Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to my home, today i'm gonna take you on a tour of my new place Some of you know that I moved in earlier in the year

I just got settled But before we start, a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with me to make this video possible I don't know about you guys, but i'm always ordering stuff on amazon and some of the furniture and items you'll see in my house, I ordered from amazon So i'll put a link down below to all of those items so you can check them out if you want now without further ado Come on innn The first thing that you'll see in my house is the entryway I always like to keep a console in the entryway Especially ones with drawers cause You can keep things that you grab right before you run out the door For example, I like to take My dog cookie on walks everyday So I keep her little harness and leash and even her doggie seatbelt in this draw

This thing is so cool i'ma put a link down below but you just click it into your seat belt just like you would a human and it keeps them safe while you're driving! I also like to keep a bowl as a catch-all just to throw Your keys or phone in when you're coming or going so that you don't lose, them because I am notorious for losing My keys and my phone one more thing that I like to have in the entryway is a big mirror so you can Check yourself before you run out the door, and be like oh good i don't have any boogers in my Nose i could head out for the day then over here is the formal dining room where i just had thanksgiving Let's go check it out this is where a lot of eating goes down i like to host for the holidays we also use this Room for a meeting room and we fit? 17 of us in here so this room is also perfect for my family because i have a very large family the style of this House is cape cod it has a very clean fresh look, that i fell in love with, also another Style detail throughout the house as the whole house has a beautiful hardwood floors and i had to learn that you need area rugs because There's a ton of echo and dirt the rug that i found in this room is one of my? Favorite rug it is so soft when i put it in the room cookie My, little dog she went under here and was taking a Nap and i couldn't get her to come out so i had to crawl under there to get her and i was like? Oh, this is actually really cozy and i curl up in a ball and i like took a Nap, with her on this rug this room, also used to be a lot Darker when i moved in i took off the wallpaper i painted it a Brighter color and i picked this or but she and alire i love it because it's clean it's Bright, and even though it's big it's very See-through, so it doesn't feel like it's blocking off the room alright that's it for the dining room now Let's move on let's go to the kitchen one of my favorite rooms yeah i feel like this is the heart of my Home it's where i spend the most time i am always baking and cooking in this kitchen This kitchen with all the appliances and gadgets is a foodies dream come True one of the things that i love about this room, is that the kitchen is an open floor concept Leaving into the living room it's like, one big entertainment space Which is something i love because i love having people over just a layer this Year i had 50 people between the kitchen and the living room they were all over for a tv finale party Whenever i'm having get-togethers people tend to hang out in the kitchen it's Where all the yummy food is one of my favorite pieces of furniture that i found and the entire house are These chairs when i moved in i had really old director's chairs they were falling apart These screws were coming out the fabric had been completely stretched and they were really crickety like And i needed, some new chairs i love that they have a director chair vibe but they're, way more Comfortable so if the guest comes over to bake with Me their friends our family or manager can just sit here and watch as We film over here is usually my coffee station my Coffee machine broke so it is being fixed but it shall be back soon Over here is a foodies fridge dream this is the largest refrigerator i've ever see it in my life i you could fit i could fit in here You could fit probably four of me i'm pretty sure i can't even reach the top shelf over here is the main island Where i do all of the food prep there is a ton of storage built in when i first moved into the house We actually built additional storage, we have built-in recycling bins and garbage we actually Move the sink from the center of this island over into the corner this is as big as my bathtub And over in this corner of the kitchen, we have a warming drawer this came in handy for thanksgiving you Make, fresh rolls and you, want to keep something warm, while the other food is being prepared i also have a, little pestle and mortar Classic great for grinding up spices and herbs then over here at the stove One of the features that i wanted in a dream kitchen, was to have a pasta arm if you're Someone like me who cooks a lot of pasta and eats a lot of pasta this is so handy cuz Usually i would have to take, my pot and fill it up at the sink and then With this, you just turn it on and fill up your pot Whoo, and down here i have two ovens this Is where i do most of baking for nerdy nummies right here i also have, some additional ovens down, the hallway By the pantry over here We have our aloe plants i love having an aloe plant in the kitchen if you love to cook or bake it is really nice To, have one of these handy because if you, burn, yourself on the stove top or something You, just break