Hey guys, it's Ro Look who I'm hanging out with today, it's Connor What up it's me I am so excited

I'm a huge fan of yours And this is the first time that we're hanging out making a video {I know!} and I'm, I'm up here I can't believe it's the first time I mean we've hung out before we were on YouTube rewind together We go way back But this is our first colab video! I know, and people have been demanding it so This is a very special place in my heart today you guys I'm going to put all of your links down below So go check him out do some heart emojis go say hi, {love it, love it, love it} And you guys I bought Connor's first book and you have a second one I wrote a second one She's cute, but my second book is cuter

It comes out April eighteenth So, if you want to go preorder it link will be below So today We're gonna be trying ten different chocolate flavors a lot of them are weird So get ready you pick the first chocolate flavor Okay, um {what's it gonna be?} Let's start off with something light like a strawberry champagne {oooooh} an afternoon chocolate strawberry champagne Afternoon delight they could of just put the emojis the strawberry the champagne and the chocolate bar Should we smell it? Smells like chocolate Smells like chocolate, I was hoping to smell some champagne What does champagne even smell like? Oh it has a smell oh my god (pop) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Beauty, ooh When you break the chocolate you can see the strawberry Honestly amazing light fruity delicious wow chocolate strawberry, I give it a thumbs up, me too That's a solid 9

5 out of 10 You pick the next one Ooh, big decisions There are several ones that are really fun that I hope you pick but we'll wait Oh no now I feel like I'm going to disappoint you Yeah well, you know These ones

Ok, that was one of the ones (gasp) ok chocolate potato chip flavored Which I understand the whole crunchiness within the chocolate and the salty with the sweet {I love that} This is also the meal that I would probably eat after a breakup to be honest {Ohhh} throw a pizza, and a tub of ice cream in there, and that's a wrap That should be the whole chocolate bar Pizza, ice cream, potato chip, chocolate That's the name of my next book {ooohhhh} look it says chew and wow

oh my God it has all different words on it Tickle? Tickle Oh it's tingle, it's not tickle it says tingle {"Lick, savor, joy" Oh, okay} Wait mine says tickle It does? You can really taste the potato

{Yeah} I don't i don't I like it It's not for you? I'm not a potato chip connoisseur 123 lamb chops/octopus? I'm gonna this one a 6 out of 10 {6 out of 10?} yep I'm being critical I give this (long silence, crickets chirping) [distant voice overlay] You know what I would pair these with, barbecue sauce Oh we're waiting This is why I'm not a very good critic This next flavor is chocolate Jalapeño peanut, and you're not allergic to peanut No, I'm not, but that would have been a great video title "rushed to the hospital" "Rushed to the hospital" "Chocolate challenge" am I going to taste the jalapeño, are we going to taste the peanut? Find out now

I don't taste the jalepeño Hmm *slide whistle down* *tink* It's like what I assume a subtle allergic reaction is, you know, just like tingling in the back of your throat Yeah I like that though I like it too Nice, subtle, smooth 85 out of 10

WHOA We just had a little spice, but now I want all of the spice I want to try this one next Spicy sriracha, I want to see if this is stronger than the last one we tried Well, I mean, it's gonna be even spicier after we just had a spicy one too Ooh, it looks kind of red It's cute look at that shade, but it's kind of terrifying at the same time Live life on the edge Get wild here ready

Yeah, okay Wait so, it taste's like beef jerky ew, as a vegetarian, I'm offended It's just a lot of hot yeah, I can feel it now too Whatever one we eat next is like, tainted with this We should cleanse our palates with some ginger chocolates Oooh [They] Have a William Shakespeare quote on the inside Oh, this is deep

"When most I wink then do mine eyes Best see", I can barely read, so I feel like I shouldn't read this Oh aw each one's a little heart Ok ready? Whoa, You can taste that right away Oh, I like that one 9 out of 10, I know look at me go I'm gonna pick the next one and I think I want to do this one because it's sweet and Savory these one's are chocolate pretzel flavored This is like a standard one that we should do oh my God, there's a lot of- I thought I was gonna be a little bit more of a different approach than that They just like chopped up a bunch of pretzels and just threw it in the bar, look at that We're probably going to love it to be honest I already went for it

Great, yum fantastic A different way to eat chocolate covered pretzels Revolutionary Look at him I know Should we do something a little bit more adventurous? Yeah, what should we do? red velvet, ooh This is a double dessert you guys ooh marshmallow

What? I'm beyond ready This is a tri-dessert Oh Lemme try Oh please taste like cake {This is amazing} Oh it does taste like cake I wish you could taste the Marshmallow more though This is chocolate cake right here Yeah needs more marshmallow Good thing we have one that has marshmallow So this is s'mores flavored chocolate

Do you like your s'mores burnt or lightly browned? I'm so embarrassed If I tell you are, are you going to so judge me? No, because I have, mine are specific Burnt To a crisp! Golden brown all the way around, boring! Yeah and it's easier too {because you just burn it} I like when it catches fire too, and then you blow it out Oh, oh Wow, that's what we wanted to see that is some marshmallow look at that

So you need to get a piece that obviously has a marshmallow in it I'm gonna cheat it I'm gonna get a couple I just stick them on there They put them here And look, and there's graham cracker, too We're going for the whole thing

Yep, it's really good That's it Yum That's it Mmh, That's it, MMH

Dare I say, 10 out of 10? (gasp) What what what? Honestly that's so good We have two more left, and we're forced to choose the orange chocolate one because we're saving the best for last yeah It's in Dark chocolate very contrast-y also non-gmo Thank God verified On Twitter? *laughs* I like that it's citrus with the dark chocolate I'm ready It reminds me of the holidays cause citrus trees like you know tangerine trees They ripen during December

I'm from Minnesota So we don't have citrus You're from Minnesota? {yeah} I did not know that Really? My mom No way! Born and raised Oh, my gash

Oh don't'cha know now? They've got lakes, they've got Mall of America, They had a cool train station I went toYep that's about it Oh fall there is nice, but it's cold In the winter there? Freezing (various "hmms") A little bit Bathroom-y if that make sense

I'mma be really honest here I feel like the orange rind is in here too It's not bad It's just A little bit much Oh, what should we give this one? I'm gonna be nice 75 out of 10 I love how I just made up my own ranking for this unintentionally You just like got it going thank you oh my gosh I'm excited

I love fruit loops Chocolate Fruity cereal, and you can really see those froot loops I know and I suppose I can't call it fruit loops yeah Maybe like a knockoff brand of fruit loops, yeah fruit-os, and this is the first that we're trying white chocolate Yeah, you're right I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate My favorite is dark chocolate {Yes} I really like dark chocolate {Me too} I have a hard time eating anything over eighty percent

It is really bitter I've tried so many times I just can't Ready? I think they just put fruit loops on white chocolate What a letdown oh, {All my hopes} I thought it was going to taste like cereal {All my dreams} Like milk and cereal I know, that's what I thought so too It looks like that, but it doesn't taste like that Misleading Now you guys know we tried it so you guys wouldn't have to

Now you know what's good We did the dirty work for you It's been a tough day It was a rough one That does it we tried 10 different flavors of chocolate I hope you guys enjoyed the video a big Thank you to Connor for hanging out with me and eating a bunch of sweets today {It was a hard day} We made another video over on Connor's channel

{We did} We're gonna try a bunch of different donuts, but we're going to try and guess them blindfolded this time The x factor element Yes, trying to guess the flavors I'll put a link down below so go check it out Thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it Buh-bye! Bye!

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