TRYuvaIndia ENTERTAINMENT Channel Hey guys, it's Ro! Today, I'm hanging out with my friend, JustineLOLOLOLO Justine: Hi! You guys know Justine

I'll put her links in down below We just got done filming another video on her channel I'll put a link down below to that, as well Roe: We made, like, playfood s'mores Justine: It's honestly

it's a mess You know anything I end up roping her into ends up being a disaster, as well So it's definitely great fun

Ro: It was so much fun and today I roped HER into trying some face masks with me because I got so many request from you guys to try these different types of face masks There's three different types We're gonna start with the funnier one first and they are these little animal ones! So Justine, I'm gonna let you pick your favorite animal one Well, I think I'm gonna pick the panda

Is that okay? Ro: Yeah! Look how cute he is! Justine: Its so cute! Ro: There's a pug one, so it's supposed to look like a pug and this one's for anti-wrinkl- Get it? Cause like the pugs are like wrinkly *adorable laugh* Justine: That's really cute! Open the pouch, take out the mask, place onto the face while aligning with the contours of the face and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes

Justine: This panda character mask sheet moisturizes and brightens skin like baby skin revitalizing essence Ro: Like a baby's butt! Oh, That was creepy Ro don't say that Ooooooo! Justine: It smells really good! Ro: What does your's smell like? Justine:LikeDelicious! Ro: Let me smell *sniff* Oooooooo Oh! Smell Mine! Justine: Oh that smells good! THESE ARE SO CUTE!! *more adorable Ro laughs* WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Ro: OH MAH GOSH! Okay, so I have a little mirror over here You might need to use it to line it up with your face So looking here, okay *ONE MORE adorable Ro laugh* I just smear it down like this * aand Justine laughs* Justine: OH MY GOODNESS! Ro: Do I look like a little pug? Do I look like a dog or no? Justine: I feel like it looksthese all look the same Ro: You look like a cute little panda! Justine: Do I? Ro: So we're supposed to smooth it into the contours of our face

*GIGGLEPALOZZA* Ro: Justine you're making me laugh! Because Justine: Don't make ME laugh! Justine: It's gone in my mouth! This looks like something you would put on and then you'd go rob a bank because they can't tell who you are PUT 'EM UP! Do you want to drive the getaway car or should I? Oh man

Justine: Ooo maybe we should Uber Ro: Can you ride a horse? Justine: No In Zelda yeah I feel like my mask is just falling off Maybe we gotta lay back Like we pretend that we're at the spa Like is this supposed to be enjoyable? I don't know but it's kind of like tickles It's like you took some salami and then just like threw it on your face This is weird This is like the beginning of a joke When a pug and a panda walk into a B– Justine: A BANK! *Hysterical giggles* PUT 'EM UP! I think it's been 10 minutes Justine: Ok, it's been I don't know, I can't count Alright, peel it off and how do we feel? R I feel My face feel real moist Oh you too! Look! It didn't take off my makeup though Justine: Yeah it did Ro: Look at that, there's my makeup Justine: Uhhhhhhh

Now what? Do we like just do something else? Ro: Oh noI've got baby hairs glued to my head So you guys suggested that we try these This is 24 karat gold facial mask and this is supposed to help with anti wrinkle Anti toxins and anti acne I have never tried a facial mask so fancy When I get something and it says 24 karat gold and it looks all fancy like this, I'm gonna expect miracles Justine: Yeah, me too I'm gonna expect I'm gonna look 10 years old after this Ro: Here are some safety instructions Justine: Ok, this is important Like don't eat probably Rub a very small amount onto the inside of your elbow area to test if you have any allergic reaction before use I don't think I'm allergic to gold Ro: Are you allergic to gold? Justine: Nope I'm not allergic to diamonds either Oh that's a cute little spoon! This is too cute Ok, but if this whole thing is gold, like I'm gonna take this and resell it Justine: Cuz, if this is liquid gold Ro: Right? I'm gonna make myself a new piece of jewellery! Justine: Yes! We wait for it to dry and then we peel it off Ok, let's open it up See what we got inside Justine: WHOA I was reading about these online and you wanna be really careful Don't get it in contact with your hair It's supposed to take out like deeper blackheads But we don't want it to take out our hair My hair? Ok I've got the mirror here nice and close so we don't get our eyebrows I love my eyebrows! Ooooo! This texture is so weird, I love it Like look-look at it! Oh this is too fun This reminds me of like a movie if were like gonna go like Football Or do this and it would be like our spy makeup but no one would know it's us Yeah, let's rob that bank Be careful girl! That's near the brows! THAT's NEAR THE BROWS Oh my God don't touch the brows

Don't touch the brows I might connect mine right here Yeah I don't have that much room Why is my head so big? Yours looks like something a beauty guru would do and mine looks like a little kid got into some chocolate frosting This doesn't even connect, it's not even even *Giggles* So now we wait for it to dry and as soon as it dries we peel it off Science is happening on our faces right now you guys I'm just having some flashbacks to a video that I saw on facebook This girl is SCREAMING out in PAIN as she's ripping this off her face This mask? Well it was a charcoal mask, this is charcoal, right? Uhhh I mean, she was screaming It's starting to get tight on my chin, I think it's starting to dry Justine: OH! Ro: Ooooh! We're going to take a break to wash this and let this beautiful face mask set We waited 20 minutes and things are really starting to tighten up here It's kind of like that song "I can't feel my face when I'm with you" "But I like it" Do I like it? Do you like it? I do! I feel like this mask has grabbed onto every pore I have in my face I feel like a fish So let's try it

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