Hey guys, it's Ro Today I am hanging out with Miranda! I am so excited! And this is the first time that we've done a video together, and we also did a video over on her channel

We are celebrating because season two of Haters Back Off comes out October 20 on Netflix Whoo hoo! Partying! I binged your first show -Yes, as you should- in one day Thank you

As you should One day Today, I want to do something fun because I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday, and I know that it's not your favorite No Halloween is a horrible day for sinners It's a day where people kill cats! Satan is around and hanging out, People put razors in candies! I'm gonna try to change your mind

They're Halloween makeup kits AAH! They're terrifying! These were $5 I'm gonna try a witch and a monster and then Miranda Oh you've got a vampire and a zombie I'm gonna turn into that? I do not approve of this message However, this guy is really cute, so yeah, I can turn into him

I'm game and I'm gonna become a witch My goal is to look just like her I thought that was you Yeah, that's me I modeled for this many years ago

Okay, so why did it give me this? What's this for? That's a necklace It's like a vampire like a *Spooky voice* Dracula pendant! Didn't even come with a cape? Not recommended for children under 8 Oh, so you can't do it Yeah I need help with my kit because- Okay

Here's my man Yeah As you can see he has black around his eyes Yeah And he is brown here and the colors I have received are purple and green

Where do I make this on my face? I'm not sure but they also gave you grey What's this for? I think you put that all over your face to look pale like a vampire because vampires, They can't go in the Sun So they have really pale skin So, cream makeup Apply with fingers or a sponge

Apply evenly with your fingers or a sponge I just said that Ro Oh, sorry I just said that I'm sorry

Is this makeup or paint? It's supposed to be face paint You know like for Halloween the paint's like- UGH! Oh, wow Do I look like him yet? You almost look like a vampire Oops! Oh no! Ro, you're a mess You're supposed to tape -Is that the tape?- this on

Can't even tell the difference So, what the heck am I supposed to do with this? Ummm We have to contour your

We got a contour -That looks nice!- your cheeks Thank you Yeah, you need to make your eyes look a little sunken because

Vampires are; they're dead, but they're living These are actually pretty good! Did you use your hand? No, you used the beauty blender I used the sponge, I followed the instructions

Okay Oh yes, that's the ticket This looks really good Do I look like him? Well, he's likehe's got a real good smoky eye He's got the smoky eye on the top and bottom How come I can't get it? You have a lot of work to do Yeah, okay, well let me just

I still have my necklace And my teeth to put on still And my blood Ooh, yes! Unless you're a vegetarian -This is pretty!- vampire then they don't eat people

Mmm These are really fun I have never had long nails before! They look really good on you! Look at this! They look like little cockroaches! *Ro giggles* I've never done anything like this because I don't believe in Halloween This is gonna change your mind I know it

No I hate it I don't look anything like him The whole point of this was so I could look like my new bae! What's your name? Where do you live? You could have a Halloween night in You could have trick-or–treaters come over to your house and give them candy No, I'm not giving them candy

You could dress up and you could scare 'em You could open the door Ro! It's not gonna happen

There's so many fun activities you could do, like there's: pumpkin carving -No, I'm not doing it!-, what about bobbing for apples? I hate fruit Oh Wellwell what about Candy? I like candy Free candy I like free candy Okay What about

costumes? Only if it's of me Do I look like him now? You look like a vampire How do people do this? Do you want this on your lips? Yeah, lets

Here, I'll do it for you Oh wow! So pigmented! Look at this! It doesn't do anything Wow It just fell off into your lap What? Yeah, try the pencil

Do you put your lips together or apart? There you go! Apart? There you go Now rubbie rubbie dubbie There you go! Now you did it Do I look like a witch? Boom, I think we *nailed* it! *Ro laughs* Did you get it? That was a nail joke Cuz the nails? I don't get it

I don't look anything like my bae Aw Maybe I'll look like the next one Yeah, we have round 2 I'm gonna pop these off

There we go Zombie? What's a zombie? I approve of every race, every color, every ethnicity, so I thought it was illegal to make your face look like another race though Zombies are the Living Dead So, everyone can become a zombie

Living dead?! You can't be alive and dead it's kind of like if a Virus caused everyone's bodies -Like a computer virus?- Yeah

And then you wanna eat other people like cannibals Oh, you're talking a lot Yeah And this guy is really attractive as well He looks like he's singing

He's a singer like me Aahh, it's Halloween it's the best holidayyyy That's probably what he's singing Yeah, don't do that again I have to look like this guys

I have to paint my entire face green! My guys green too so I gotta do that too And I've got to stick these little things on my neck so I look like Frankenstein's creation

I got creepy skin What is that? We're gonna see *Ro gasps* Ooooooohh! What is it? What does it feel like? Ew! Ew, Ew, it's like soggy What do I do with this? I don't know I think you put it all over your face

This looks like gum It looks hairy I've always wanted to put gum on my face Just stick it on! We're just gonna build on what we've started here We don't need to wipe it off No cuz we've got a good -Ooh, I've got a mustache!- It's almost like primer

Alright, I'm just applying this all over my face, To look like a little Frankenstein's monster This is like a beauty guru Right now I'm using the green color from the Zombie makeup and accessories palette Mm-hmm So pigmented! I'll swatch it Ooh! Look at that Very nice swatch

That's what they call it Like a watch but with a s Oh, my skin just fell off This is not working! I just want to look like this handsome man I look like Shrek! More blood? Cuz for Halloween you wanna look a little creepy Oh, there's skin in my nose

You might wanna be a little creepy, you might wanna scare someone Cuz it's Trick or treat

So, if someone doesn't give you a treat you gotta trick em or scare em! See, that's not nice It isn't the most nice holiday

You still need a scar on your head Yeah See I messed up I should have painted this on first She's always messing up

Can I borrow some of your pallette Do whatever you need to do girl I Think I'm done, and I think I look exactly why can't we put the X's on them then I think I'm good Look really good Hey, baby Okay, so this stuff is Gum paste you're supposed to stick this on your teeth kind of like what you wear when you have maybe dentures There's something like it It's not it's sticky I think it's not gonna lie to you ro I think it's the same something used front of thanks, man She's disgusting it looks nice You know well the good news is I look incredible

I think I look exactly like him I look like a grassy monster a wall So do not be these people for Halloween Rows now see these don't work which is Someone above telling us hey stop playing around with for me, so now no one will ever celebrate humming again We just shown you it doesn't work, and it's not fun it can be a lot of fun a big Thank you to Miranda for trying these Halloween kits with me today And please go check out haters back off season 2 a Netflix link a me I'm a binge watcher of Netflix You better watch it And I don't look like this or show this is just makeup so in case you thought This is why I really look like if you dress up as Miranda You gotta like tweeter a picture, but wait how much time should people use if anyone dresses up as you Halloween night? I'm dressed up like Miranda Please look at me and dressed up like huh I have the whole costume I'll put that hashtag down below

Cuz I that was really long yeah alright makes you guys below

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