Play Doh Challenge w/ Rosanna Pansino

*Continuous grunt* Bam! Mark: Hello everybody, my name- Ohh, WHAT?! You about to intrude?! Ro: *Laughs* *Thump* Bam! Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to another challenge with Roooooo Ro: Hello! *waves* Mark: Also known as Rosanna Pansino And this is my diamond play button! Ro: *sings like an angel* Mark: If you don't know why this is here, you gotta go see the video over on her channel where we did another Nerdy Nummies, just like we did for Five Nights at Freddy's back then but I didn't have an award for that! I have this, it's amazing Are you gonna close up on that? Ha ha, that's pretty nice

Thanks Anyway that going to be right here SO! We are reverting back to our playground days, Ro: Yesss! Mark: And we are gonna play with some PlayDoh! Ro: Oh yeah! Mark: So the challenge is we are both going to be getting a prompt and we have to sculptthis mysterious thing that we're gonna be knowing in- in just a second, Mike is behind the camera he's gonna shout it- Say hi! Mike: Hi Mike *Ro laughs* Mark: No Yeah so, we're gonna be given a prompt, we're gonna get this, and then an impartial judge of THREE separate people: Molly, Tyler, Mike, they're all gonna be doing the judging for us, uh and they're supposedly impartial They're not at all Tyler even said as much that he was not going to vote for me before this challenge started (Tyler laughs) Ro: Wooo hooo Mark: He explicitly stated that I was not gonna be voted for Mike: Do you wanna maybe explain what you're doing? Mark: I did! I explained it! Ro: What about the points? Mark: We're gonna be getting- oh Ro: Oh, the judges tell us Mark: Yeah, we're gonna be getting a prompt We're gonna make it out of PlayDoh It's best of five, we have one minute to make it So I'm gonna get ready and open, nah

Ro: No! Yeah? Mark: Yeah keep em' closed Ro: We only have one minute?! Mark: One minute Ro: Uh oh *cough* What if I cant get the lid off for like twenty seconds? Mark: Well that's too bad for you! Ro: Oh, okay Mike: Alright the first thing you're going to make is a beautiful, beautiful tiger GO! [Upbeat snazzy music] (dang, this should be my intro) Mark: Oh jeez Ro: *laughing* Come out! (of the closet mark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Ro: Are you kidding? Ro: Are you– No! Are you kidding? Mark: Heh ha! Mark: Looks like I Will be the victor!! *bang bang bang bang bang bang* Ro: Okay Okay a cat He has a body, he has a body Mark: That is true Ro: Four- four legs! Four legs Mark: That's true, cats do have bodies Mark: This one's gonna be stealthy, stalking through the jungle Ro: That's a tail Mark: okay! Mark: I'm gonna build some jungleurng Mark: That's a tree! That's a

That's a tree [Upbeat music] (this music makes me fappy ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) ) That's a tree, it's a frond of a tree and it's hiding in the jungle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It's a, it's a Bengal tiger! My bro from Cincinnati, here, cares about that stuff Ro: We need stripes! Mark: I'm get- I'm already on the stripes

R: What? Mike: Alright time! Ro: Oh, WHAT?! Oh! I didn't get any stripes! M: Oh geez That's it?! *Ro and Mark laugh* Tyler: I vote Mark Mark: Yeah! *Laughs victoriously* Yeah! *claps* 'Cause it- it was the jungle that did it for ya, right? Tyler: Yes Molly: I'm gonna have to vote Mark too

*Mark gasps* Because he got the stripes, and has scenery Mark: Yeah! Ro: Wow, stripes AND scenery? Really went the extra mile! Ro: Ok Mark: I want a clean sweep here

Mike: It's Mark, because he was able to get the PlayDoh out Mark: Yeah! Ro: *laughing* Ro: Nice job, Mark Mark: Thank you Ro: That was well deserved win! Mark: Thank you, yes Ro: Really creative! And he had those stripes Mark: I definitely deserve that

Mike: Your next item is: a delicious pizza! Go! Ro: Oh (x6) Ro: Okie, okie Mark: *singing "Mozorellia"* Mark: Italiano word Ro: Not again! *Not* again! Really?! *Rapid sledgehammer banging* Mark: Okay, gotta get some nicepepperoni on here

Mark: Yeah, that's looking good Oh, I'd eat this! *spits* Ro: Okay! Mark: Gotta get the Mozarella cheese! Just flake that on there, gotta get all nice and flaky on there I mean, who doesn't like green peppers on their Pizza there That's a delicious looking pizza If I had to say

Mark: I'm just gonna pretty it up with some nice crust going on here, some elegant distribution Ro: I've got crust, I've got Marinara Mark: I can make a stuffed crust pizza Ro *laughs* Mark: There we go just gonna stuff that crust in there Just that one bite it's a SUPRISE bite of stuff (Ro: Cheese, cheese, cheese) You never know what's gonna be stuffed I'm done! i think I can just

