Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m here with my sister Mo Mo: Hello! Ro: And Mr

Husky! Husky: Hello! Ro: Today, we are gonna be playing helping hands and I’m gonna be teaching you guys Ro: and my sister Mo, how to make a burrito! And I’m gonna be doing it with no hands! Ro: Because Mr Husky is going to be my arms today Alright, let’s get started! Ro: Hands in, it’s burrito on 3… 1, 2, 3 All: BURRITO! Ro: OK, I’m gonna be putting my hands back here, I can’t use them at all Ro: And Mr

Husky’s gonna be sitting behind me and these, you know, Ro: obviously, are not my hands Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna be doing is putting on our chef hats because it helps Ro: keep the face out of your hair when you’re baking and you don’t want any hair Ro: in your burrito, not an ingredient! Ro: So you just put them on your head like this, there’s a little piece of velcro Ro: in the back, so you can just adjust it and get it on there like that Ro: Alright, oh sister! Mo: Is this good? Ro: You look so cute! Mo: You look great! Ro: Look at us! OK, now, you’re gonna pick your tortilla, there’s many different Ro: kinds of tortillas, I’ve got a flour one right here, because we love the flour ones! Mo: They’re really good Ro: Mmmhmm! Ro: They also have corn tortillas, and you can single wrap them or double wrap them, Ro: but I like them single wrapped Ro: Now the next step, is you’re gonna add protein, we’ve got lots of different things Ro: for protein here, look we’ve got refried beans, we’ve got pinto beans, we’ve Ro: got grounded beef, and some black beans! Ro: So you’re gonna add your favorite protein first

I’m gonna add some, uh, little Ro: pinto beans because I love, who doesn’t love a pinto bean! Mo: Oh, everybody! Ro: Yeah Mo: Oh yeah Ro: Oh there we go, just sprinkle them on there like that, make it rain! Ro: Now some refried beans, I love refried beans they’re so yummy! Ro: Just take a plop, just plop it right in the middle of your plate Ro: There we go! There we go! Ro: Then we’re gonna take some ground beef, and you don’t always need to use a spoon, Ro: you can kind of, just use your hands and sprinkle it on there! Ro: There we go, there we go! Ro: Would you like the spoon? Or did you… Mo: I’m using the sprinkle method Ro: Oh you’ve already got those Mo: It was, yeah it was good

Ro: Great! Now… Ro: We are gonna go on and add some cheese, now let me find the cheese, there it is! Mo: Yeah! Ro: Oh there we go and then we’re just gonna sprinkle some cheese on there Ro: And Molly doesn’t get any Mo: Oh wow Ro: Because she’s a little Ro:sensitive to dairy Mo: You can take my serving of cheese

Ro: OK, OK, yeah Ro: I’ll just, I’ll use all this, just pack it in here I’m really trying to get as Ro: much cheese as possible Mo: That’ll be great Ro: Then you’re gonna add your veggies, we have some iceberg lettuce and onions, Ro: but you can use whatever veggies you like Ro: Oh, oh here we go, oh it’s a long reach for me, I’ve got short arms! Ro: Ohhh-ho-ho! Lettuce for everybody! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Mo: Yeah, perfect! Good! Ro: I love it, this is one of my favorite veggies! Here you go Molly, you like these! Mo: Yeah, I do! Yeah Ro: Mo can you hand me some onions? Mo: Yeah here we go

Ro: Ooooh, gimme, gimme, gimme, I love these! Oh yeah! Mo: Onions are… Ro: They don’t give me the best breath, but they’re delicious! Ro: Now we’re gonna add our condiments, I’ve got sour cream and guacamole Ro: But whatever you’d like, use whatever you’d like Ro: So Mo can you hand me the guacamoles? Mo: I think guacamole is my favorite Ro: Oh yummy, yummy, yummy! This is my favorite, I could just eat this all day, so I’m Ro: just gonna put a little bit here on top You don’t want to put too much because Ro: it will take away from the flavor

Mo: Here we go! Ro: Thank you very much! Oh that's very nice of you! I'm just gonna put a couple spoonfuls of this on the Ro: burrito Just like that, make it taste… pff-really good! Mo: Oh good, yeah! Ro: And now, last but not least, you know what we’ve got to do now, we’re gonna Ro: add some FIRE! Mo: Oh good! Ro: Yeah! Now it’s time for your salsa, or hot sauce, or we’ve even got jalapeños today Ro: I love little spicies, so here, oh we found the jalapeños, here it is Ro: Um, now these are really hot, so you don’t want to… Erroph, aughph, hoooo! Mo: Are those ones pretty good? Ro: OH! Yeah…

Mo: You’re really selling me on these Ro! Ro: My hands are pretty messy, I better wipe them off… On… My hair… Ro: Oh my god! Ro: When you cook, ya know, food gets everywhere right? Ro: Now, last but not least, we gotta add some salsa, it’s a real reach here Mo: It’s kinda far Ro: Oh here we go, here we go! Ro: OK, ohp! Oopsie-doopsies! Ro: OK, let’s put a few spoonfuls of salsa, and remember it’s hot! Mo: Hey, what do you call a nosey, nosey pepper? Ro: What? Mo: Jalapeño business! Ro: Hahahaha Mo: Kinda like you have the jalapeños… Ro: Is this Jalapeño business? Mo: Hahaha yeah! Ro: Is this Jalapeño business sister? Ro: Now that we’ve got all of our ingredients, now it’s time to roll our burrito

Ro: The 1st thing that you’re gonna do is fold in the right and Ro: left side of your burrito Mo: OK… Ro: And then roll It’s really, really easy! Ro: See? The left and the right, and then you just roll… Like that! Mo: Oh! Ro: Oh perfect! And there you have it, that’s a burrito Ro: Molly, let me see your burrito Mo: Yeah, that’s pretty good

Ro: Beautiful! Mo: Yeah! Ro: Ta-da! Ro: Here are our burritos that we made today, these look amazing! And they’re gonna taste good, lets Ro: do a taste test Mo: OK, yeah Ro: OK, lets… Ro: Oooof! Ohhhmgafham!!! Ro: Um, let me try that again… Ro: Num-yum-yum-yum-yum-om-yum-yum-yum! Ro: Best burrito I’ve ever made! Ro: Thank you Molly, high-five! Mo: High… Ro: For cooking with me today! Ro: Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! Ro: If you guys have any other suggestions for any other videos that we should make, Ro: please leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen Ro: And, a big thank you to my sister Mo for being here, and, Mr

Husky hahaha! Ro: For being my hands! Ro: Alright, bye-bye you guys, thanks again! Ro: Also, if you’d like to see our other video’s you can click up here Mo: Or up here! Ro: Yep! And check ‘em out! Mo: Mmm-hmm! Ro: Oh, Mo, you got a little something on your face Mo: Oh, can you get it? Ro: Yeah, let me get it, let me get it! So… There got it! Mo: Is it gone? Ro: Yeah it’s gone haha! Mo: Cool thanks! Good lookin’ out! Ro: Ooooh-hoo-hoo! Ro: Burrito-barritoooooooo! Mo: OH Pffffft! Ro: Burrito-barrito, oh, oh-ho-ho! Mo: Ha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Ro: I just upper-cutted myself!

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