Hey guys, it's Ro! Today i'm hanging out with my friend Justine! Today I'm hanging out with my friend, Justine! Justine: Hello! You guys know Justine We baked together

We've done lots of challenges together And if you aren't familiar, imma put the links down below to her channel and all of her social media Go say hi, check it out also,we did another video on justine's channel Also, we did another video on Justine's channel justine:it's gonna be wildWe've blindfolded ourselves Justine: It's gonna be wild

We've blindfolded ourselves and made each other valentines cards! and made each other Valentines cards! RO:so cute!but it's blindfolded so its also Ro: So cute! But it's blindfolded, so it's also you know justine:Mmm You know Justine: Mmm valentines day is just a few days away Valentine's Day is just a few days away and one of my favourite things about valentine's day And one of my favourite things about Valentine's Day is all the treats and candyi have a sweet tooth, is all the treats and candy

I have a sweet tooth, so i went to the storei got a ton of different valentines themed candy so I went to the store I got a ton of different Valentines-themed candy there's a lot of candy in front of us There's a lot of candy in front of us and this is basically like the dream come true and this is basically like the dream come true we are just gonna try different valentine's day themed candy, We are just gonna try different Valentine's Day-themed candy, starting with this

i found this in target starting with this I found this in Target justine:i love it!it looks a little playstation-nish, you know Justine: I love it! It looks a little PlayStation-nish, you know Ro: 'Game on, Valentine', and it's like a giant gummy like, have you seen that those giant gummy bears? Ro: 332! *unboxing intensifies* So excited! If you want a Valentine, Ro's gotta be your Valentine! She's got great candy! OK, I'm gonna bite on this side Justine: I will just pick this up

Just doing it WOAH! Justine: (chuckles) Hey girl, do you wanna game? Ro: Yeah! DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DI! This is so disgusting! It feels like a dead fish Justine: (mumbling) *faces of satisfaction?* Do you wanna try mine? Ro: Yeah OK, let's switch 'em Justine: Here you go

OK Ro: You go for that one, I'll go for this one *circus skills and mumbling* Justine: Very good Ro: I approve of this one Ro: Next candy, I love Swedish Fish, I know you love Swedish Fish, and I've got Sour Patch Kids heart shaped

Justine, don't get your fingers Justine: You just stay away when I'm opening Ro: Okay Justine: You ready? Ro: Okay go! GASP* WOOOOAAAHHH! Justine: That is an incredibly sharp knife Ro: *little gasp* Look at them! Justine: Yes oh my god! Ro: I love it! Justine: Oh, they taste just like Swedish Fish Ro: Look, do I look like one of the Emojis? Justine: You do! Let's check these out

Oh, okay, you got it She's got it Justine: So it looks like a pink and a red Justine: So let's try them and see if they're different Ro: Okay Ro: Which one did you try first? Justine: Ooh, oh, ooh! Justine: Oh, I don't like Sour Patch, I forgot! Ro: Mhm Justine: It's sour for a second but man, that second is wild Ro: Did I get us the perfect men for Valentine's Day? Justine: Ooh La La! Ro: Maybe I did! Justine: It says he's sweet and decadently rich, just how a man ought to be

Justine: He is shredded Ro: Yeah, he's like a bodybuilder Justine: OH NO! Justine: I lost my man's head! Ro: Where do I take a bite? Justine: Uh, well Ro: Should I go for the guns or really take a bite of these feet? Ro: Some people are into that, they're into feet Justine: Yeah, I know Ro: I'll try it now, see if I'm into it Here we go Ro: I don't want to say this in front of him, but it's kind of basic

Justine: There's nothing special about this guy at all little nuts in here, *laughs* (i give up *facepalm*) *laughs* Oh no! Oh no, what did I just do? Haha! That was funning? XD Ro: I'm moving on to bigger and better things Justine: Yeah Ro: This man

Justine: *weird voice* Thank you! *laughs* ??? *laughs* they laugh so much! It's a heart Justine: Yeah, that probably works, just as well *laughs* Here its eyes? This gets a thumbs up Aww its so cute! I just wanna Now it looks like a peep

But, adorable Justine: Look, the little eyes though Ro: Oh my god! BURN MINION BURN jk i love minions It needs surgery GIMMEIT! *evil laughter* Now he looks like that other minion that only has one eye Right? What's his face? ; D Justine: Ok, so I'm teh craft store

looking for some thigs for our valentins JSIXCJG this

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