Hey guys it's Ro today I'm hanging out with my friend Justine I'm gonna put her link down below go check her out go say hi we just played some video games together Justine: We did Ro: she has the switch i was like can you bring that over we can play some games I'll put a link down below to that video Justine: The games 1-2 Switch you have a controller I have a controller and we look at each other and we do weird Ro: do weird things Justine: Just you'll have to see Ro: And I got these cute little bunny ears because it is spring season and I was shopping at Target and I saw ton of different peeps and there's tons of different flavors oh Justine you're ready so today we are gonna be trying different peep flavors okay so which one should we try first Justine: I don't even know Ro: confetti egg it says it's strawberry flavored Justine: my mouth was watering and I wanna eat this Ro: oh my gosh that smells good Justine: smells so good Justine : I don't really like peeps very much Ro: Oh no you don't Justine: Not really Ro: I thought you liked marshmallows Ro: Oh no Justine It's okay Ro: What have I done well you're a really good friend then Ro: Wait don't you say that you like Easter though you're into Easter Justine: I love Easter it's my favorite holiday ever Ro; Is it 'cause of the candy what is it because Justine: We have like an Easter egg hunt so every year they will throw eggs all around our yard and we go and we hunt and whoever gets the golden egg is the winner Ro: see I grew up in Seattle so our Easter egg hunt was inside 'cause it was always rainy and it was really easy because they were just all in the living room you could like see everything you're like okay we have to go pick all these up all right are you ready for the next peep flavor we're gonna try raspberry flavored do they always have eyes Justine: I thought about cutting him but then he was looking back at me and then I just really like we made eye contact Ro: just be careful or or don't we don't need to they're marshmallows Justine: oh look at that they're real cute Ro: They're really really oh oh Justine: yeah so there's nothing inside this one that's nice iRo: t kind of tastes like a little tart Justine: this is good it's like a tart little like a little berry or something Justine: like a tart little pup just walking around here you got chocolate covered Ro: Milk chocolate covered peep Justine: Wow this is something I'm into It looks like a turd Ro: It does it looks like a little poop emoji Justine: Is this a peep or a poo oh surprise It's yellow Ro: It's a yellow peep Justine There's like a little something orange in mine do you have anything orange in yours Ro: no i don't Justine: i got a little bonus treat Ro: come on let me see Justine: yeah you have the other half Ro: oh my gosh you're talking about this golden ticket you have an orange peep what is it it tastes orange Justine: This is nice Ro: I'm to a big fan of this I just don't know what's going on with that little piece of candy that you got in there Justine: I don't know I'm sorry had heart palpitations Ro: mmm can we have um a wet can we have a napkin Justine you pick the next flavor Justine: Let's do vanilla 15 calorie per chick is that a lot let's not think about it Ro: yeah oh wait i won't take your knife Justine: Go ahead Ro: No no I don't wanna take your knife Justine: Do a slice come on Ro: Yeah Justine: yeah Ro: okay I'm gonna do how do you do it Justine: You just stab Ro: oh that smells like a vanilla latte that's what it is it's vanilla cake Justine: I like have a super slick bottom so like you can just be like Ro: they just slide around Justine: can we do a peep battle Ro: oh my gosh we have to shoot 'em at each other ready 1- 2 -3 Ro: This one won he's the only one standing It's yours one 1-2-3 Justine: You killed both of my peeps Ro: whoa whoa whoa whoa let's do a little bite see if this tastes like vanilla Justine: I like this Ro: If you like vanilla cake this is the peep for you let's do something weird Justine: okay Ro: Let's do cherry limeade Justine: Lime flavored fudge Ro: right k let's open 'em up Justine: It's a good smell I like it Ro: You know what missed opportunity I feel like these look like little watermelon Justine: Little weird taste it's like sour but like it's hurting my teeth what is that did you swallow it Ro: I did and it came back up Justine: What's it taste like the second time Ro: not good this one caught me off guard Justine: I know you just puked in your mouth Ro: All of my senses were not ready for this it was kind of like Beyonce's lemonade album I wasn't ready came out of nowhere I threw up in my mouth a little but maybe I like it I don't know what's going on anymore Justine: you go out to try it twice Ro: One bite two tastes Justine: That's your next cook book Ro: Available now Ro: we have four more flavors Justine: no yes I can't wait one two three yup Ro: I want the chocolate triple chocolate chocolate dipped chocolate sprinkles on the top what's the third chocolate Justine: Oh look he's got a little juice Ro: Okay i'm gonna have one of these oh yeah what's going on Justine: oh my god mmm what is this Ro: Hello Ro: is he stuck in your hair Justine: that was just mine Ro: Oh a little appetizer Justine: Oh this is another chocolate one but it basically looks like the same thing just not the whole body covered Ro: oh so it's like an original peep but it's just dipped in milk chocolate Justine: I kind grew up on a farm like we had chickens and stuff so this is very true to life Ro: oh no Justine: 'cause they're always covered in poo Ro: oh no are they Justine: Yeah well they just kind of like Ro: there's nothing cuter than a little baby chicken Justine: Do i got chocolate in my ear Ro: let me see me I don't see any Justine: okay good Ro: you're not like those little chickens with poops all over Justine: All over Justine: Tastes just like the other one Ro: that's a nice twist on original peep I like having a little bit of chocolate on there I'll take another Ro: We got two flavors left one's caramel one's strawberry Justine: Close your eyes and I'll have you pick Ro: okay okay I'm ready I'm ready Justine: Okay go ahead pick Ro: I'm being a little bunny I'm gonna hop this one what is it Justine: vanilla caramel brownie do you say care-a-mel or car-mel Ro: car-mel care-a-mel care-a-mel aramel caramel however you want to say it one of my favorite flavors because it's a sweet flavor that's got some depth to it it's got some soul and I'm into it ok we just that was deep that was deep Justine: That was too deep for me Ro: on the lighter note Justine: Look at his little nose Ro: I know what to get you for your birthday now a bunch of chickens Justine: oh my god Ro: Oh my god peep peep peep peep peep peep Justine: Oh my gosh there's a super secret surprise Ro: mmm-hmm this is one of my favorite okay don't judge me but I'm basically just sucking all the caramel out of the middle you think I'm taking a bite but really I'm just like Justine: Ew this feels weird Ro: If you go like this it'll come out Justine: I'm just gonna eat it Ro: You can do that too I'm feeling good the sugar is in and I didn't realize okay Justine I'm sorry I thought that other one was fun-fetti flavored and so this is another strawberry flavored one Justine: But it's dipped in decadent creme flavored fudge Ro: I think it's crem Justine: Crem? Ro: Cream Justine: Creamy creme Ro: It's a fancy cream Justine: Doesn't matter Ro: Doesn't matter Both: ♪ I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody♪ Ro: yeah Justine: That's good Ro: It's a good song cheers to our last peep Justine: Cheers oh yeah Ro: whoa whoa Justine: Oh boy Ro: Whoa Justine: You did a good job my body is like covered in marshmallow Ro: yeah okay those are all the peep flavors that I have today a big thank you to my friend Justine for helping me try all of these this was so much fun also we did another fun video over on Justine's channel imma put a link down below we played some fun games on the new switch Justine: it was so much fun Ro: if you want to see any more fun videos you can click up here or here alright thanks again bye guys Justine: Bye

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