The Sugar-Free Taste Test Ft. Rosanna Pansino

– Can we tell if a food is sugary – or sugar-free? Let's talk about that

♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooood Mythical Morning! – We are very happy to have special guest Rosanna Pansino from the show Nerdy Nummies – Nerdy Nummies – Host and creator of the most popular – baking show on the internet – Thanks for being here, Ro Thanks for having me

I'm excited; I got my sprinkle shirt on – I see that – I thought I'd bring a little bit of – baking love, a little bit of sugar – A little bit of sweetness! – Now, are these sugar or sugar-free? – Mm, good question – (laughs) Good question

– Hm, it's fabric It's neither We were also on your channel, so thanks for having us Mmhmm I had these guys on

We baked some cupcakes You should go check it out – (overenunciates) Bom-ber-man – Bomberman We'll put a link in the description

But right now we're gonna play Sugar-Free Taste Test because we assume that you are the sugar expert – Mmhmm No pressure! – I'm not gonna say we're gonna put you to the test We're gonna put all three of our taste buds to the test – We can be taste buddies

– Mmhmm Well, I think the reason I'm excited about this is because most people– You didn't even respond to "taste buddies" Probably smart Most people think, (deep voice) "Oh, if it's sugar-free, that tastes like crap" (normally) You know? Most people think that, that if you go to the sugar-free – section, it just all gets bad

– Ro, is that true? I have a confession The confession is that I don't know the difference My taste – buds really don't know the difference – You can't hedge at this point – It tricks my tummy every time

– Really? At this point, you gotta be like, I am an expect I am gonna kill – Okay – But that's a blessing If you can't tell the difference, that's a blessing

I hope I'm bad at this game That's true All right, so let's bring in the first one What we're gonna do is– Okay, so this is chocolate This is fancy-schmancy

Everybody grab one – All right! – Grab a square We're gonna each feed ourselves, unless it gets really boring and then we'll start – feeding each other – (laughs) Okay – Smells like chocolate

– And don't give your answer until we– – Observation number one – Yeah, it smells real – until we count down – While I'm chewin' this chocolate, – I will let you know– – (Link) This is dark chocolate – This is dark chocolate – Stevie is gonna count down from three – and then if we think it's sugary– – Good gracious! we have to do the spirit fingers or the jazz hands, whichever one you prefer And if you think it's sugar-free, nobody likes that so it's thumbs down

– Sugar-free down – Mm First of all, that is the most – bitter dark chocolate I've ever tasted – It's very bitter! – It's very– what is this, 90%? – (Rosanna laughs) Oh wow, that is some tough stuff to go through – Wow! – Woo

I've eaten a lot of tough stuff and I didn't think this would be one of 'em – Okay, I think I'm ready, though So– – Wow! – Ooh! – If it's sugary, you're gonna go with – spirit fingers, and– – Already said this, – while we were chewing – Oh really? – Yep – And then, what, double down? – Okay, I'm ready

– You did that thing where you – don't listen to me – I'm ready – I was just tasting bitter – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one – There's no way there's sugar in that

– We all think it's sugar-free! – No! (laughs) – We all agree No spirit hands – (Stevie) You are all correct! – Yeah! – Aw yes! – That's right, sprinkle shirt! – We all got it right! – I did not taste any sugar – It was so bitter Whew! – Yeah

Oh, and look at this We've got a cupcake This is red velvet Gracious Who eats that in their right– who makes a decision to eat what we – just ate? – This is like a– (silly voice) oh, let's– – it's after the date and we're like– – (Rosanna) Oh, how cute

Let's just split a cupcake, so we can (Rhett) The triple date that we just went on? (laughs) Yes, it's all the rage now Triple dates

And we share a red velvet cupcake (laughs) Yeah Now let's eat this red velvet cupcake -There's a lot of icing – I'll wait for you guys to get a spoonful

– Yeah there is – Imma get a little extra there – M'kay – Okay I love red velvet, now

I don't think you can fool me on this one – Oh, I know about this one – (Rosanna and Link) Hmm – Hm It tastes really really really good

– Yeah, red velvet – I like that frosting – I had blue velvet cake one time – (crew laughs) – Don't ask me what happened – on the way out – (laughs) – Not of the restaurant

Okay, I'm ready – (Stevie) Answers in three, two one – I'm going out on a limb – Whoa! And I'm sayin' that this is sugar-free, 'cause I think there's people who can – make cupcakes like that – I dunno, that's incredible

