Rosanna Pansino’s New Home Makeover | Overhaul

– Hey, guys, today we're going to overhaul the new home of YouTube's most famous baker, our friend Rosanna Pansino – Yeah, Christiane, so nice to see you

And welcome to the new digs – I love your new house, it's so amazing I mean there's so much potential – I need your help, I'm super excited, but – Okay, I'm here to help you

– Let me show you what's going on – The plan is to create the ultimate live/ work space for Ro that reflects her personality We want to give a special thanks to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this video All the home furnishings in this video can be found at Amazoncom

– There's just a few things that aren't my style And they also have some great pieces of furniture, but I have no clue how to configure them I'm so happy you're here but I'm also embarrassed to show you what I did I need your help – I can't wait

The challenge is to make this work seamlessly with the existing style and architecture of Ro's new house – The only thing that's tricky about any place that I live is it is a live/ work space – It is Ro wants the style of her home to be both beautiful and functional, because it's not only where she lives It's also where she does her production and has her office

This is the unique challenge of this project (light music) – This is the living room – The living room – Slash green room So as you can see, I have a couch and a rug, but that's all we got

– The great thing about this house is and the great thing about your new kitchen is it's super open So we need to take advantage of that and tie the whole space together – It's perfect, especially when we're filming, because you can have a guest here who's relaxing and then when they're needed on set, you know in the kitchen, and they just hop right over The only thing that I would have to say that doesn't work in the kitchen are the bar stools – Well I don't disagree

– I ordered those to look like director chairs but they're very noisy, they creak all the time They always mess up sound and the color doesn't match – It's a little heavy, so we're gonna fix that – Here is the office – The office, okay

– A beautiful room, I love the space Like we said before, a beautiful ceiling, beautiful details, how it looks right now is what happened on moving day Moved in, put the desks up and started working immediately We're so busy, it's been go, go, go – This furniture worked in your last space because it was very big and bright and white

And this space feels, because of the ceiling height, because of the wallpaper with all the nice texture, it feels warm and cozy, so I think we want to come at this in a different way So not have it be sleek, white office I think we want it to feel warm and cozy You've got a couple of challenges, too Like the column in the middle of the room

So we're gonna work on flow and work around that – Let me show you some of the features – Okay, let's take some of the features, 'cause I've already picked my favorite feature Can I share? – You have a favorite, okay what's your favorite feature? – My favorite feature is your photo copier fax with the lamp on top of it I love that

– Fax lamp – So what happens when you have to actually use the top of the printer? – We move the lamp – You move the lamp And then use it to scan, and then we put it back – Okay so we're going to find a new home for both the lamp and the printer

– Okay Over here Christiane, we have my files – This is very special – Isn't it? Look at these – Cords

– Got cords? – It's a lot of cords – Yeah And here is the new bedroom – Wow, it's so pretty – I love the space, I love the tall ceilings

I love the chandelier – So you – It was perfect, right when I moved in, I went this is me – You've got a lot of space, so what do you want to do with this room? – When I come up here, it's all to relax, or to hang out with my girlfriends A bunch of them come over and we like to try on outfits

– What do you feel like's missing from the room? – Seating – Seating, okay, you've got the space So why don't we create something that's really beautiful and that you love? I also want to freshen it up a little bit, so they'll be a few surprises – For the living room, we're going to create a beautiful sitting area around the fireplace that complements the kitchen where Ro shoots most of her videos Currently, there's a very large sectional sofa that blocks off the kitchen

We're going to reimagine this space so that it has much better circulation and flow This space will serve sort of as a greenroom where guests and crew hang out while they're shooting, but Ro also wants this to be a formal living room so it's got to be functional and beautiful – Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is my living room Look at this! – This is your new living room – Amazing, I love this

It looks so big, it looks twice as big as it did before – Well what is the first thing you notice that's gone? – The couch – The big, yellow couch – Yes, and you can actually walk in It doesn't cut you off

– Yeah, so when I was thinking about this, I was thinking about how many people you needed in here I also just want to think about flow We brought in a large sectional sofa and a matching loveseat, as well as two really great easy chairs And a beautiful marble Travertine coffee table All in these muted shades of gray

