Sesame Street: Rosanna Pansino and Cookie Make a Snack!

(upbeat music) – Boy, you know what, Rosanna, me so happy to be here in you kitchen You know why? – Aw

– Because me love to learn about cooking – You do, really? – Yeah – You like to cook, Cookie Monster? – Me love, you kidding? Me love to cook Me make cookies, me make cookie casserole, cookie cacciatore, cookie Parmesan – I'm noticing a theme here

– Yeah, yeah, but today you know what? Me want to learn how to make a quick snack, yeah, for you know when me on the go – We are gonna be making a slightly deconstructed PB and J sandwich – Decon what? – Deconstructed, it just means we're gonna be using the ingredients in a different way today – Oh, OK sure why not? As long as it wind up in me tummy, you can do it any order you want – Yeah, it's really easy

There's only three ingredients The three ingredients that you'll need will be some whole wheat pitas – [Cookie Monster] Oh, pita look yummy – Mmmm, hmm, oh oh oh oh whoa whoa – Whoa whoa whoa whoa? – Wait, wait, we gotta wait, because this is only the first ingredient

– Oh sorry – We gotta wait til it's all together – Me got it – The second ingredient is gonna be some organic peanut butter – Oh peanut butter delicious

– Or you can you use, oh, oh, oh, wait, wait wait – Oh yeah, sorry, right – Also if you don't want to use peanut butter you can also use sunflower butter or almond butter, whatever you'd like – Yeah It's up to you

– Yeah – And then the third ingredient is going to be raisins – Oh boy Me just going to have a little bit – Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait

– Yes – [Rosanna] So the first thing you're going to do is take a little spoon of peanut butter and we're just going to spread it on the top of your pita – [Cookie Monster] Oh boy – You can actually help me with this next step – Oh good

– I'm going to give you the raisins – Yup What me do with them? – And we're going to sprinkle them on top of the pita Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle, just make 'em rain – OK, you just — – Yeah just a few

– Oh look it raining raisins – Look at that right there Yes – Ta da – Ta da Here's our quick and healthy snack that we made today

It is my take on a peanut and jelly sandwich, with a little twist – Yeah – We've got peanut butter, and instead of the jelly, we have some raisins – You know what they look like? Cookie! – That's right (loud munching) – Oh, oh! (laughs) – Oh they so delicious, you know what? – Huh? – Me can eat this whole tray of them

– You've earned it – Yeah! – Yeah you have – OK – I say go for it, you've been patient this whole time And now — – It's a little sticky from the — – Is it sticky from the peanut butter? – From the peanut butter

You know me just gonna eat it off my hand – OK (loud munching) Look you guys, it looks like a cookie (loud munching) – Before we can cook I think the chef needs, ta da! A great big chef's hat! Isn't it cool? (laughs) And, a cook book – As you guys can see, my special guest today is Cookie Monster

– Yes – The Cookie Monster – That me – I can't believe you are in my kitchen, we are gonna bake together – (gasp) We're going to bake cookies? – Yes

– Oh boy oh boy oh boy me no can wait for cookies

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