Terrible ah Good day everyone and welcome to today's video here with the row Hello, I'm excited because today We're doing something baking related exactly right up her alley if you guys don't know row has a baking channel She's just a lot of crazy stuff over there But we've collabed before I think the last time we filmed together was we were just throwing Barbies Yes, we were hot gluing them together all creepy, and it was so much fun So now we're doing something more your style we have ten different cake mixes that we are going to combine together and See what it tastes like I've never done This

Don't worry Joey This is so creative I have never put recipes together Well, let's see what flavors we have let's start over there I'll have you do five I'll do the other five okay over here We have a Meyer lemon cake okay yum I love lemon cake huh, and then here we have what's back here Strawberry cake I don't think I've ever had a strawberry cake before that arty is good a strawberry lemonade mmm strawberry Lemonade these would be good together But then what oh right for this is my dad's favorite cake is a German chocolate cake What what's the difference between German chocolate and regular chocolate? I probably should know that Germany what it is know how to make it, but I don't know If you don't let me know it's probably German chocolate or something Oh a red velvet cake has a little bit of cocoa in it and it's moist Oh boy Okay, and then one of my favorites

Oh absolutely And the best cake here fun fun face the funnest we also have a yellow cake which cool It's yellow I don't know what that means but cool Then we have a triple chocolate fudge whoo I think they would be friends Hey It might be a little too much chocolatey And then we have white cake what do you know that offensive kawaii my cake in yellow cake it's just it uses the egg whites not the yolks and It's really good if you want to do a cake You know diet a different color white cake so get a vibrant color cool And then our last two we have Nia french vanilla Oh yeah, and we have a Angel food cake I'm my mouth was watering

I'm ready for this know that what we're gonna Do is we're gonna take about half a cup per mix put it in that bowl Whisk it up a big bowl very big And then we're gonna pop it in the oven and see what it makes and what it tastes like Joey, I could take a bath I think I could fit in here All right, let's get started Okay, so we just basically cut open all the top so be quick and easy Adding these in but let's start with a funfetti Yes, because it's the best it's the funnest Yeah, oh yeah, Joey we need 1 cup of it no half oh Good I baked for a livin Measurements, oh my gosh, it's just sprinkles yeah, they're just sprinkles

It's like a vanilla cake with sprinkles oh No, did you not know that oh, no there's magic in there Joey there's Magic It's there's probably there's also fun buns in there It's an ingredient There's just sprinkles There's a pinch of fun know the secret ingredient Oh my god

I've been lied to my whole life Well the sprinkles I feel like make it taste funner that I never noticed that sprinkles have a playbook What's your favorite flavor of color spittle? From the pink one right Okay you add one end so with the fun I'm gonna add Angel, these are so yummy I love these with strawberries I Love a little bit more That's okay We just a little Literally, I think I just got like a high off that angel yeah Yeah, the yellow just smells so good smells really good That smelled like birthday cake yes all right got some yellow in there hmm All right now

I'm gonna put in a little bit got some color in there Let's get some some chocolate Dylan's German chocolate dad's favorite Okay I'll be careful, er here we go It's just gentle good Okay Alrighty there we go we got our hum fattier yellow I'm gonna add in some red velvet is it the mystery like red velvet It's actually just the famous chocolate it does have cocoa in it Do you smell anything it smells just like chocolate cake? You'll see the red when you add liquid Oh, okay, and what else to be a lemon oh Wait, I want to smell that one

Oh my gosh YUM lemon inning yeah a fresh Citrus going into the mix and you guys this is a Meyer lemon cake mix Oh, she loves her Meyer lemon and I got a Meyer lemon tree right out back I was just showing Joey all of my plants before we started filming People I didn't want a whole tour, but no I loved it I showed you the avocadoes the lemons the lines the orange Oh, yes, okay, what's next? super moist triple chocolate fudge This is me Oh yeah after a bad day or a breakup Oh yeah triple chocolate double chocolate Me up Oh here

We go Oh, this is just no yes The day is better Oh yeah Oh, yeah Just sprinkle that on in there Oh it has like hot chocolate in that

There's maybe there's minis Oh, these are many many minis look how little little chocolate delicious Yes, okay, you know what I'm gonna add to this a little strawberry Yeah I also have strawberries on my Hill Oh, I got strawberry Gardens I know I got those strawberries brewing I'm working on the raspberries oh It smells like strawberry shortcake it does All right my last one is French damn vanilla, you know this kind of smells like hmm yummy nummies Oh, it does

