– Hey guys! It's Ro Today, I'm hanging out with my friend, Justine

– Hi! – She's super awesome I'm gonna put her links down below We just made a video over on her channel where we're trying out coffee technology – [Justine] Yeah – [Ro] It's a new gadget

We're doing an unboxing video – [Justine] I love doing unboxing with Ro! It's like the best thing ever! – I'll put a link down below to that Anyways, I had to invite her over because she is my partner-in-crime We have been trying so many treats together and I got so many requests from you guys to try some Mexican candies So that is exactly what we're gonna be doing today

I have never had Mexican candy before – I mean I might have accidentally and I didn't know it But I've never had anything that is on this table before – I've never tried this We had our friends go out and pick out a bunch of different Mexican candy and we are gonna try all of them today

Alright, so these are made in Mexico They're Enchilokas! Chili covered gummies?! – Oh, my go– I don't even know what to say – There's some mango on the front So I really don't know what's going on here But they just look amazing! – I'm just wondering what's your definition of "amazing"? Because this looks like rabbit turd droppings to me

– I may be an old lady and (inaudible) and that's just who I am but don't these kinda look like individual prunes? Do you like prunes? – Oh god, yeah! – I like prunes (laughs) – Ahhh, not really That's not on my, like, you know, it's not on my diet list Let's cut 'em open! – I don't know– (slices) Whoa! – Whoa! Oh – Oh, it does look like a prune – It looks bloody

(both giggle) – Okay, let's do a smell test – Hohh! Ho, boy! (sniffs) – Oh (coughs) (laughs) Are you ready, girl? (laughs) (both laughing) – Okay, are we eating the whole thing? – Yeah – Really?! – Yeah! One, two, three (giggles) Oh, that's (inaudible)

(laughs) – Oh, G*d – Whoa! – Oh! – Ohhh! (coughs, choking) – What?! What is this?! I hate it!! (choking) (laughing) – I'm drooling I'm drooling – Me too I'm disgusted with myself right now

– So much sodium (coughing) (inaudible) – I'm sorry – It looks like maybe there is, like, a mango candy in the middle but whatever it's coated in is a lot of sugar, a lot of sodium and a lot of spice – It's covered in death I don't want have anything to deal with this

(squishing) This was nuts! – [Ro] That face right there was our face – This looks like cheese Should we do that? – Yeah It's by De La Rosa And it says it's a peanut candy

Ooh! Look at these! – [Justine] This looks like a refreshing treat – Oh, it's really flakey – Yeah – Oka– Oh, oh! – Oh! Oops – Uh-oh! That went down way short

– It's like powdered peanut butter in my mouth I'm taking one of these for the road home – Oh, these are good Mm! – The ingredients are basically sugar and peanut butter Like, that's it! – Count me in

– [Justine] Me too! Oh, this is right up on my speed alley – Mm-hmm Right up the alley It's– and that is the speed Now I wanna try these candies 'cause they look friendly and the candies look like little flags

The kids look so happy So I'm hoping, Justine, this is what we look like Yeah, these are great! (laughs) Let's give it a chomp! (slices) (gasps) Oh! – Here you go – These are so cute – And it smells just like coconut too

(Ro sniffs) – Oh, my gosh I love coconut! – [Justine] Oh! (giggles) – [Ro] How is it? – It doesn't taste–, like, I didn't taste some plastic There's no taste – Oh, yeah! It's little coconut shaving – I'm afraid every time I take a bite of something now! (both giggling) – That first candy was, like, traumatizing! – Honestly

(choking) (laughing) – Okay, next candy Justine, you pick the candy – We should probably move on to one of these little things, maybe – Okay, which one do you want to do? – Umm, this one looks really fun – Oh, my gosh

– It's like a Lucas Gustano? It looks like a little squeeze tube – Uh-oh! Hot liquid candy When I was growing up, there was basically these tubes It's like gel candy You just squeeze it in your mouth

I was not allowed to have these but once in a while, I go to 7-Eleven, save my allowance and sneak one and I would buy one and not tell my Mom and Dad – You're such a rebel! – And I'll just be like, "Ow, yeah!" (both laugh) – So – I'm so scared

I feel like I cannot do this to myself Okay, Justine I'm gonna give this to you – No, you are not! – Yeah! And you do me Oh, my G*d! – Yeah

It's just a little bit, not a lot (Justine screaming) Okay, just keep your mouth open, Justine, and don't move Otherwise it might get in your eye or something I don't wanna do that (muffled) One, two, three, go! (yelling in pain) – You didn't give me any! You didn't give me any

(continues yelling in pain) (both yelling in pain, Justine coughing) (without tongue) Oh, this is not okay! I might as well just swallow it at this point It doesn't (inaudible) (coughing) Sorry (inaudible) (muffled coughing) – It got in my hair! (giggling and laughing) (Justine coughing) I don't know my name anymore! (both laughing) – That was really sour – Okay, what's this? – Okay, whoo! – This is like some sort of a little dip? – [Ro] We've got a happy little kid on the front

Strawberry, vanilla Looks like a little pudding candy – Ew, it smells like– – Ooh, it looks very odd – Oh – Ooh

– Is there an expiration date? – Um, let's check – This looks spoiled – Well, let's just do a very small one I'm a little nervous here – [both] Oh! – A little chef taste