off a leaf and rub on your burn it helps with healing and over here is my bathtub, oh? Yeah, i actually probably could fit in here and take a, little bath, and like wash my Hair i've always wanted a large farmhouse sink, because i'm cooking And baking all the time and with that come a lot of dishes and then appears just Microwave we've got t-rex in the corner he's just hanging out he's making sure nobody takes too paper towels dad Then he, also keeps an eye on the lemon this is from the same Bowl set from the entryway that this is the large one? These are lemons from my backyard from my lemon tree it produces a lot of lemons it is lemon seasoned So i'm making lemon to everything and behind me is what i like to call this sunroom it is a room That's right off the kitchen and you may recognize it as where i film a lot of challenges and games with My, friends there are so many wonderful memories in this room this is like my happy place Not only all the fun videos that i get a film with, my friends in here but i threw, my parents A 40th wedding anniversary party and this is where their wedding Cake, was and it was just so special so this is my happy rustic sunroom, now, let's go check out the living room Which is right off the kitchen we're in the living room and it's only a few steps from the kitchen it has two themes Slow and cozy, i wanted people to be able to move around easily because i entertain a lot And all the furniture i picked out is super cozy, i've two really, big oversized linen chairs cuz I love to cuddle with cooking By the fireplace a house came with a really big oversized fireplace And i love that especially for the holidays and for the first time ever i have a round coffee Table i wasn't sure if i'd like it or not until i saw it in place i've hosted so many board game nights Along, this table and it is awesome? Everyone can sit around the table, no one feels left out cuz Everybody is equal distance away, from the board, also side note if you Guys, hear, snoring it's because cookie fell asleep right here Just like the dining room this carpet in the living room is so Soft i also put a foam carpet mat underneath it so it's soft on top it's soft underneath i basically Feel like i'm on like one of those like, bouncy Gymnastic like soft floors and lastly the color color that i've been liking lately is gray White and blush so you'll see a bunch of those colors now, let me show You the backyard it opens up through here and i bet cookies gonna, wake up for this she loves going side Tees up the doors on the side of the living room that go to the backyard What's really, neat about them as they you can just open up one door, like this and just go out Oh, cookies already, look at her hoodie are you, gonna help mommy come here, oh there she goes okay? Bye cookie or another option a, whole wall can be open? Like that and then you just squish it together Here is the backyard i'll give you a quick walk around behind me there's a pool hot tub or the sport court over on that side and i have a bunch of plants i have hydrangeas, i have an avocado tree i really need to get another avocado tree because i only have one and they really like to be Together they don't do, well alone Kind of its kind of it's kind of like, me over here i have a lime Tree this is a bears lime And then on this side is a lemon tree this is a meyer lemon? Tree a meyer lemon is sweeter than a normal tart lemon so they're great for baking especially when You're! Making lemonade because the lemon is already sweet you don't need to add additional Or more sugar and a lot of you have noticed the swans floating around in the background of my videos And here they are these two little lovebirds i got these, little guys for fun for my parents 40th wedding anniversary And they were just so cute that i kept them Look, at him they're adorable and cookie loves floating around on these when i'm swimming in the pool and if she floats by you she'll Lick you on the face there's, also a fire pit, we like to hang out here, we can Do, some moors drink hot cocoa get really cozy Then in the corner is a cabana with a fireplace and an outdoor tv and there are speakers Everywhere in my backyard i didn't know this until i moved in but i turned on the tv and but they're everywhere they're in Bushes and on the sides of trees and then the houses and they're everywhere they're speakers everywhere Ah, let's go girl all right let's go back inside us go check out the office, oh? cookie, and here's the home office now when i Originally moved in this room was a total game room there was a pool table a poker table a full built-in Bar but i don't really drink and i don't really gamble so i turned it into something that i really really Wanted i wanted a cozy, home office so that's what I made there's four deaths in here they're all l-shape i love them Because there's more surface area to work on so i can get so many more things then Each, desk has one of these desk lamps and i love them because they look, very executive they remind, me of like a law office or if i was in the library at hogwarts And in this corner of the office i have some file cabinet now before i used to keep all my files in cardboard boxes they were Organized but it just looked really really messy and now i feel like an adult When i open, this up and i built it look what Came with it congratulations You are now an adult yeah On this side of the room Is where the built-in Bar used to be i had that removed and we have some work? Filing cabinets a little doggie bed i wanted a white dog crate So it would blend into the wainscoting around