I think I'm I'm good I'm confident in this ooh sausage! Thats a good idea, I'ma steal that idea! AND TIME! w-w-WHA-t!The sausage fell o-off, on the side! *Markimo laughs* I feel pretty good about this *in background* they're both good! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE BOTH GOOD?! Ro: They're both really good! oh they're both good wh- what is this double

di- Tyler: I'm just curious about the orange crust Mike: I'm gonna go with Rosanna because she has crust and sauce and I never had an orange pizza before *music intensifies* *Homicidal Mark in 3 2 1* Ro: Uh Oh Mark: *skeptically* Sure Molly: My vote is gonna go to Rosanna as well Mark: AH COME ON! I PUT SO MUCH DETAIL IN MINE Ro: *laughing* Mark: I shredded the parma-the-the-the mazorella! Molly: I think the sauce and the cheese and the really round nice shape of that-that pizza dough *squeak* Mark: What's wrong with mine! I had a stuffed crust! the crust was stuffed! One crust was stuffed Ro: One crus- I can see him! Mark: No this one

Ro: Oh he's *laughs* Mark: Right there Ro: Oh T: I'm sorry Mark, Rosanna Mark: *high pitch* WHAT? Ro: Wooooo! That's- like a two year old could make that! This takes skill and art! If- It's cause my sausage fell off, isn't it? Cause my sausage *Tyler laughs* Ro: Yeah cause the sausage fell off that was it

*small giggle* *eviler giggle* *witch cackle* Ro: Mark! Ro: Mark! We're tied! Mark: shut up Ro: One To One! Mike: Your next one is a spooky, spooky jack o lantern GO! Ro: oh (x3) Mark: I don't have enough orange for this! Mark: *spoopy "oooohing"* Mark: *spoopily* I'm setting the moooooddd

It's spooooooky! Ro: *laughing* M: It's got blood red eyeeeeees! *weird "oohing" noise from Mark* They're so angry! Vicious fangs! Hes even got a little gangrene in his eyeeee he's got an infectiooon! *mumbled: "It's So Spooooooky!"* Mike: Alright time! Mark: Argh! *more spoppy Markimoo sounds* *little laughy laugh and then mumbling* Ro: *laughing* show the judges Ro: *louder* Show the judges! Uh over heree aw this is a tough one you guys Mark: W-w-hat! No it's not! Tyler: I-I've I've got mine figured out Molly: I think I know my vote too Tyler: I vote Mark just because the color adds a little bit more pop Mark: Thanks Ro: Wow, Wow, wow, wow, Molly: I'm gonna have to vote Mark too Molly: for creativity Ro: Tough Crowd! *smacks table lightly* Tough Crowd! Molly: and uh ambience M: Eh yeah thank you! Thank you! Yourembember the ambience! Mike: I'll go with Ro cause it actually looks like a Jack O' Lantern *Ro fistbumps air* Mark: Wh-Why does mine not look like a Jack O' Lantern *Ro crackles* Tyler: I thought for sure one of you was actually hollow it out and make holes which would have been really cool Mark: That would have been smart but we are not thatthing *assorted Tyler/Mike laugter* I think that's biased! That's biased! Mike: You still get the point Mark, be happy with it! Mark: *refusing to admit defeat* ITS BIASED! It's 2-1 Mike: Make a SUPER happy snowman! GO! 😀 Ro: *ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh* Wait! (Insanity Mark) Ro: 2, 3 M: *breathy laugh* Ro: The biggest one on the bottom! *Evilish laughter that goes to evil laughter* *Satan laugh* MWAAHAHAHAHAHH Ro: What is-what is that?! Mark: *giggles* Ro: Is that a happy laugh? Mark: *evilish laughter* Ro: *mumbling* Mark: I'm happy about it! Ro: Oh no! Mark: It's a yellow snowman *dissovles into giggles* Mark: *grunts weirdly* Ro: He needs arms! Mark: Looks like a penis! [classical music] Mark: yeaaahhhh!! M: Oh that's cheating! Argh! Ro: Ah no! Mark: Ok it didn't get in! Mark: It's a neck brace! Ro: *giggles and claps* Mark: Alright, let me explain

mine *laughter* Tyler: I already know yours! Mark: *giggles* The happinessthat comes from a snowman comes from making the snowman

