Ro: Hi guys it’s Ro, today I’m here with my friend TJ TJ: Hey what’s up? Ro: He does music, gaming and highway sing alongs! TJ: Yeah! Ro: They’re pretty cool, I’ll put his links down below so if you Ro: want to go check out his YouTube channels

And, we got so many requests Ro: from you guys to play the Pocky Challenge TJ: Yeah! Ro: Have you ever had Pocky? TJ: Yes, I’ve had Strawberry Pocky once upon a time Ro: That’s my favorite! TJ: Yeah? Ro: Yeah! TJ: Cool! Ro: If you guys are not familiar with the Pocky Challenge, it is super simple, Ro: we had our friends go out and pick out a ton of different flavors of Ro: Pocky And we are gonna taste them, but we are gonna be blindfolded! TJ: Wha-pschhh! Ro: And then we’re gonna taste them, try to guess the flavor, Ro: and if we guess the flavor, we get a point Ding-ding-ding! TJ: This is gonna be challenging, I don’t… I only know that one flavor

Ro: Me too! TJ: And I don’t remember what it tastes like Ro: Alright, are you ready? TJ: I’m ready, you ready? Ro: Alright, this is may the best Pocky… Taste… Tester… Both: Win! Ro: Good sportsmanship! TJ: Good luck! Ro: Alright, let’s put on these blindfolds I had to tie mine, because my head’s small! TJ: Oh, gotta, gotta keep the hair looking fly! I can do this Ro: Yeah, TJ, don’t mess up your hair! TJ: What? Can't mess up! Ro: You got some good looking hair! TJ: I just put some Palmade in it! Ro: Alright, ready for our first one? TJ: Let’s do it! Ro: Oooh! They’re in a box, we gotta open these Ro: Gotta figure this out

TJ: What? We have to open the box? Ro: Yeah TJ: What? I thought the challenge was to know the flavors… It’s a Ro: OK, so we gotta open this now TJ: OK Ro: OK, one, two… There we go! There we go! Ro: Oh I can smell these! Ro: Oh it smells good! OK let’s taste it

Ro: Mmmmm! Mmmmm-mmmm-mmmmm! TJ: I recognize the smell Ro: I think I know what this is because I eat this fruit every other day! TJ: Really? Ro: Mmmhmm TJ: Yeah, it’s kind of a fruity smell, it’s kind of like TJ: sweet and citrus-y Ro: Mmmhmm! Mmmhmm! TJ: Mmmhmm Ro: Oh these are so good! Ok, I gotta stop, I’m gonna do one more bite

Both: One, two, three… Banana! Ro: Huh! TJ: Chocolate Banana! Ro: Did you taste chocolate? TJ: Not really! Ro: I only tasted the banana and I only smelled the banana, so, do we get Ro: a half a point? TJ: How does that work? Ro: Because it’s chocolate banana? TJ: I say we should get a half a point Ro: Half a point for each of us Ding-ding! TJ: Oooooh! Ro: It’s really sweet TJ: Ooooh yeah! Ro: Mmmm that smells good Alright I’m gonna taste

TJ: Mmmm this smells really good! Ro: Mmmmm! TJ: So I’m kind of getting, like a little bit reminiscence of the previous one Ro: OK from now on TJ: Yeah Ro: We’ll cleanse our pallets TJ: Oh! Ro: In between each tasting

TJ: That’s important Ro: Because that’s what like, fancy people do TJ: Right! Ro: Ok, what are you leaning towards? TJ: I’m leaning between vanilla and cinnamon I think more towards vanilla Ro: Hmmm

TJ: Oh what about like, uh, Oreo kinda thing? Ro: Oh yeah! TJ: You know how Oreo kind of combines vanilla and chocolate kinda thing? Ro: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ro: Oh my gosh I got an idea TJ: OK what’s that? Ro: OK I can’t tell you, are you ready? TJ: What!?!? Ro: Let’s guess because… TJ: I just told you my guesses! TJ: She stole my guesses! Ro: Wait, wait! TJ: She would have no idea if I hadn’t told her my guesses! Ro: I’m thinking… TJ: Like a cookie dough kind of thing? Ro: Cookie dough! TJ: Is that what you’re thinking? Ro: Yeah! TJ: Mmmmmmm TJ: I think you’re… Ro: And then the chunks are chocolate chips TJ: I think you’re right about that TJ: Thank you for sharing your an…

Your guesses with me Ro: OK, we’ll share this round TJ: OK Ro: OK, are you ready we can guess? TJ: I’m ready Ro: Are you sure? TJ: I think so

Ro: Are you still taste testing over here? TJ: What? No! Both: One, two, three Ro: Chocolate chip cookie dough TJ: I’m just gonna go cookie dough TJ: What do we got? Do we take the blindfolds off? Ro: Oh my gosh! TJ: Oreo? Cookies and cream! I was so close! Ro: We were just talking about that You were just talking about cookies and cream! TJ: Gotta stick with my own… Ideas