Maybe they used um like What's it called an artificial vanilla? Oh maybe these an artificial vanilla, so that's what it is Maybe okay and last but not least just white cake I got it I got it here We go Joey here We okay, Joey All right so this should this is actually a little bit more than what it would be for a Regular box so we might need add I think we should do What do you think for eggs and oil a bunch wait? We mix that first before we add that I think we should I mix it up show yourself Giant with this is heavy-duty stainless steel This is for real deal Baker's doing big dishes, and when you do

This usually like a chicken pops out right yeah, just Yeah, yeah exactly It's magic You want to whisk together your dry ingredients before you add your wet ingredients oh Why just helps oh, it's fine We have like 10 flavors in here so that probably makes sense Oh, yeah live organisms Oh, yeah, look it's like a light cocoa color with mini chocolate chips in there and some sprinkles I don't even know I have no idea oh Did my hair get in there just a little Boop

It's like vanilla strawberry chocolate I'm very confused lemonade Let's add our eggs in we will do 3 eggs Yeah a bunch of eggs Okay, 40 sounds good Have you ever gotten a bloody egg? No? Apparently those are a thing Okay, I have been baking since I was four and I baked a lot I would say I'm not an average Baker like no no I like all every day all day every day Well when I was in class in high school They always made us break our eggs in little cups because they're like you might get a bloody egg What is that? Did you get my never? I've never got oh, you know what Joey

Maybe they made it up Maybe it was so you didn't get shells in there, but they do have them it could have been a whole chickens lay about an egg add a fun fact anybody who's About that farm life okay, how much oil oh? Yeah, just pour it all in just over there Okay Ball it Just like guess Okay, where is it a little bit of oil instead of butter so a lot of these cakes and either needs oil or butter yes? So this is gonna be a really good I think a moist cake cuz we have all this Boiling here, that's about oh Yeah, that's about uh Oh I got the milliliter sign I don't know what's going on It wasn't to announce that one and a half so I think we're good Joey

That's perfect Okay Do we need any water? Water, yeah a lot of you say add a little bit of water Yeah, 1 and 1/4 cups of water for the chocolate This one's only asking for one cup Oh There's one cup I think we just do one cop

I got a water bottle Oh, yeah, just a little extra water just because yeah, just a little yeah, just so get good good luck Okay, you start whisking just whisk whisk whisk I want to get something Do you think think? It's gonna be pink you can get pink cake is so happy Yes I thought I was gonna look just brown just The chocolate was gonna overpower everything It's a pink cake

Oh my god It smells so good I was really good I can smell it from here Wow the red velvet coming through the strawberry coming through we're gonna get a pink, okay Oh, you know, what color it might be trendy blush Blush is the rose go we don't know goodness Let me get in here Joey I've been lifting weights So I got this here we go here we go Okay Beautiful is it running It's not all we need to tell ya

It's ready Okay well Let's get it in a pan and then put it in the oven Yeah, okay We've got two pans Oh round ones that make sure to spray them because we don't want the cake to stick I have to say fact I love this color It's so cute Really pretty should you just pour it in yeah, okay? You hold the pan

Yep You tell me when we wanted about halfway I don't know like maybe Okay, that's I think that's good no more No more Yeah, oh Wow I didn't leave a lot in here cuz look at this one Joey Catch can't catch it Okay wait here

We go here We go here We go oh Wow, okay scoop just like scoop it out Scraping it's clean This way Yeah

This way towards you yeah, oh there We go some extra Okay, okay? I got I oh I'm seeing some sprinkles fall down We're getting all the chunks We'll check all the sprinkles Joey I'm not even me anymore

I'm just a bowl him We have our two fans now, let's go plop them in the oven for 30 minutes okay hurry so much pop them in there for 30 minutes We're gonna Go eat a little lunch, and we will catch up with you guys These are baked Alright, so we're back the cakes have been baked and this is what they look like they look good it Smells so good from this distance Yeah, let's go a little closer, okay? Okay, that's weird Okay, you smell strawberry I smell strawberry I smell lemon I smell a little chocolate You can a little bit of all of my sense Yeah a lot of chocolate

Okay It's my mouth is watering I'm so ready for this but to take it to the next level I thought it'd be cool if we mix a bunch of frosting and put it on top of the cake So it's not just the cake mixes We now have oh, wow Oh well Let's get into it and let's start Spreading look at this bright pink what flavor is that it's just hot pink vanilla

Okay? All right well I've got some chocolate fudge Joey This is gonna be like a cake I have never tasted before Ooh a whipped frosting that's why That's why we'll just put a little bit, okay, I got to move faster, let's put some oh yeah chocolate fudge Mmm Yummy, yum yum yummy in my tummy Okay, just casual chocolate ooh This is aqua blue vanilla Let's put up a little bit of this let's put it in between our yeah Take it together Maybe too much here Let me do half folks