All the little kids in townhad the best time making

the world's biggest *hesitates* Ro & M: Yellow snowman! They allpitched init's the season of giving *laughing* and theycouldn't stop giving Mark: so they had a great time Ro *laughter* M: Guess what the arms aremade of! *assorted no's from everyone* Ro: Oh no! Mark! Okay! I have to gowith the snowman that i personally would want to build and that would be Rosanna's snowman Mark: Oh, come on! Ro: yes yes yes yes! Mark:Thats like- thats the Cutthroat kitchen round i gotta give it to Ro M: ohh, come on! R: was not expecting that to be frank i could see that being like aaaaa duck like a rubber duck M: How is that duck?! M: IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS A DUCK?! Ro: ooohhh ya Ro: that you put in the bathtub Ro: you know the little floaty duck in the bath Mark: we are gonna talk about this when we get home Ro: *LAUGHS* Tyler: It is truly hard, which is why I wanted to do a split vote Mike: I think for creativity, Mark but, for following the directions i gotta give it to Ro Mark: its a happy snowman!! *Ro woos in the backround* Mark: I pretty much figured out i was gonna lose after Mark: I had the idea he literally went for yellow and looked directly at me and I'm like"oh god" Mark: Yah! This is our last round and big stakes because Mark: TIED! Ro: *nods* tied game it shouldn't be tied! I think that the audience is in my favor on this one! [beautiful music] *shakes head*they're in your favor Markimoo: yeah-but thats just how COOKIE CRUMBLES

for the last one, you have to make, YOURSELF! *hammers play doh* Mark: shizzle jo-inohn (chisel jaw) in there the epitome of maannliness *struggles to get playdoh out* ERHHHH (x2) come on! Ro: Get out of there! Mike: Time! okay! alright *laughter* Ro: made myself, I have pale skin umm- i have PINK lips! bruuunette hair! AANNND I tried to get some eyelashes on there and a few chicken pox scars those i actually – just, my finger just jammed in there my nail- but, i have a chicken pox scar to match! *nods* okay, alright! So, mine, I chose white skin because choosing yellow would have been racist red, obviously, the hair is perfect Perfect! Same! Same color! I-I have an incredible brown nose just-cause who I am The cheesiest smile Yeahh? * everyone agreeing* YEahhhh cheesy! (like da pizza!) M:okay

Ro :*nodding* okay and then- uh- green eyes *speechless markimoo* *wheeze* Um Tyler: I'll go ahead and vote Mark because he has all of the features of the face

The nose, the eyes Ro: Yeah, missed the nose (who needs noses) Mike: I think I'll go Ro, for artistic ability, I would much rather look at that than Mark's (Mark): Wha-you cant judge by artistic ab- we didn't need pre-requisites coming into this! Did we?! Mike: As a judge, uh, that's what I pick! Mark: *under breath* terrible judge Molly: HMMM

Come downs to molly, but-uh NEED I remind, *laughter* That I can BEAT YOU to DEATH with this thing? It's very heavy! Very heavy*stares into molly's soul* im a have to go with Rosanna

OHHH! It- Molly:I actually saw it next to her face- I I have to think that- there- um What! that- I – and- What! W-wHat! Ro: Yeah, I don't know mark-I What! I- I Ro: Id- the hair is you- but – i Mark: w-w-w-What! This is garbage! 100% Grade-A garbage! I did not work my ass off, to win this! *THUmp* This award! So i could be thwarted by BIASED JUDGES! Tyler: The funniest part is, you thought I was the ONE, who wasn't going to voting for him the most YOU STILL DIDNT! *LAUGHTER* You did 2 of 3 times, you voted for me! Ro: wait, Im going to make you something! Mark: what This will make you feel better

I doubt that See? <3 Put it down There you go, there you go Thank you, I'm going to put this right here you got that on camera? *smash* (ro:OOHH) Thats the end of the challenge, than you everybody so much for watching

Hope you enjoyed this video Check out the cupcake video we made over on her channel it's in the description below ↓ Thank you everyone for watching and let me know who REALLY won this down in the comments! Mike: we all know they won't be biased, alright MINE WERE-BET They had more heart, they had more soul! they had more-like integrity Tyler: I-I I will give you, the uniqueness Ro: yess *creativity* Ro:C-CC-RRR-ea-t-t-t-vity U-a-nic-a-nious Mark:THANK YOU Tyler: artistic conscience, would not let me vote for this one so *mockingly* A-AR-R-TISTIC CONSCIENCE OH-MY Ro: those are like- really DEEP wordsand I like it! *salty markimoo* Jesus Hey guys! I just got done editing this video and I just wanted to add on I'm not actually mad, it may seem like I'm salty But I'm just playing that up because I thought that was funny There's really kinda, no way that I could've won this challenge uh, Ro's job is decorating pastries, so Play-Doh's not too far off *BREATH* And I highly recommend you guys check out the video we did for her channel All about the Youtube Play Button Except for the new RUBY one, which I don't think any else besides Felix is ever gonna get (You deserve it, Mark!) so thank you everybody so much for watching, and, and just remember, Ro is a lovely person I adore her and I love doing these videos with her so definitely check her channel out So thanks again everybody for watchin' and as always, I will see YOU in the next video

Bye – bye!!

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