OREO CHALLENGE PART TWO! w/ the Merrell Twins!

Hey guys, it's ro today, I am hanging out with the merrell twins they came over We've got Veronica- hello – and Vanessa – hello- We just finished filming another video on their channel, so go check it out I'm going to put a link down below Also, go subscribe to their channel show them some love they make a bunch of adorable and really fun videos I love them

This is really special This is our first collab on this channel Yeah Yes, so thank you for being here Thanks for having us And today we are gonna be playing the Oreo taste challenge We are gonna be trying 10 different flavors of Oreo blindfolded

Ten different Oreos? Yeah There's a bunch of them now The rules are if you guess the flavor Correctly you get a point okay and the person with the most points at the end wins There's no punishment for the loser, thats great There's I don't also don't have a trophy for the winner It's okay Here we go Oh jeez these are a lot tighter than i thought yeah how do I look? Um well I can't see a bit

Let me check Okay you feel good Okay My eyes Yep

I'm good Should I feel you? Yeah, just check that none of us are cheating alright We've got our first Oreo Let's do this I'm gonna smell first it smells ooh like something I know I don't know are we gonna – smells good Let's take a bite one two Mm-hmm it tastes What is this? It tastes, like, citrusy – yeah, like a fruit This tastes like a fruit it does seems like a fruit

I think it's a fruit no no now I'm getting a uh It kind of like – the aftertaste the aftertaste like do that it kind of tastes like um the hi-chews a spicy okay one two three Lemonade orange I put – I said orange oh girl Did you say key lime yeah? That's it This is probably key lime pie Yeah, okay, let's look One, two three What whoa? wait wait You guys, – what? – key lime pie ding ding! Point over here, point for Vanessa Wow, I'm so proud of myself That's the only one I'm ever going to guess this entire day! You nailed it I thought it was orange Second Oreo flavor here we go gonna smell Oh, oh oh what is that? I can't tell

I can't tell either That smells very sugary You ready? Uh-huh I don't taste a flavor Let me- okay, let me open up the cookie and take a big smell I I think I know You know I think I know okay

Well, I know that this is not their, like, chocolate cookie It's not chocolate It tastes like a vanilla cookie, I'll tell you that Really? Yeah, don't listen to me I could be totally wrong, and in full disclosure, I usually lose all these challenges so oh my gosh You know what this tastes like This tastes like another another cookie That's what I'm thinking Oh

Oh are we on the same page I think so we may be thinking on the same page This tastes like another cookie I don't know what cookie we're talking about Uh- oh Uh- oh, I shouldn't have said anything One two three S'mores An animal- an animal cracker Yeah, let's check oh my gosh we're all over the place one two okay one two three- a peep? a what? oh Whoa whoa This is really pink

Nessa you were on to something when you said S'mores Oh You said s'mores because they have marshmallows Oh I see what you were thinking Wow, we – I was totally off I was totally off too

You both were, like working to the same thing All right that one's a lose okay? That's okay, though alright, so now we have our third Oreo to try Let's do it I'm gonna smell it first oh Wait wait, I know this smell Oh my gosh it's on the tip of my tongue Okay, maybe we should take a bite Like oh, I think I know just from smelling it Really? I think so okay I don't know okay, here we go

I'm gonna take a bite huh oh Wait I don't know oh, I know I know it's I know I know I know I know one of these I Don't one of these I don't know the other one okay, are you ready yes one two three peanut butter and jelly! Did we get it? We'd better Yay! and PB&J So now we have Oreo number four Are you guys ready? Yes, okay I'm gonna pick one up Yeah

Smell it Gonna smell oh Wait, I can't smell it that good ready oh Wow I think I know what it is You do? Yes Oh this fast Yes No, ooh and the aftertaste the aftertaste is wonderful very delightful oh Do you know do you get this taste like a candy? That I eat a lot, oh my gosh, I don't want to say this okay, but it's like like a lot of people This is a sweet flavor with some soul Okay, I'm opening mine up, and I'm gonna eat a little bit more in this filling yes to be sure Oh my god I want to meet I thought I had more I guess I didn't one two three butterscotch oh Candy corn? Ah that's it *gasp* Wait a minute where that's crazy wait part of the candy corn? Candy corns are three colors

This only has two! Well, that's why we got it wrong all right, so we've got cookie number five and here we go I'm just gonna smell it all right This is halfway there This one's good Oh, this smells really good This smells like Christmas And I have to say that these flavors have not been easy No, they're all tricky like I've been I can go ahead and tell you what flavor I think this is just by smelling it But honestly because of what's been going on I don't think it is We have to taste it

I have to be- we have to be Creative yeah We need to do creative guesses give you a really creative Yeah, smells like gingerbread oh That's awesome What Oh? I'm confused now Oh my gosh I think I know what this is I have been training my whole life Ladies when the holidays roll around This is something that I consume a lot of and I'm not exactly proud of it it's something that's served hot and I like to curl up and I Have never been so sure of something in my life

Okay, should we just try it yeah? One two three Points all around all around Okay, all right This is Oreo cookie number six Are you guys ready? Yeah? Yeah, let's take a whiff Ready? Okay What what oh wow? I think I hmm I think I have, like, Oreo crumbs all over my face