– (Stevie) Link, you are correct! – (Link and Rhett yell) – No! – See? – What?! – I know what up with this – Whooah! – Hold on Hey! I'm makin' the switch! Sugar-free cupcakes for life? Where'd you get that? I gotta meet this person – All right Mm

All right, so– – That fooled me The Linkster takes the early lead But now my favorite I can look at this and tell – that this– What is this, skim milk? – (silly voice) I can look at this and – tell that this– is what? – (laughs) – (normally) Chocolate milk? – What is this, like, runoff from a sewer, – (Rosanna laughs) – (Link) or is this chocolate milk? – What's this? – It does look purple – Let's toast

– It's chocolate milk, I hope – (Rosanna) All right! – This is the beginning of the triple date – (laughs) – So, just to clarify, we are testing the sugary or sugar-free-ness of the chocolate syrup in the milk – Syrup – Okay

Yeah, I don't think there's such thing as sugar-free milk – (Rhett) Mm – This is a great time to ask, do you have – any food allergies? – (all laugh) – Are you allergic to milk? – (laughs) Are you lactose intolerant? – No My sister is but I'm good – Well she ain't here

– Yeah – Okay – She's safe – (Rhett) Mm – (Link and Rosanna smack lips) – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one

– Sugar-free That's nasty – (Stevie) You are all correct, – it's sugar-free! – Wow, a lotta sugar-free in here Is that skim milk that you guys threw in there? – (crew member) Yeah – Skim milk and sugar-free chocolate syrup

– (laughs) – That's a mistake number one Y'all gotta do us better than that At least give us some whole milk if it's sugar-free All right, now we gotta freshen our breath with some gums – Oh, I love gum

– (laughs) – Really? Sugar-free gum? – That's convenient – All gum – We've got some (Link) Okay, so this is like a cinnamony – (Rhett) Whoa – No, this is fruity! – Mm! – Let's just chew it instead of smelling it (laughs) How 'bout that? – I'm chewing it right now – What flavor is this? Fruity

Oh, and some red dye in there too That red dye will make you hyper – Okay, I think I have my answer – Hold on! Mm Okay

– (laughs) I gotta think about it now – (Stevie) Okay? – I'm ready – (Stevie) Three, two, one – Sugar-free – It's sweet

It's sweet – It's not sweet It's saccharine – (Stevie) Link, again! It's sugar-free! – What?! – It's some sort of fakeness – What is– you're a genius! – It's fake sugar

– You're a sugar genius! – Yeah, just call me– – He's got a very smart tongue – Hold on, you know what? – Sugar Daddy – (laughs) – Now that you say it– – Sugarless Daddy It's really comin' through, Sugar Daddy! – Sugarless Daddy! – Right, it's– (laughs) – Mmhmm, Sugarless Daddy – (all laugh) You don't have to call me Sugarless Daddy

It'll get weird Um but you could! – It's a good nickname

– Link's got all of them correct – We've got two incorrect – And I'm gonna put my gum in this thing – Okay – But you know, it makes us Sugar Buddies

– Okay, yeah Here you go! – I'll take it like my grandma used to take it She'd take it out of my mouth and chew it some if she didn't – think I got my money's worth – (laughs) Now, this is how I always enjoy my jelly: by the spoon – (laughs) – Everybody grab a spoon here

Now, this looks like jam 'cause there's seeds in it – Oh – (Link) How can you have any fruit jam that's sugar-free? First of all, that's not possible, maybe – It is possible My momma has this

– This is Jell-O or jam? – Jam – This is jam – It's jam – But is it sugar-y or sugar-free? – You can have sugar-free jam – Can you? – (Rosanna) I think so

– Rhett's momma thinks so too You would think that I would know something about this– – Oh! (coughs) – My momma eats all the sugar-free stuff – You got some water there if you need it – (laughs) Stop rollin' if she's gonna die 'cause I don't want that to be on record – (laughs) That hit me in the face

– I feel pretty strongly about this – (laughs) I do too! – (laughs) Okay, all right! – Okay, I got a guess – (Stevie) In three, two, one! – Ooh! (laughs) – That's some sugary, sugary! – That's super sweet – (Stevie) You are all correct! – Ooh! – That's super super duper – (Stevie) Sugary

– So we've done four or five? (Stevie) We've done five and Link is in the lead Okay, the last three rounds are worth two points apiece – Yes! – Now, you mentioned Jell-O, Ro – We can come back, Jo Ro

