reeeeeeeeewww! And you’re gonna do that to all of the rest of your pops This next part is completely optional, we are gonna be adding some decoration details to top of our shells with these icings We have 3 different decorative icings, we have red, to match the red shell, green to match the green and blue to match the blue And I’ve put a number 2 tip on the end of each of these for a little bit more control OK, so I’m gonna start with red and I’m gonna be drawing little hexagons, all the way around making the turtle shell design

As I’m drawing the designs on with the icing I’m also using a toothpick to make little adjustments We’ve got our shells decorated and now we are going to make the gap where the little Koopa would be living, the little hole, little turtle shell hole I’ve got black icing with a number 2 tip at the end for a little bit more control It’s gonna look just that and we’re gonna do it on both sides on each of our cake pops Now we’re gonna decorate using the last icing color, this is off-white frosting and again I put it in a plastic bag with a number 2 tip at the end

We’re gonna flip our little cake pop upside down and we’re gonna be putting 4 lines on the bottom of the shell to look like the little turtle! This is just for the blue one, it is the final decoration step, we are gonna add some little spikes to these shells I have rolled little fondant to look like little spikes, but if you are not a fan of fondant you can also use white little chocolate chips or any other candy You can get creative with it! So you’re just gonna take your little spike, ee-hee-hee, it’s a unicorn Koopa shell! Ta-da! Here are our Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell Cake Pops, I hope you guys like enjoyed them, I love making them But, I wonder what the creator of Mario would think of them… Let’s ask him! As promised, I have a very special guest today! Ro: Mr Shigeru Minamoto please come in, and his friend Bill from Nintendo! Ro: Hello guys! Both: Hello

Ro: Thank you for being here! I need to know, do these look like Koopa Shells? Ro: Yes or no? Bill(Translating): These are amazing! Bill(Translating): Is there a, is there a turtle inside these shells? Ro: Bahahaha, well there’s a lot of chocolate inside of them Bill(translating): We have a, we have a course in Mario Kart 8 called Sweet Sweet Canyon, Bill(translating) : I think these belong right there Ro: Yes! I love that course, it is one of my favorites Ro: I absolutely love Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda, they’re like my favorite Ro: games, and I was just wondering if maybe you could tell me, what do you have Ro: coming up for 2015? Bill(translating): There’s a lot that’s coming, but the projects I can talk about, Bill(translating): 1 of them is Yoshi’s Wooly World Ro: Mmmmmm! Bill(Translating): And there’s a new Mario Party game coming out RO: I love Mario Party! Bill(translating): And Mario Party is going to be using amiibo Bill(translating): There's a, we have a lot of different amiibo that are out there but Bill(translating): with Mario Party 10 we have some fun things that we are Bill(translating): doing with amiibo in that game

Ro: I’m so excited, oh my gosh! Bill(translating): Next year is the 30th anniversary of the release of the Bill(translating): Original Super Mario Brothers Ro: Yes! Bill(translating): So we’re gonna have some fun with Mario games, but 1 game Bill(translating): That we’re gonna release next year is Mario Maker Bill(translating): Which is a game where you can create your own super Mario Brothers Bill(translating): courses to play Ro: Are you guys having a party? For this 30th anniversary and can I come? Bill(translating): You're gonna come to Japan? Ro: Yeah, yeah! Bill(translating): We even have some games for people who are really big gamers, Bill(translating): one of them is, is this game which is called Splatoon Ro: Splatoon, it looks so cute! Bill(translating): And the main, the main character is, they’re sort of like squid, Bill(translating): but they’re squid that transform into humans

Bill(translating): And there’s, there’s a boy, a squid boy and a squid girl, Bill(translating): but really the squid girl is the main character Ro: That’s really cool! Bill(translating): I am working on a Star Fox game right now, I think I told you Bill(translating): about… Ro: Yes, yes, yes! Bill(translating): Yoshi’s Wooly World too Bill(translating): Yeah, it’s the first time that we’ve done a new Star Fox Bill(translating): in awhile and the game is really fun! Ro: I love Star Fox Bill(translating): And then after that, we'll have, at last, the new WiiU Zelda Ro: Oh my gosh! 2015 is gonna be my favorite year ever I have a feeling! Bill(translating): I was forgetting all about 3DS! Bill(translating): Have you seen the Pikmin short movies? Ro: Oh my gosh, they’re so cute! Bill(translating): Aren’t they cute!? Bill(translating): Yeah we just started distributing these via the e-shop just recently Bill(translating): So you can, you can see them in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, Bill(translating): And you can see them in HD on the WiiU so they’re available Bill(translating): for purchase on our e-shop now

Ro: Oh! I love it! Bill(translating): So this is, yeah, this is a special version that’s available Bill(translating): this holiday, and you can take it with you wherever you go and Bill(translating): we can play games together! Ro: Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! I love it! What a neat one! Bill(translating): Actually I have, uh, I have 1 more Bill(translating): I thought I’d give it to you as a present today Ro: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Thank you! Bill(translating): Should I, should I maybe do a little autograph on it for you? Ro: Uh, yes please! Oh my gosh! Life goal, just completed! Right here, you Ro: guys are seeing it! Ah, yes! Bill(translating): I found my pen Bill: Start with Mario Ro: Oh my gosh, he’s pretty cute! Ro: Thank you so much, this is amazing! Ro: I… Christmas just came early! Ro: Thanks you guys for coming, this was amazing! And thank you so much for the Ro: gift, this was very, very nice! Ro: And if you guys have any other ideas for any other… All: Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen

Ro: Thanks so much you guys, bye-bye! Shigeru: Bye-bye! Bill: Bye-bye! Bill(translating): Is this, is this really like a sweet? Bill(translating): Can you eat this? Ro: Mmm-hmm It’s super chocolate, it has 3 layers of chocolate, so are you ready Ro: for this? OK Ro: Yeah here you go, I’m gonna do 1 too Here you go Bill! Ro: Get on this, are you ready? OK, it’s gonna be really hard, it’s a lot of sugar Ro: It’s double dipped

Ro: Ready? 1, 2, 3! Ro:Mmmm! Bill: Mmmm! Ro: That's really good! Bill(translating): It’s sweet, it’s very delicious! Ro: Alright, cheers! All: Cheers! Bill: Kanpai! Ro: So Mr Miyamoto, we’re basically Biffles now, would you want to play RO: Mario Kart 8 with me? Bill(translating): Yeah, that’s fine We can play Sweet Sweet Canyon Ro: Yes! Oh my gosh! Bill let’s do it! Ro: He’s ready to go! All: Hahaha! Ro: Ready, set, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Bill: Oh Peach! You just hit me with a shell! Ro: Oh my gosh, oh! I got shells! Ro: De-new-new-na-new-new-a hahaha! Bill: How did that? Ro: Oh gosh! Bill: I’m coming for you Peach! Ro: I know, I’m in 3rd! Ro: Oh who has the bananas? Bill: That’s me! Ro: Oh my gosh! OK, 1 more lap, we got it! Ro: Oh no! I just got owned! All: Ohhhhh! Bill: He hit the lightning! Ro: No, no lightning! Ro: OK, I’m definitely in last place, but, I’m having a blast Bill: ahahaha! Ro: So I feel like it’s fine

Ro: Argh! That’s OK, that’s OK! Bill: Aw, that was a good race Ro: I loved it! All: Ahahaha! Ro: I can’t believe you guys are here playing video games with me! Bill: What else are we gonna do!? Ahahaha! Ro: This is amazing!

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