I probably have more all over my nose I can't smell anything I think I kinda have an idea Did you eat it? No let me taste it right now Let's don't okay? In your mouth and in your throat Should we guess and we all know now yeah, yeah one two three pop rocks So I think these are like the fourth of July ones Wait, what? Yes

This is the point for all of us Yay It's pop rock Yeah, all right, so now it is time for Oreo number seven Yes, ok Alright, smell it

This is gonna be lucky number seven we're gonna get this right I'm confused No No I don't smell anything I don't either Do I just eat it

Just smells like a cookie I'm breaking mine open Yeah, I don't know what this is, but I love it I think I know Well, I know I know I I I I've locked my answer in oh I know – this is something I have everyday Yeah, yeah one two three coffee oh Yes, I actually was specifically Going to say mocha, but as like a joke, but I did I felt coffee was more Reliable I'm gonna give us all a point five Oh

Yeah What are you guys? Dunkin donut yeah, and it's a Dunkin Donuts mocha flavor But I just tasted the coffee you need – I only tasted coffee now We have Oreo number eight Oh, I'm so excited We've been advised to take a real a big bite Mm-hmm because our team said that there's some there might be something in the middle yeah Yeah, are you ready guys yeah? I'm ready I'm gonna do a big bite One, two, three go I know I don't know I Do not know what that says I love these no you you eat them around a campfire this just tastes like a graham cracker to me that can't be it, right Graham, cracker

Let me open this up And touch it You think it'll be a different group No it all feels the same I don't know how to get to the men Let me just try to guess where the middle is I'm gonna wipe it Take a taste You know I think I should go with my first instinct yeah That's a good idea one Two three more graham cracker che look It's a graham cracker Oreo What you know what's weird is the aftertaste does taste a little bit like Syrup like meeple yeah now that you say something all right that one was tough But let's go to the next one Okay

I'm ready Oreo number nine we have two more left Oh very flavorful I can I can smell a lot of flavors Are you okay? let's take a bite ready I am Truly confused what a strange flavor? Okay, it's a fruit mixed with something mmm I know that Mm-hmm I didn't taste fruit What fruit are you tasting? I am tasting like a cherry or something? No, there was these gross candies that my grandma used to eat, and I don't know the name of them But there were these candies with like a cherry in the middle and it was covered with chocolate Oh Crack them open it like ooze out of it

It takes like one of those this tastes like old cherry and girls okay the first thing that popped in my head and Don't trust my instincts, but I'm gonna stay true to them I'm gonna go for it Oh gosh Oh, yeah, I know they're by only one taste another by Isis man is gonna guess Oh Smells like it 1 2 3 Something boy I said raspberry filled something I said milk shake oh That's a good guess ready Oh cherry milkshake a strawberry milkshake That's a good ready everybody get my bag public covered Strawberry I love chocolate covered cherries this does not taste enough Yeah, but you said I was going to say it has chocolate and it drop and I use Ok I'm gonna give us all half points because we all guessed it with the fruits, okay We knew that there is a fruit in there We also determined that the fruit was red Now it is time for the 10th Oreo This is our last Oreo so our last time to earn some point ok ok go with what smell them oh no She smells like graham crackers again

It does Oh great I'm confused already ok I don't know What am I eating What is this oh? No? This is not good for me ok, but? I don't know let's taste that I'm gonna eat the frosting part actually hmm Okay, this is really weird, but if you just eat the icing which is what I've just done it tastes like maybe it's trying to be a bit good for some reason when you go like this I mean, I can't see what I'm doing, but like it's like a just move your draw a lot like this I can make taste better I Learned this for my sister's dogs one two three blueberry muffin Oh or a Blueberry scone Or a blue- no, I only get one guess, okay, let's see You definitely got that you guys A blueberry pie, I think you get the point I didn't get the point

I'll take half a point oh you think I got a blueberry the final score is our four four and a half points and five It's the key lime that's one eye, that's when I got so much fun Thanks for playing this game with me you guys And I have one bonus flavor not a part of the game But literally Oreos has made a mystery packet with mystery flavors, so we don't need the blindfold Oh, but apparently people can guess it, and if they guess some they like right Oreo, and you get a prize This is the packet these are the mystery Oreos Oh, and then it's so black and white yes is our little pandas and okay So you guess the flavored for a chance to win? $50,000 All right, we've got to take a cookie here, all right, let's see if we can guess should we smell it whoa That smells very fragrant that smells exactly like Trix cereal Okay Let's do it The cereal I think it's Trix Mm-hmm It's Trix or fruity pebbles so you guessed right I'm guessing fruity pebbles I'm guessing Froot Loops all right, so we've all got cereals let us know if you try these in the comments down below What flavor you think it is I definitely think it's a cereal all right that does it for that were you challenge a big Thank you to you guys

Thank you This is so much fun And don't forget We also made a video over on their Channel All the links down below go check it out Even if you have any other ideas for any other videos Leave me a comment down below All right

Hope you enjoy the video Bye Bye, bye if you want to see any other fun videos click here or up here

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