MUPPETS COOKIES – NERDY NUMMIES – ft Miss Piggy and Swedish Chef!

Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today, you can tell we have 2 very special guests!!! Miss Piggy: A-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Miss Piggy Miss Piggy: Ta-da! Oh I am so happy to be here with you Ro! Ro: Aw, thank you

MP: Yes, Ro: I am so excited MP: Oh and I, I love that green sweatshirt, it’s like Kermit green! Ro: Kermit green MP: Yes, yes Ro: And I did a pink shirt on underneath for you Ro: Piggy MP: Oh! Ro: So we’ve got Kermit and Miss Piggy colors right here

MP: Oh what an honor, oh thank you! Ro: I love your dress MP Oh do you like my dress? Ro: Yes! MP: It’s just off the rack, but, you know You know we really should go MP: shopping sometime Ro: I think we should I think we could wear the same size Swedish Chef: Hmmmmm

Ro: We could share MP: Probably, yes! Ro: Yeah, we could get our nails done MP: That would be great! Ro: Get our eyelashes done MP: Yeah, absolutely! Ro: Oh yeah! SC: HERDISCHAYYY! Ro: OH! And we have Swedish Chef MP: Yes

SC: Herdy-herp! MP: Him too Ro: Yeah SC: Herdy-scher! Ro: Now, today we are gonna be making sugar cookies to honor your guys’ Ro: new movie coming out SC: Ooooooooh! MP: Ooooh, yes, yes! New movie coming out! A-ha-ha—ha-ha! SC: Hoody-poodie-doody-per Ro: I can’t wait, you guys should check it out, it comes out March 21st, and Ro: I’ll put a link down below so you guys can check out all the funny trailers

SC: Oooooh! Ro: These actors are so funny! SC: Oooooh! Ro: You’re one of my favorite actresses MP: Oh you’re talking about me? Ro: Yes! MP: Yes, yes, well naturally MP: Thank you very much, yes Ro: Yeah, yeah, yeah MP: But what about these sugar cookies? Ro: Are you ready? MP: I am ready! Let’s bake ‘em! Ro: OK! Ro: The way we start the show is you spin your finger around and we say let’s get Ro: started! Are you ready on 3? SC: Bergie-dergie! MP: OK! Ro: OK, 1, 2, 3… MP: 1, 2, 3

All: Let’s get started! Ro: The things that you’re gonna need will be, take it away Chef! SC: Ooooh! Ofway, ernd de soot… MP: What? SC: Ernd de biggy puddy, and de squishy SC: buddy MP: What is he saying? SC: End de sugar End de floop Ro: You are also gonna need, 2 eggs, some green dye, vanilla extract, and what Ro: else Miss Piggy? MP: Oh, uh, uh, a baking sheet, uh, an M Shaped cookie cutter, or, I, I MP: suppose a “w” upside down might work as well, a-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Yep, yep ahahaha! MP: And, and, and some sprinkly sprinklies and, uh, the, what’s that over there? MP: The pancake flipper thingy Ro: Yep, perfect, let’s put it all together! SC: Oooooh! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is mix together all of our dry ingredients Ro: into this big mixing bowl, I’m gonna have Chef help me do that

SC: Oooh MP: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, you’re gonna have him help you? Ro: Yeah MP: OK, I’m just gonna stand over here then Ro: Oh, Miss Piggy what is this? What is this for? MP: You’ve never seen him cook before have you? Ro: Hmmm-mmmm MP: You’ll see

SC: Okie dokie, okie dokie Ro: OK, well we’re gonna mix our flour first SC: Ohp, de flour? Ro: Yeah, got the flour Oh! SC: Herdie go, der flour MP: Mmmhmmm

SC: Ernd de baky sody? Ro: Yep, the baking soda, yep Baking Powder there we go, Ro: baking powder SC: Und de soot? Ro: And a little bit of salt SC: Er gerd? Ro: Yep Perfect, then you’re just gonna mix it all together, and then it’s on to Ro: the wet ingredients… You were right

MP: I always am Ro: For the wet ingredients, you’re gonna add 1 cup of butter, then you’re gonna Ro: mix it up for about a minute until its nice and creamy Now I’m gonna add Ro: 1 and 1/3 cups of sugar, and keep mixing until it’s light and fluffy Ro: Now you’re gonna add in your eggs and beat them together until Ro: everything is well mixed Now we’re gonna add our last 2 ingredients, we’re Ro: gonna add a little bit of vanilla extract and some green food coloring dye to make Ro: our cookies green

Once your wet ingredients are mixed all together you’re gonna Ro: pour in all of your dry ingredients and mix it up Ro: Alright, we just put our cookie dough together and and I just finished Ro: rolling it out, here we go SC: Yerp, yep MP: Oh! I cannot look! MP: It’s like my Kermie got into an accident crossing the street! SC: Oooh-hoo-hoo! Ro: Oh-ho-ho! It does kind of look like a squished frog doesn’t it? Ro: Oh don’t worry it’s not real, I’ve just rolled it out, I’m keeping this away Ro: from Swedish Chef, but I gave him the cookie cutter, he’s gonna help me cut out Ro: all of the “M” cookies SC: MMMMMMMMM! Ro: Mmmhmm, are you ready? SC: Okie dokie! Ro: OK! SC: Erdoop! Ro: Go for it! SC: I carefully place dis… MP: Very carefully yes

Ro: Very careful MP: What are you doing? Ro: Perfect! MP: No, no that’s, that’s… Not… Careful at all… Ro: After you’ve carefully cut out all of your cookies, you’re just gonna take your Ro: little cookies put them on the baking sheet Ro: Heat your oven to 350 and bake for 5 minutes Ro: Now we’ve got some extra time so I was wondering Chef, would you be willing to Ro: teach me your song? SC: Huuuuuh! Okie dokie! Ro: Aaaaaah! OK! SC: Herdie sherdie berdgie, was duh furden ernd deh schpernin SC: Ern de schpoonin

