Hey guys, it's Ro! Look who I'm hanging out with Ro: My friend Justine! Justine: Hey! I love this gal

I'm gonna put her links down below Go give her some love Go subscribe And today, I had to invite her over because, well one, we're twinsing I was like, "Wear a wine striped shirt and I'll wear a tangerine striped shirt

" And we're just going to have a day of it this weekend J: Twins! Ro: *giggles* You guys suggested that I try Japanese gadgets last time and we had so much fun doing it that I thought we got to make a round 2 of this I got online, I ordered a bunch of other things Food things, tech things And so the first gadget that I want to try today

This is a tech thing It looks like a Roomba, but like for an iPad This little chap is a robotic cleanser so it can scrub your smartphone screen all by itself J: It takes the chore out of it because you don't just go *doot* clean Ro: Let's see if it work 'cause I gotta be honest: I love Roombas

*laughs* Here, let's get this really dirty J: Oh! Ro: I'm gonna lick it! J: Who are you?! That's actually disgusting! Ro: *giggles* I'm gonna touch it a lot J: It's like one of those things at the ice rink Ro: A Zamboni! J: Yes!! Ro: Turn it on! Let's see, let's see! Oh, my God! I'm in love with him! He's so smart! He knows where to go! This is gonna take a while J: So I guess I'll get a drink of coffee while this happens

Ro: Yeah, we'll just wait a little bit (fast-forward music) I will say that one, it stays on your tech device It has sensors It would just take a really long time to clean because the little cleaning strips are really small I just feel like it would be faster maybe if you went like this

J: Oh don't do- Oh God Ro: No that's not right J: You're gonna scratch it The next gadget that we're going to try is food-related You know how they have like apple corers? J: Yeah! Ro: This is a banana corer I have never seen this in a US store

Ro: I like to eat peanut butter with my banana J: Me too! So you can core 'em and then fill 'em with peanut butter Ro: Okay J: Alright Look at this, it has a little banana at the end Step one, you don't even need a knife, you guys It comes with this, it's a banana knife! J: (supremely disappointed) We don't need a knife? Ro: Here, I'll let you do it 'cause you're good with the knives

Ro: Maybe this will be just as good and just cut off the ends J: Alright J: Let's- oh, oh, oh! Ooooh! Ro: Might be-oh! Might be fun, might be fun

J: Look at this! Ro: That's pretty cute J: I thoroughly enjoyed that Ro: Alright, now, put this banana up here *giggles* J: See, the problem is bananas aren't straight Ro: You hold it

J: I'm holding it Ro: I'm going to core it now J: Okay, but I think Ro: Uh-oh Oh, it's ruining the banana Ro: Two, put it down Ro: Three, I think put this thing J: Yeah

Oops! J: Wait, wait! Ro: The knife again Ro: With-no J: No, this Ro: Banana on banana

J: Should we get another banana? Ro: Banana on banana J: I think you gotta just get that tip up there

Ro: No, that's messed up J: There, that's nice J: Oh, banana on banana Ro: Banana on banana Ro: We've got a hole! We did it! J: Okay, cool! Now, we fill it up with whatever we want

Ro: I don't have any peanut butter Ro: I've got some chocolate here J: Alright! Ro: that we can fill it up with I love peanut butter, so let's fill some chocolate J: Maybe I think you gotta stick it in there further Ro: Oh, shoot J: Huh J: Can we just use this? Ro: Feel it out, feel it out

Ro: Yep, you got it Ro: Gentle Gentle Just a little J: Oh gentle? J: Oh, NO!! Oh, no! Oh, gosh! Ro: Oh, no! Oh, no! Ro: Oh, Justine! Oh, no, no! J: I'm so sorry! Ro: *giggles* Yours looks a little crazy, but you got chocolate everywhere

J: It's on my body Ro: *giggles* Ro: Cheers J: Okay J: It tastes really good Ro: That's really good Ro: You have chocolate everywhere over there

*giggles* J: That chocolate is really good Ro: Fondue is REALLY good! J: So, our next Japanese gadget is a foam pen J: I have never seen this ever Ro: So, you fill it with dish soap and then, apparently you can make these little characters, and it comes with stickers and you put the stickers on top of the foam J: That's really cute! Ro: Here's a picture of someone using it J: It's like a child hand

Ro: Yeah, see, so maybe we can do it J: I hope so Ro: If kids are doing it, we can do it J: Um, I'm sorry That child hand must be an adult- J: This is huge! Ro: So, let's fill it up

(fart sound) J: I guess I'm just gonna stick this in there Ro: Whats happening? It's a nice smelling toy Ro: Uh-oh Oh, it's coming out! J: Oh my gosh, it's working! J: Ro and a heart Ro: Aww! Ro: I love it! J: Okay, this is cool Ro: Okay, let's make the little chicken J: That seems to be working

Ro: Yeah, it's a little liquidy, but let's see if we can make a big ball Ro: Get it on there Beautiful! J: Yeah! Ro: I'll keep building the head J: Okay, I'll stick this on Ro: Okay, go! J: It's okay! Ro: *giggles* Oh, no! It's like melting

J: Here we go Wait, oh, I forgot his eyes, I forgot his eyes! Ro: Stick 'em on *giggles* J: How does he look? J: Oh Here, I'm gonna make him a real thin chick Oh, look at him, he looks so good Ro: I'm not very good at it Ro: But look! Look at this! J: It's really cute Aww! Ro: Do you want to do a paw with me