Ro: Yeah, don’t come over here Ro: TJ, did I tell you that I lose most of these challenges? TJ: Yeah you did tell me, I shouldn’t listen to you Ro: OK, he’s been warned! Ro: Alright got some waters TJ: Got some water, alright, here, cleansing the pallet Ro: Yes cleanse the pallet TJ: like a posh Pocky Connoisseur! TJ: Perfect! Ro: Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! TJ: Ah yes! I recognize that tune! Ro: Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! TJ: That gargle tune

Ro: Score is still tied 5-5 And now onto the third flavor TJ: Alright, let’s do it! TJ: Alright, where is, where is the box? Ro: Oh! I knocked it! TJ: There’s only one box… Ro: There's only, oh! TJ: Apparently its the most rare pocky in the world! Ro: OK

Oh there’s two bags in here though! TJ: Oh there’s two bags in there? TJ: This one is mine! My precious! Ro: Oh, oh! OK, OK, oh! TJ: You, you smelling? Ro: Ooooh! That is fruity! That is fruit! TJ: It’s definitely a fruit Ro: That is fruit! TJ: Not banana! TJ: It is a fruit that is from like Caribbean country, countries, crunchies Ro: Crunchies! TJ: Uh, yeah! Haha! TJ: And I can see it but I can’t name it Ro: It smells like one thing, tastes like a totally different Ro: Are you ready to guess? TJ: No! Ro: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Which sense do I trust? TJ: Smell! Ro: Do I go with what it smells like? TJ: Smell is… Ro: Or do I go with the sense of what it tastes like

TJ: Smell Ro: Smell? TJ: Yeah Because this smell is the strongest thing with all of the TJ: ones we’ve done so far Ro: Agh! But it tastes like, ach! Ro: Alright TJ: I got it! I just remembered, I finally remembered the thing, ha-ha-ha! Ro: You remembered? TJ: I remembered it! Both: One, two, three… Ro: Lychee! TJ: Mango! TJ: Mango! Ro: That wasn’t what it smelled like

TJ: Mmmhmm Ro: That’s a point for TJ! Ro: I should have taken your advice TJ: Hey man It just means I’m gonna win Ro: It happens… TJ: I’m just saying

TJ: Alright, I think we’re onto number 4 now Ro: Mmmhmmm TJ: What? Ro: Whoa! TJ: That is really different Ro: And there’s nothing on it, it’s not dipped TJ: Aw-huh-huh! Ro: Did you bite it? TJ: No I just smelled it, but it’s blegh! Ro: This is a savory flavor

TJ: Yeah, that’s the way to, it is a savory flavor Ro: So, it is… TJ: And it’s kind of, there’s like a cheato dust on it honestly Ro: Yeah it’s got a dust Both: One, two, three… Ro: Spaghetti! TJ: Beef Jerky! Ro: Pizza? TJ: Pizza, cool! Ro: Can you smell my breath now? Ro: Half way there, number five TJ: High way to the danger zone! Ro: Pew-pew-pew-pew! Ro: I’m sorry, I’m getting really excited

Where’d I put those? Ro: Oh no! TJ I Lost my Pocky! TJ: I win, I win! I win! Ro: No, no! TJ: Try and guess the flavor now! Ro: Did you find mine? Ro: Alright let me smell TJ: Smell, tell me what you think Ro: Oooh that’s familiar! TJ: It’s another sweet one… Ro: Mmm, I think I eat this a lot Ro: Ooooh, this is a doub… I got a double, feel this TJ: You got a what? Ro: Feel this, I just lucked out! Feel that! TJ: Oh wow! TJ: That’s like, that’s a lucky charm right there! You’re gonna have luck for TJ: seven years now

Ro: This… Is amazing! TJ: Yep! Ro: One Both: two, three… Both: Chocolate! Ro: Da-na! Chocolate! A point for both of us Ding-ding! Ding-ding! Ro: And now, we are onto our sixth Pocky TJ: Check this out, check this out, all of them… Ro: How do I check it out? TJ: All of them are together Ro: Whoa! TJ: Good luck for like 50 years! TJ: I’m trying to think of the name and get it, it’s like I can see the Mango TJ: in front of me and I can’t think of the name! Both: One, two, three: Ro: Chocolate Raisins! TJ: Hazelnut and chocolate… It’s that thing that like when TJ: you combine hazelnut and chocolate and it’s delicious and you put it on bread

Ro: Nutella? TJ: Nutella! It’s Nutella! Ro: Oh my gosh Both: Almonds! TJ: We both got chocolate Ro: Yeah TJ: That’s a half a point for both of us Ro: Yeah, half a point! Ding-ding! Ro: Onto number seven! Ro: Ooooh! Both: Oooooooh! Ro: Let me open these up now! TJ: When you smell it you’re like, oh I know what that is, but then you’re like, TJ: wait a second… Ro: Oh, that just smells like a fresh fruit doesn’t it? TJ: Yep, yep, citrus-y… Ro: That smells like a fresh fruit

Ro: Mmmmm! Mmmmm! These are good! TJ: OK, I’m kinda thrown off, but let’s go forward! Ro: OK TJ: I’m gonna go with my, my original answer Ro: Go with your gut Both: One, two, three… Ro: Lemon! TJ: Lemon short bread Ro: Huhhh! Lemon! TJ: There’s nothing else to it? TJ: Point for Ro