the house i just made this art for fun cuz I didn't have anything to hang in the office so let me know if you actually like, any of these, we have a Baker's gonna, bake in our nerdy nummies poster that We made and a little rose logo the last thing i want to show You in the office is right in front of the seating area and below the tv i store a bunch of the products from the Row, baking line and this is so cool i checked it this morning i don't know If it's still But our? Swirl mold that looks like a little poo is the number one selling mold on amazon so a pretty proud This, is just one of my all-time favorite things from the product, line cuz You can, make brownies or cakes you can, even make, diy crafts and these, okay? That does it for the office and all of downstairs so let's head upstairs and go check it out Upstairs is a little bit echoey because i don't have Any rugs and over here are some guest rooms and This room is a room that was supposed to be an upstairs media room but i turned it into a gym I don't have the most equipment in there yet but i'm working on it and my room is right over this way This, is the door to the master suite the door opens up to a hallway And this way to the bathroom this way to the bedroom a cookie Come on let's go on this side of the hallway is also the closet so there's two closets a His-and-hers i use the hers because it's a little bit bigger it has more storage then over here is my, new Bedroom i decorated the room with the same colors as the living, room i'm really loving gray white and pops of blush this is a new, addition that i have in my Room i've never had a bench at the end of a bed before i? really Love it because cookie does not have a dog bed in this room because she sleeps on the bed and i love having a bench? Here because it makes it easier for her to get on the bed and off the bed and i also love that there's more seating? In here when my friends come over we used to all Sit on the bed make popcorn watch movies and hang out there Was just not a lot of space and now there's a lot of seating on the bed The bench the couch and even the floor if you, guys know I like soft drugs i'm obsessed so i found another really soft rug for the Room it feels good on my, face some of you, may recognize the, big mir that i have on this Wall it's from, my last place i used to have it in the living room now It sits in the bedroom it's where i check, my outfits every, day, make sure like you know My shoes are on the right feet and my shirts not backwards because you know that's Never happened to me before i went to the airport Went through security we're on the plane i get home i was like, my pants are inside-out then over here the bedroom has a Fireplace and a tv above it i don't get a lot of time off but whenever i do i like to curl up on the Bed with, my little dog cookie and binge watch a show, with the fireplace on it basically feels like, cozy, cozy, cabin cozy And i love it that does it for the bedroom let's go down, to the other end of the hallway to the bathroom Welcome to my bathroom i actually, don't think i've filmed anything in here before just a few Like, bath, bombs snaps of my tub But this bathroom has two sinks ones on the side one is on the other side and behind me is a vanity Where i sit and do my? Makeup i have a bunch of makeup and these two drawers right here directly behind the vanity in the center of the room is a Bathtub i fell in love with, this room as soon as i saw the hardware on the tub this hardware reminded Me of my time in france i stayed in a very small cottage and it had this Hardware it also makes when you try to help, your sister bleach your hair and diet rainbow But then you leave it in too long, and some of her hair falls out and you have to emergency rinse it out This, also can come in handy but i don't know, who would ever do that that never would happen there's Also a fireplace on this wall in front of the tub very cozy, you can take a, bath by the fire Oh it couldn't be more romantic then if you added a beautiful chandelier which is what i did there was a light fixture here? When i moved in but i wanted one that felt more romantic and more french so i installed this one behind Me over here is a toilet pretty exciting stuff i know then here is the bigger Shower i've ever seen in my entire Life i could, probably do a handstand in there or something i don't know it has a little bench that could be my bed like look at 8 this my new bed This man you, miss my pillow, oh? Could you we're not really taking a nap I promise this is somebody but cookie actually loves going in here anytime i'm taking a shower are there showers on so wait By, the glass so that if you open The, door, she'll come in and she'll just start drinking water so she thinks that this is her personal Drinking, bowl, so that's, about it cookie is getting a, little antsy She's been wanting to go on a walk all day Huh? cookie you, want to go on a walk You want to go on a walk? Come on girl let's go Alright that does it for the home tour

I hope you guys Enjoyed the video, again a big thank you to Amazon and if you want to see a video showing the process of how Everything came together i'll put a link down below Bye you guys If you'd like to watch any other fun Videos i'll put links up there or up there She's also one of my secrets to getting buffer and working out is i just hold her Like this and then i just do squats, like this, and remember when you squat, the knees got to go out a little bit Let em out

Let's do it Oh! She's, oh she's ready

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