Hey guys, it's Ro Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies I got so many requests from you to make something My Little Pony themed in honor of the new My Little Pony movie that's coming out, and I'm super excited because we have made My Little Pony cupcakes before in the past, but today I wanted to do something bigger in honor of the movie

So today we are gonna be making a two-tiered cake and I wanted it feel like a screenshot from the land of Equestria with all the little ponies Get ready to make a lot of cake Let's get started! The recipe that we're using today is the white cake recipe from the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook The ingredients that I have in front of me are enough for one 10-inch round pan and one 6-inch round pan I'm going to double it

I'm gonna make two 10-inch round cakes and two 6-inch round cakes The ingredients you'll need will be 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons Of milk, 2 and 1/4 cup of sugar, 7 eggs, but we will just be using the egg whites, 3 cups of flour, 1/4 plus 1/8 teaspoon of almond extract, 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract, 1/8 teaspoon plus a pinch of salt, 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 6 tablespoons of shortening, and 3/4 cup of salted butter Now let's put it all together! *horse neigh* First step in a large bowl is to whisk together our dry ingredients Add flour baking powder and salt Then whisk together til well combined and set off to the side Now, cream together your butter, sugar, and shortening in a large bowl

Pour in the sugar Mmm! Butter and shortening Then, using an electric hand mixer, mix together until light and fluffy Now add in your eggs one at a time, remember we just want the egg whites so what I like to do is the jiggle method You'll also want to mix between adding each egg So add an egg, mix it up, add an egg, mix it up, add an egg, mix it up, add an egg, mix it up, add an egg, mix it up

You know you get it After the eggs are mixed in add your vanilla and almond extracts Mm-hmm mix it up and just take a second to smell the vanilla All of our mixtures are ready, we have our dry ingredients, wet ingredients, and milk Add a third of dry to our wet ingredients Then mix it up

Add half the milk then mix it up Add another part dry Mix it up Add the second half of the milk, mix it up Then add the last third of the dry and you mix it up Don't forget to scrape down in between

Let me get this really pretty the batter is ready, now Eyeball it divide it between the two pans I have greased and lined with a piece of parchment paper at the bottom This is gonna be the fun part Just go for it Okay, gonna get some over here All right – back over here and we need some over here, don't look at that If you just wanted to make a shorter cake you can just stop here and pop these in the oven But I am gonna repeat this process one more time I'm gonna make another batch of batter

Heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the smaller cake for about 45 minutes and the larger cake for one hour While the cakes are baking we will be making our fondant decorations I have marshmallow fondant that I've dyed a bunch of different rainbow colors to make all of the details also a bunch of mini cookie cutters and circle cutters I want the cake to have a bunch of apple trees for Applejack so we'll start with the brown fondant The trees will sit flat against the side of the cake to make a Landscape Try to give the tree some texture, make it look like bark and then start making the top of the tree I'm using a bright green color I've got a small circle cookie cutter cut out a bunch of these Boop-boop then we want a bunch of leaves I'm using a very very small, probably the smallest, teardrop shaped cookie cutter I've ever seen

Look at it This is like a human tear So to get the green leaves to stick to the green circle I'm using water and the moisture is just gonna help them stick together I'm alternating the placement of the leaves up down up down because trees leaves grow all over the place Open up that red fondant to be apples a little dab of water and stick them on the tree I think Applejack would be pretty proud oh oh oh these are pretty great wait till we're done You're gonna love it Oh What's that Applejack? Every apple orchard has some fallen apples? Okay we'll make some spare apples that have fallen around the base I'm Freehanding the leaves on top put them on the center, OOP We've got the apple orchard covered now for some bushes I'm unwrapping the dark green and light green color

Roll Them out Cut out a variety of sizes Using circle cookie cutters Remove the excess fondant and cut them in half We'll layer these on our cake to make our bushes We have all of our shrubbery, now for the cake topper I'm gonna be asking for the help of Rainbow Dash, because she's always flying around the skies keeping it clear I'm making a rainbow cake topper I want it to look like a rainbow in the sky

So the back piece is going to be light blue like the sky Roll this out and shape it into a round door shape And time to make the rainbow You can pick any colors You'd like I chose red, orange, yellow, green, darker blue, and purple Roll each color into a log, thicker at one end and thinner at the other Our Fondant logs are ready, now shape into a rainbow *sneeze* *sneeze* Ooh, something tickled me, okay! To give it a little flare curl the ends, so it looks like a curly Ponytail, there we go