Ro: Yes, and half a point for TJ TJ: Can I get half a point? Ro: Yeah TJ: Thank you! Ro: Because you said Lemon shortbread or whatever TJ: Thank you Ro: That, that counts

TJ: It was too complex Ro: Next one! Next one! Ro: Eight eight! It’s gonna be great! TJ: We just gotta find it TJ: Eight eight, skate and donate! Ro: Oh we got two little bags again TJ: Two little bags Ro: Oh they’re, they’re shorter! TJ: Smells like a bag

TJ: It doesn’t smell too savory, it’s a little bit, but… Ro: Ohhhh! I love it! Ro: Ohhhh! I love it! Ro: It’s got some texture, it’s dipped and has texture, and, it smells like one Ro: of my favorite flavors But I don’t know if it’s more complex TJ: Very interesting Ro: Yep TJ: It’s kind of a woods-y taste… TJ: If we’re gonna be posh Pocky Connoisseurs! Ro: The only reason I know this is because I love this drink! TJ: Apparently this drink is… What is it like a pina colada then for you? TJ: So it’s a pina colada for her then

Um… TJ: I’ll go with something similar but different Ro: Mmmhmmm! TJ: Alright ready? Ro: Mmmmhmm Both: One, two, three Ro: Coconut! TJ: Coconut, yeah exactly, I thought you were TJ: gonna say pina colada Coconut is exactly what I think it is

Ro: Yes, it’s coconut! TJ: Yeah? Ro: That’s a point for both of us! Ro: Score is 4-1/2 to 4 and we have two flavors left Ro: So let’s do this TJ: Mmmmmm! Ro: Oh! TJ: I think I know it Ro: I know what that is TJ: Alright, do you want to say it without even testing it? Ro: Oh my god, do you want to be a badass and do it? TJ: I think so, yeah

Ro: OK, this is the one flavor that i think I know what it is because I’ve Ro: eaten a ton of them TJ: I know right? Ro: Are you ready? TJ: OK, OK Both: One, two, three… Both: Strawberry! TJ: Yes! We are so good! Ro: We were so on that one! Ro: Ah, boom! TJ: That was pretty cool! Ro: We should just… We should… TJ: We should still eat them Ro: I mean… Ro: This is real, we only have one flavor left, and the score is 5-1/2 to 5! Ro: This is like really close! Ro: Is the pressure getting to you? TJ: I’m in the lead! TJ: Is the pressure getting to you? Ro: No! Ro: This is it, this is the big money now! TJ: This is the big money! TJ: Big money! Big money! Big money! Big money! Big money! TJ: I grew up watching the gameshow network, that was like, I didn’t watch TV, I watched TJ: the game show network Ro: I grew up watching channel nine, so it had all those Ro: like educational programs

TJ: What is channel nine? Ro: PBS! TJ: I didn’t have channel nine PBS! OK, OK TJ: Ro just believes that everyone has the same channels as her hometown TJ: She’s just like, no channel nine is PBS, everyone knows that! Ro: WHOA! Ro: This smells, exactly what I fed my fish TJ: I think I know what it is from having eaten at a lot of sushi restaurants

Ro: TJ, I haven’t tried it, I just smelled it, so maybe… TJ: You should taste it Ro: Maybe it’s just one of those things that the smell is just overwhelming me TJ: I mean, the smell is what gives it away, the taste doesn’t TJ: But go for it! Let me know Ro: Oh my! TJ: You got this girl, you can do it! You can get it

Ro: TJ, I’m so conflicted, I feel like it’s two things, herbs and spices, Ro: and fish food! TJ: OK, so take those two things, put them together, Ro: OK, I got it, ready? TJ: And it’s a flavor that humans would like Both: One, two, three… Ro: Seaweed! TJ: Green Tea! Ro: Tea! TJ: Yeah Ro: The spices! TJ: Oh it was close, Green Tea Cream Matcha Ro: That’s a point for TJ, I was so off Ro: Bbbbb-bbbb-bbbb, bbbbbb-bbbbb-bbbb-bbbbb-bbbbbbb! Ro: Congratulations TJ! TJ: Beautiful, beautiful! Ro: The winner of the Pocky Challenge! TJ: Beautiful! Thank you, thank you TJ: very much, I honestly feel like it was a team effort though, we kept sharing TJ: information back and forth

So thank you for helping me! Ro: He’s so sweet! TJ: Get to the number one spot! Ro: If you would like to see any of the previous games that we played you can Ro: click up here… TJ: Or you can click up here! Ro: Yeah, and if you have any other suggestions for any other challenges, Ro: or games that we should do, please leave the comment down below Ro: And, down below I will also be putting TJ’s links, so if you want to go Ro: say hi to him on one of his channels, or twitter TJ: Yeah Ro: You can go say hi to TJ TJ: I’ll be around

Ro: Say hey TJ! Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! TJ: Bye! Ro: Bbbb-bbb-bbb… Both: Bbb-bbb-bbbbbb-bbbbb-bbb-bbbbbbbbbb! Ro: You were doing pretty good with the trumpet!

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