Ro: OK SC: De verstse go SC: Umbadiskie ber Ro: Umbadiskie ber SC: Burskie ber-badiske ber

Ro: Baderskie ber-badiske ber! SC: Umbadiske berm derske berm der bork, bork, bork! Ro: Dermbadiske, bermbadiske, verm, bork, bork, bork! SC: Ooooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! OK, OK, verdisher! SC: OK? Both: Uhm, badiske, uhm, badiske ber, badiske ber, Both: Ber badiske, ber dun-dee bork, bork, bork! SC: Yaayyyy! Ohhh-hoo-hoo-hooo! SC: Herdie verste, versie gersie! Ro: Awww! SC: Adie versie huggy? Ro: A huggy! SC: A huggy! Erdie versie Ro: Thank you so much Chef! SC: Oh! Eshie mushie verden Ro: He’s the best! SC: Adnoder huggen? Ro: A huggen? SC: Edne, bershie, bershie, bershie, bershie Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! SC: Adnoder huggen? Ro: A huggen? A huggen, huggen! Oh yeah! SC: Ohder doodie gerghen derghen Ro: Cookies just came out of the oven, they are all ready to decorate

Ro: All we’ve got is green cookie icing and some green blingy sprinkles SC: Mmmmmmmmm MP: Come on let’s eat! Ro: Yeah, oh yeah! Hold on we gotta decorate 1st SC: OK MP: Oh… OK

Ro: We’re almost there, we’re almost there MP: Decorate them in my mouth Ro: Yeah… Pwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Alright, the 1st thing that we’re gonna do, chef are you gonna follow me? Ro: Is we’re gonna make Kermie’s little collar So you're just gonna make 6 points SC: 6 points

MP: 6 Points? Ro: Like this, bewm, bewm, bewm, bewm! MP: He has more points than that doesn’t he? SC: Merr derr Ro: Well, yeah I think he has more points, these are just the 1’s Ro: showing in the front, I promise Ro: And then you’re just gonna fill it in Alright Chef, let’s see you do it! SC: 6 points Ro: 6 points, you can do it

SC: 6 ponts… MP: Wait a minute, what are, what are you doing SC: 6 points MP: What are you… What is that? Ro: Piggy does that look like Kermie? MP: No! MP: What is that? SC: 6 points! MP: 6 points… Ro: You’re doing good, you’re doing good Ro: Once you’ve got your 6 points, the outline done you’re just Ro: gonna fill it in with cookie icing, so it looks like that Ro: Dew-dew-dew-da-dew-dew-dew! MP: Like THAT Swedish Chef, like that

SC: Hrm? Hmmm? 6 points! Ro: Now it’s time to add some sprinkles So what you’re gonna do is, just take Ro: a little bit like this, sprinkle it on top of the frosting MP: Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle Ro: Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle SC: Arwderbie prinkle

Ro: I always say, I make it rain, I make it rain, I make it rain! MP: A-hahahahahaha! SC: Oooh, oooh, OK Ro: Make it rain, make it rain, make it rain! Just like that, and it will Ro: stick to the icing, the rest will just fall off Ro: Alright Chef, here we go, SC: Make it rain? Ro: Yep, make it rain! SC: OK! MP: Make it rain! Ro: Make it… SC: Make it rain! Ro: Ta-da! SC: Ter-derrr! Ro: Here are our muppet cookies, they’re all done Miss Piggy, are you eating Ro: a cookie already MP: Well yeah, they’re done aren’t they? Ro: Well I guess… I guess they are

MP: Yeah, so I’m eatin’ ‘em! Ro: Yeah, alright Ro: Well, thanks you guys for watching, if you have any other ideas for any other MP: Oh, I dropped it! Ro: Nerdy Nummies please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will Ro: do my best to make it happen SC: Gerhm beloo? Ro: Down below! MP: May I have another cookie? Ro: Yeah, you can have another cookie, I guess Ro: Here, well wait a minute! I’m gonna hold onto this… MP: Wait, why? Ro: We gotta say bye to everybody first MP: Hahhhhhrrrrmmm

SC: OK Ro: And, don’t forget the new Muppets movie comes out March 21st MP: March 21st! Ro: Muppets Most Wanted, yayyy! SC: Mer-me-mer-moodie! Ro: I’ll be going to see it because I love the muppets MP: OK, can we say goodbye now so I can have a cookie? Ro: Yeah, you can say it Alright ready? Bye-bye! MP: Buh-bye! Mwah! SC: ber-ber! SC: Herdie go Piggy

MP: OK, cookie, cookie, cookie! SC: Piggy, Piggy want a cookie? MP: Cookie, cookie SC: Cookie, cookie Ro: Here you go! Oh! MP: You are such a tease! SC: Huhhhh! No! SC: Berdie-ferdie, tsea-de-sea SC: Berdie herdie schneedie schnee SC: Berdie herdie schneed ber ber ber ber ber! Ro: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Swedish Chef, what are you doing here? It is so late

SC: Oh, were der Piggy end des Frog enste ghone mesta vew Ro: Oh, that sounds rough, so I’m gonna give you some milk… SC: Oh! Ro: And warm cookies To make it all better! SC: Oh! OK Ro: And, you’ve gotta go to bed, because it is cray cray late SC: Cray cray? Ro: Cray cray, late! SC: OK, erm gerna gerdie bedie! Ro: Alright, goodnight SC: Goodnighty Rosy! Goodnighty Rosy! SC: Er de Rosy! SC: Bar der schwer der Kermit end de milken

SC: Huh! Er de milken? OK, herbie dersie, mwah!

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