– Oh, yeah! This is nice I'll eat all of this But I feel like I need an item to go with it – [Ro] Yeah, I feel like you should be, like, putting it on a little cookie Some of these have been (inaudible)

But the next candy, I'm feeling pretty confident about because again, there's these cute little happy kids on the front and these are another coconut based candy So, I love coconut Give it a slice! (slices) – Oh, I hit a roll – Ah-hah! Uh-oh (gasps) I just see a lot of coconut so I'm kinda happy about this

– Mm-mm! – These kids get me Mmm! – Yeah, I mean if you like coconut and you'll like this – What fruit do you like? – Pineapple

– Pineapple? – Mm-hmm This is the best thing I've ever, ever tasted! – [Ro] How did they make these? – (muffled) Oh my god! – I will eat anything if it is a coconut (inaudible singing) – This looks like a coconut Enchilokas (laughs) – I don't know Okay, that maybe drawing the line

Do you want to try these? – We might as well just do it – Okay, wait, hold on I want one more bite of this 'Cause this is, like, sweet, sweet heaven for me – Take your sweet, sweet heaven 'cause it's not gonna last long (laughing) Watermelon Enchilokas! – This was so spicy

I'm not even gonna get to the watermelon part If you cut it in half, you may be able to taste the gummy – Here you go I don't know Should we not? – Ooh! – I don't know

It hurt my teeth – The middle of the last one was mango and this gummy is supposed to be watermelon which I love watermelon, but the outside is just so sour and spicy Maybe I'll taste the gummy first – This is so– I can't do it I can't do it! I hate it! I hate it so– Like, it makes me so upset! – I can't

I can't even get to the gummy I'm doing one more of these Mm-hmm! Let's try some powder Look! – ♫ I got maracas, I got you maraca– – What a fun instrument! ♫ Tiki-tiki-tiki-tik-tik! ♫ Okay, so these are Lucas Mango And Lucas– What's the flavor? – Uhh, chamoy? – What's chamoy? – (muffled) I don't know

– "Snap off tip" – What? (snap) Okay This is like a pixie stick (snaps, screeches) – Right?!! Candy is supposed to be enjoyable and fun I just got injured – You just eat it like a pixie stick

– Ugh, oh! Why?! What is this?! This is inevitable torture! – Justine, you want to taste mine? (laughing) – No!! (choking) – But it's mango! (laughs hysterically) – Mine's chamoy! What is chamoy?! (muffled) I don't know Gosh, I put so much of it in my mouth! – Me too It's really tart (giggles) – I'm crying – Oh, girl

(laughing) – This is honestly, this is the devil – Now I'm interested what yours is 'cause mine was a really strong mango – Take a taste – This is what we should have done – Yeah!! – (giggles) Whoo-hoo-hoo!! Really spicy

– I dumped it on my tongue like, no regard – Look at this, Justine, so while in Mexico, stay away from this little duck What else we got? – We have a crayon – I need some water Let's have a water break

I'm twisting the bottom, 'cause it looks like it's like a push-pop – The only way is to just cut it open – Maybe just give it a cut – Okay What the heck is this?! – It's pretty weird

– This is disgusting – What is this? – Look, it's looks like a flower not a crayon Okay, I'm just gonna do a teeny little– teeny – This is so gross – You know, when I was little I used to like weird stuff like this and I don't even like it anymore

Ow, yeah! I have one more candy for us to try and maybe it's gonna be great – Where? Okay – These little guys! – Okay, good I was hoping it will be some sort of surprise thing that you had 'cause I was like, I'm gone! (laughs) – I can't! – I'm done! – [Ro] Okay, so these are really cute They have little frogs on them

– Is it wearing something? (inaudible) – [Ro] Is it sausages coming out of his head?! Uh-oh! – [Justine] It's another weird thing! What?! – Oh, my gosh Yes, it's his hair Look, looks like little weird things – Oh, my gosh! You're right! – You eat his hair I wanna see this! Look at it when you press down, his hair comes out! (laughs) – [Justine] Look at it! This is like ground beef

– Oh, my gosh! Justine, that's so creepy! Okay, let's do the little chef finger taste (coughs) Mmm! – This is weird (laughs) Like, it's starting to form It's like it's taking over this entire container now It's not one piece of hair anymore it's, like, becoming a blob

Alright, that does it for all the Mexican candy that we have to try today A big thank you to my friend Justine for helping me try out all of these – Oh my god I don't know – What are the ones that you like today? – This one

The peanut butter Like, this was delicious So good And I love the coconut candies Obviously, we didn't try all of the candy in Mexico so if you guys have any suggestions of any more mild candies, let me know in the comments below because I would love to try them

We just tried a few intense ones – It was super intense (inaudible) But I definitely prefer this little peanut treat – Also we did a video over on her channel like I mentioned before I'll put a link down below, go check it out

We're unboxing kind of coffee gadgets – So – Speaking of things that are hot – Mmm-hmm!! – Mmm! – You guys have to go check it now! Okay, you guys so we gotta go if you wanna check out some more fun videos, you can click up here

– Or up here – Yeah Alright, bye, you guys! {Subtitles made by: Joshua Paul Maninggo}

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