J: Oh, yeah, that's cute Ro: We can get matching paws Ro: Is it doing it? J: Yeah, you should probably lift up Hmm Ro: (dejected) Oh

Ro: I'm determined These don't look like paws *imitating gadget sound* *giggles* J: That's like something that I see in a nightmare Ro: The next Japanese gadget that I have is a toilet noise blocker J: Uh, I'm sorry

That looks like a cute little key chain Ro: Have you heard of these? Ro: It is a cute little heart, but apparently, if you're ever going to the bathroom, whether it's a number one or a number two, and you're embarrassed and don't want to have other people hear you, apparently, you push a button on here and it's supposed to make it sound like a toilet flushing J: What!? Ro: So, it's supposed to like cancel out the noise that you're making Ro: When it's the time for sound disguise (fart sound) just switch on You'll let it fill the room with the sound of flushing water and then whatever happened in the toilet, (both) stayed in the toilet, so to speak Ro: We'll just have to pretend that I walked into a bathroom J: Yes

Okay Ro: I've sat down and I'm so embarrassed I don't want someone to hear me pee Let me push this button on my key chain (loud rushing water sound) J: Oh, what?! This is more embarrassing than a poo sound! Ro: Is the bathroom flooding? J: Are you okay in there ma'am? J: They're gonna think this is coming out of your body

Ro: This sounds like you have some major stomach issues J: Your intestines are not well if that's coming out of you (sounds of gastrointestinal distress and flooding) Ro: Maybe you have a little toot, but it's gonna embarrass you if you put this on It will sound like a flash-flood (sounds of the gadget and a fart) J: Oh, you can still hear it

Ro: I can still hear you Ro: Now, it just sounds like a flood and a fart *sounds of the gadget, mouth farts and giggling* J: I would have to like knock on the stall next to me like, "Excuse me? Do you need me to call someone?" Ro: Yeah! The next gadget that we are going to try, Justine, if you will, is a 3D latte art maker It's got a little bunny and a little bear, frog, little kitties (sounds of the toilet gadget) *giggles* J: Already confused about this one though

Ro: Okay J: (whispering) I think this goes here J: Oh, jeez Ro: Okay, then the power Ro: What's this little nub about? You know what? The only thing I like to assemble really is Legos 'cause those are fun

J: Ooooh, buddy! Ro: You did it You did it! J: What?! J: Don't do too much Wait, hold on Ro: Okay, it's like J: I think there's a little-oh! Sorry! Ro: That's okay That's okay Ro: I used to be a barista I'm really good at this

I can pour at anytime, anywhere Ro: NOOOO! J: It's fine Ro: I'm not very good at pouring Ro: Yes! J: Ahhh! Ro: That's it That's it! That's it

We did it We did it We did it Coffee's comin' Ro: Hold it over your cup

Ro: Here, I'll get your little cup ready J: Okay Ro: And then you pump This is the part that a lot of people in line had trouble with and I haven't seen it work quite right Ro: OOOOH! J: *gasps* Ro: OOOOH! J: *hyperventilates* J: I have coffee in my eyes Ro: This is not your fault J: I'm sorry! Ro: There was not good instructions This is not easy to use

I'm so sorry I promise I have one more gadget for us to try and it's fun You don't put it together Ro: It's fashion J: (sadly) I love fashion

Ro: And you and Matty can have it-use it together J: (sadly) That's good Ro: So in Japan, they have these hoodies with a front pouch that's really big, kind of like a kangaroo J: Yeah Ro: And then you put your pets in them

J: Oh my Ro: It's supposed to be for cats and small dog I'm gonna try it with me and Cookie, but Cookie's like a bowling ball *gasps* Has little pompoms J: Oh, he's gonna love that Ro: Has little pompoms

Look! Ro: If I'm like this, do you think I'm like you? (baby talk) Ro: And you guys, look at the little hoodie It has little ears! J: Oh, my goodness There we go! Ro: And you can tighten it and then, he can stay in there snug as a bug Oh, that's fashion J: Here, Matty

I'm gonna let to have that treat anyway 'cause you're being a very good boy There you go! Nice! Ro: Good boy Matty! Watch out runway, here comes Justine and Matty J: (in an bad British/Australian accent) Hello Today, I'm wearing my dog in my pouch His name's Matty

Ro: Alright, Cookie We're going to try to go in here Ro: I don't think she can fit J: She's like a little bowling ball Ro: She's so heavy

*giggles* J: Legs are in J: Yeah, I don't think that's gonna work out Ro: Oh, you're just a sturdy girl (baby talk) Alright, that does it for all of the Japanese gadgets, and a little bit of wearable fashion, that I have today A big thank you to my friend, Justine for trying all of these crazy things with me

J: Thanks for having me Sorry for ruining our coffee latte art J: It just did not work out Ro: No Ro: It was not your fault and this was an adventure I had so much fun Please check out the video we did over on Justine's channel I'm gonna put a link down below and I'm gonna put a link to all of her links

All the social media links If you guys have any other ideas for any other fun videos that you'd like to see us do together, please let me know, leave me a comment down there J: Yeah, I feel like all the cool stuff that we end up coming up with, like they tell us to do it Ro: Yes! J: It's so fun! Ro: If you would like to watch any other videos, you can click up here J: Or up here

Ro: Yeah, over up here Alright, thanks again you guys Buh-bye!

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