– And this is it right here – (laughs) J-E-L-L-O – I saw Jell-O and I was talking to Ro and – I called you Jo – (laughs) It's okay – That's how my brain works

– It rhymes! (Rhett) Y'all got some cool– look at that! You can look right through the silverware! Now, this Jell-O here, you gotta keep it on the spoon You gotta have some skills – Oh geez Uh oh! – Okay? – (all but Link laugh) – Ro, the proper way to eat it is– – Yeah – The proper way to eat it is like this

You put your lips together like you're gonna kiss it (Rhett) The mouth has to be a lot smaller than the size of the Jell-O to go through (slurps and laughs) (Ro slurps and laughs) (mumbles with mouth full) and then suck it in – Okay, okay (slurps) – (laughs) – Oh my God! (laughs) – Yours makes a funny noise! – (crew laughs) – Like opening a can of happiness – (all laugh) – Okay, all right – Pop the top on a can of happiness! – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one – Sugary – (Stevie) It is sugar-free! – (Rhett and Link yell) – I just made up two points! – Now, Ro hasn't gotten any right

– I feel embarrassed because I even have the sprinkle shirt and I think I'm losing the hardest That's okay – You can still catch up, maybe – Yeah, you can – Oh, yes! – You can! – I'm gonna keep hope alive

– What is it, cough syrup? – (laughs) – Maple syrup? Okay, so this is How can you make any of this stuff sugar-free? That's just an insult to – cane sugar everywhere – Yeah, this is sacrilegious

– Here we go Um that one there

– Is there any special way to eat this, or – can I just go for it? – Good question, but no It's kinda like downin' a Robitussin Okay, I'm – All right – I need to think about it Hmm This is a tough one That is very syrupy! – Okay, I'm ready – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one – Sugary You're right, Ro

– (Stevie) It is sugary – (Link) Yes! – (Rhett) Oh! – So– – Sugar! – We got him on that one – Okay, so if Ro and I get this correct and Link gets it incorrect, we all tie at seven Link, if you get this one right, – it doesn't matter what we do; you win – Right, because I'm the

– Sugar less Daddy – Sugarless Daddy All right (laughs) It's almost an insult at this point I know, it sounds mean, I don't wanna say it

Like what's wrong with Sugar Daddy, he got no sugar left! – (Rosanna and Rhett laugh) – All right, here we go – We have ketchup – You shouldn't have pointed that out – (laughs) Ketchup – All right

– Oh, man – There's sugar-free ketchup? – I didn't even know that – They do make sugar-free ketchup, – I've seen it – This is how I usually consume my – ketchup, too – In a spoon

– Yeah, by the spoon – I just don't eat a lot of ketchup I don't know if I'll know – (Rosanna) Mm! Mm! Mm! – It's acidic, isn't it? – Ooh, it's like salty – Yeah

And tomato-y – Yeah – It's got a bite Mm What do you think about this, Sugarless Daddy? – I'm gonna be guessing

– (Rosanna) Hmm I don't know about this one This is borderline I'm ready for my answer Here's what's at stake, guys: the largest lollipop

– In this room – In Good Mythical Morning history Big money, big money

A lot at stake Look how big it is! It's as big as my face! – Yeah it is – (Stevie) Answers in three, two, one! – Sugar-free – (Stevie) Ohh, it is sugary! – (Rhett and Link yell) – Oh no, really? – Yes yes yes yes yes! – Are you kidding me? – Of course not! – (all but Link laugh) – We all get this! – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ – We all get this thing that nobody wants! – Bite a side! – Bite the top here? – No, we don't have to do that – That's for later

(laughs) – This is whoa – All right, congratulations everybody! – It's as big as my face too

– Congratulations, us! – (Rosanna laughs) – Way to go, Ro! All right – This is actually pretty heavy The celebration continues Thanks for liking and commenting on this video – You say, "You know what time it is

" – Oh You know what time it is! Hi, I'm Keela and that's the Sphinx And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! Make sure you check out Ro on her YouTube channel, youtubecom/RosannaPansino Also, click through to Good Mythical More where we consume Haribo sugar-free gummy bears

There's some hazards associated with this that we'll discuss (Rhett) Link has lost the ability to close his mouth and is trying to tell Rhett and Ro

(shouts unintelligibly) You can't clean the house? (shouts unintelligibly) You can't clang? You can't clown the mouth? (shouts unintelligibly) You can't (shouts unintelligibly) – Yeah – Yeah that's

that's what he wants [Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]

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