To create this open, airy, cozy atmosphere that blends seamlessly into her kitchen – It feels very open, but it has so much more seating and I love this coffee table – We chose a circular coffee table because there's so much seating around it and we wanted everybody in the room to feel included – I am a big fan of this, I have never had a circle coffee table before and now that I'm seeing it in this space, I've fallen in love with it I'm just thinking of how many people I can get around it

– You can get in and around There's multiple points of entry and there's lots of flow in the living room now – OMG, I love those new chairs Those are the perfect chairs – One of our favorite additions to the silver hall project is the white kitchen chairs we found for Ro

They look like they were made for the space We were able to take Ro's original idea of a director's chair and find the perfect match for her kitchen, with white leather accents, chrome that picks up the hardware in the kitchen and the color and scale just blend seamlessly with the rest of the room – They look like they were made for this kitchen They're the perfect height and I also love that the backs are a little bit lower so you can still see into the kitchen when I'm baking It feels twice as big

– It feels twice as big – This space feels huge, I love it (funky music) – Ro needs a great, functional office Ro wants an area where she can display all of her accomplishments, a place where she can edit and review her work And a communal space where people can hang out

We chose very large, L shaped desks that have that really great, rustic patina Ro had all of her files and documents in cardboard boxes all over the place, stacked up And we solved that by bringing in some really great filing cabinets that lock which they've very excited about that are stylistically in keeping with not only the office, but the house Ro had piles of cords and attachments all over the office They were hanging out behind the desks

And the desks we've chosen have amazing cord management Everything is seamlessly falling to the floor You can't see any of it It's clean and professional and looks polished Here's your home office

– Oh my gosh – Your executive suite – I love it, this is my new favorite room This is cozy, this is where I can spend 18 hours a day – We chose a large reclaimed wood bookshelf that Ro really loved

– I've never had a bookshelf – What's really nice about that bookshelf is it's equal parts display, like beautiful display cabinet and equal parts functional bookshelf We have this really great lounge area with a sofa and ottomans – Time to get cozy, I gotta check this out – You're going to sit down and not want to get up

– Oh, yup, this is true Come on good girl, hop up What do you think? – We finished off the office with some really great design details, like library lamps that really complement the desk Each desk has it's own set of white accessories that pulls in the desk chair – It looks so clean and organized

I love it and it just really feels like a professional home office This is something I've wanted for a long time – Get to work – Yeah, let me go file some papers, hold on – Overall the office went from being sort of chaotic and just thrown together to something that looks professional, finished, and really stylistically appropriate for the house

Since we've moved the sofa in, it's become Cookie's biggest hangout spot (light music) Ro has a great new master bedroom with gorgeous high ceilings, ample space and lots of light We'll scale our design here to take advantage of the height and loft of the room Ro's bedroom came with this really beautiful and dramatic chandelier that's very stylistically Ro, so we wanted to make sure that the pieces we had in the room were built around that chandelier Some of the things that were really working in Ro's bedroom were her new bed, her new tufted headboard so we wanted to keep that

And also the large mirror that she loves that was in the old house, we brought upstairs into her bedroom And it just works with some of the new additions we put in there One of the things that Ro really wanted in her master bedroom was a place for her and her friends to hang out So we accomplished that by bringing in a really beautiful sofa and it's really comfortable We also brought in two side tables so people could put their drinks down, so that it really is functional

And we brought in these great new nightstands that complement the bed and that are in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the house – This is incredible – It's your new bedroom, what do you think? – I love it, I love how all the pieces and the colors, they flow together now – And I think one of the biggest things that you talked about was seating – Seating, gotta test this out

– Yeah, nice – It's so cozy – So cozy – It's comfortable, it's like feathers – It's feathers, yes

– How French, I love this Oh, the girls are gonna like this – We also added a tufted bench at the end of her bed – Love this, more seating, and I didn't think about this until I just saw it, but my little dog Cookie cannot jump on the bed, she's not the best jumper, but I think she could climb up on to here – Oh I know she could

– And then on to the bed – She will be on your bed all the time – 'Cause Cookie sleeps right here at the foot of my bed This is one of the only rooms where you will not find a dog bed because she cuddles with me – Everything works but it's also soothing and relaxing and is really the bedroom that Ro was looking for

– This is relaxation and hang out fun space – Good, enjoy it I had so much fun working with my friend Ro again We brought together a great mix of rustic farmhouse looks and industrial chic finishes to create a home workspace that totally fits her personality And again, we want to give a special thanks to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this video, bye

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