Just keep following the same shape, adding each color How cool does this look? I wish my hair look like this, then me and Rainbow Dash could be like twins "Hey, girl, like your hair!" I'm like "Oh, thanks!" Take a little paint brush, dip it in water, paint the back of the rainbow This is gonna act as an adhesive So it will stick Then place on top and let it set The last thing we're making are some clouds One of my clouds will be 3D, for the cake topper, and the other ones flat

For the flat clouds roll out the fondant and, using a flower cookie cutter, cut some shapes Then, for the 3D cloud, roll little balls in varying sizes Our cloud balls are all lined up Now, roll out a very thin layer of white fondant and place over the top Ooh! It's gonna look so cool Tuck it in cut off the excess fondant and there you have it, a 3D fluffy cloud

Our cakes have baked, and I've given them plenty of time to cool and cut each of our cakes in half It's time to assemble and frost I've put one of the cakes in front of me on a turn table Then pipe a thin layer of buttercream frosting on the top Smooth it out using a spatula Add the next layer and repeat

Add a layer and frost Then, when you get to the top, flip the last one upside down so the bottom of the cake is facing up This makes frosting a lot easier and less crumbly Frost a thin layer all around the cake This is called a crumb coat, because there's some It might have a few crumbs in it

That's okay Weeeeeeeeeeeew! Pop it in the fridge to chill while we do the exact same thing to the smaller cake After the cakes have chilled in the fridge for about a half-hour we will cover them with fondant In front of me I have a really big pastry mat because one of the cakes is quite large I'm gonna start with the smaller cake Look at this fondant rolling pin isn't this cool? It's huge! And you'll also get an arm massage when you're doing it

Oh Yeah Roll the light blue fondant about a quarter inch thick Fold back the fondant I'm gonna fold it over my arm like this Place the cake in the middle and cover Then gently using your hands smooth out the top

Be sure to get rid of any air bubbles Then smooth out the edges Then, using a small sharp cutting knife, cut off the excess fondant Trim the edges closer to the cake Get in there

And peel off the excess fondant This is what the small cake should look like Now we will do the same exact thing to the large cake but using green fondant Both cakes are covered in fondant So let's stack them Now is also the perfect time to choose what serving plate you want to use I've covered a serving plate in some green fondant, so it all blends together You don't have to do this

This is totally optional I'm gonna assemble first, and then move it cuz I've been working out, you guys These guns are ready for a big move We don't want the cake to bow because of the weight, we need some structural support To do so, we have straws Press one straw all the way down to the bottom Then pull up just a little bit and Cut then press back down Boop! Place them where you want your second tier cake to be I'm gonna place the second tier cake not exactly in the middle, giving us a little bit more playroom in the front for decorations and stuff

Now add all of the fondant decorations that we made from before onto the cake You can get really creative with it, to create a little snapshot of Equestria Our cake is almost done, we put a ton of fun details But what's a My Little Pony cake without My Little Ponies? We have Rainbow Dash, she goes at the top Rarity, she's gonna come hang out here because the diamonds are her cutie mark She designs clothes she's super fashionable and glamourous Pinkie Pie, who's my favorite, loves to throw parties and celebrate Her cutie marks are the balloons

On the bottom tier I'm gonna put Applejack because she's always working on the apple orchard Twilight Sparkle, the magical unicorn She's always studying books in the library with a little baby dragon It's so cute I love it all right and Fluttershy and her cutie marks are the little butterflies And Tadaaaa! Here is the My Little Pony cake that we made today A big Thank you to you guys for suggesting something My Little Pony themed in celebration of the new movie I am so excited you guys I love making two tiered cakes because you can create a whole scene

This looks like someone went into Equestria took a picture of the little ponies hanging out in the land, and I love it I'll be posting lots of pictures and the recipe on rosannapansinocom, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter So you can check it out there, and if you guys make any treats that are My Little Pony themed Please take a picture and send it to me I love seeing your baking creations It just makes me happy It makes my day, and if you have any ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies Please let me know leave me a comment down below, and I will do my best to make it happen alright Thanks again You guys bye-bye Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo doo doo doo doo dee doo dee doo dee dee doo dee doo dee dee Aaaand we're done!

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