Sorry, and then I'll do my hair oh That's not one of the cab labor when the ingredients take that out of there okay, Oh lemon Getting that lemon in there, man We have some more Oh, this is like a different Wet I guess oh, this is like a bit looks like a white boy well You know what you had before it was a whipped cream cheese Oh, and this one's just a whipped like a whipped cream got it, okay like yellow This looks wild maybe too much Oh, this is a whipped butter cream and then we have Coconut can Oh is that oh my gosh? Okay, a little bit of coconut and glaze I bet it tastes really good It's just not gonna look good with everything we got going on Do you like what's your favorite kind of pie do you like pecan pie? I don't like pie at all no way I don't like pie Yep, okay well I'm never gonna bake you apart of it perfect that Joey I'm just gonna be a bit of a perfectionist and I'm Just clean up our little plate here Okay, you know just so everything looks perfect is this the most beautiful cake you've ever made This is the most unique cake I have ever made I hands in my many years of baking so many your as a baking, Joey

Yeah, this is a first I Am really excited actually we can't forget about the toppings Oh Joey That's gonna make it extra special, okay, Joey We've got confetti sprinkles and all these frostings came with a few of them have them not all Okay This is a lot Better I think different One where do we go weird oh here you go e you've got to do the honors, okay? Are these stars or fish? They're little fishies? Definitely made it look so much more pretty I feel like this looks like a child made this cake which We did I love it now, it's time for the ultimate taste test you're gonna eat half the cake I'm gonna eat the other half Okay

This is the Nuge challenge totally new video You're gonna take one I'm down, but two this is gonna Take me a minute Hey We're gonna have to put on one whole minute 60 seconds That's our challenge oh My god I'm not either

Oh my good Oh my gosh, okay Let's show em shows where they eat like seventeen like forty hotdogs, and I can't oh I've got a big knife Okay, okay, let's cut some pieces We're gonna have our Private reveal to us what the inside looks like and then we'll spin it around so you guys can see what the colors Let's make a guess, okay, gonna be like a starfish Red pink kind of like the batter I think it's gonna look like a dart like a blush right like basically that pillow that I have on my couch from West don't Like it's gonna look like a little darker Yeah Okay, let's do it Okay here we go and there – this is – oh oh oh, but it's fell apart a little bit I'll put it back together I'll put it back – it's just still warm the cake is still warm Usually you've got to wait till it's cooled a little bit more or else you're icing melts

Oh my god That's okay We're looking at go ahead guys the color I think we got it oh My gosh Oh my god there It is

That's the color is the color that you thought it was yeah hold this okay? Oh, there's the reveal That's what the inside of the cake looks like smells very interesting It's very unique I have never smelled this cake flavor before and I don't know what to think of it well first thing I had to be a strawberry, but then I get hit with everything luck living after where's your stuff Okay? Okay? Here we go Should we should we try some one out the frosting first? Yeah, let's just taste the cake first okay to give it a fair shot all right running Yeah, I'm ready Oh I mean not the worst thing in the world no I'm also like not a flavor I would say is not my favorite flavor I Can't explain it what taste do you taste first I definitely taste the lemon This is so weird cuz I taste the red velvet first well This is so weird, but you know what maybe my taste buds are just like overloading And they don't even know what to think that's so cute

Let me try one more getting the lemon I'm getting a little bit of a strawberry I can taste the lemon a strawberry and like a hint of chocolate It's definitely not chocolaty chocolate eating No, I thought it would be really like more fudgy or something definitely not no okay now I'm gonna try it with a frosting with like the five different frostings We have oh, I wonder what our frosting tastes like oh Okay, here we go oh That's terrible This is a terrible combination oh Oh, this is just heinous All right Let me taste some this part Oh nice job Ryan The cake isn't bad it's just not a flake like a desirable flavor But not if you hit it with an undesirable frosting Yeah, I would well, I don't know we should but I know you guys should probably not do this at home That's for sure, but it looks kind of interesting Mm-hmm and has a really pretty color

I love the color of the case Thank goodness for the sprinkles Yeah, okay, well that's what happens when you mix together every flavor of boxed cake mix If you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a big ol thumbs up Go ahead, I'm waiting You think they could fit okay, click quickly I'm clicking I'm like err clicking it We're just waiting for you, so we can continue the video Okay Thank you I think they clicked that yeah, I mean all right

I mean so ah okay Well, yeah, that's it for today if you want to go check out rose channel I will link her down below We did a video where we had snipped candles yes We line fold in different types of candles But we didn't know what they were my friends went out and got them So go check out her channel subscribe to her and perhaps We'll have some other videos in the future Yes, yes yes alright see you guys next time good damn You

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