Hey guys, it's Ro, today I'm hanging out with my friend Justine You guys know Justine, but if you're new to the channel I'm gonna put her link down below

Go check her out show her some love and subscribe! I invited you over because it's the holidays, and I found the funniest holiday Game And I had to have you over This reminds me of when we played doodoo head Yes, we did, but this is there's no doodoo There's no doodoo so the game that I found is called Reindeer games, just like the song like "join in any reindeer games, do doo" And this is an inflatable antler toss! Is it this big, like is this life-sized, is this actual size? How big? Look how huge this looks on this woman's head

So that is pretty big We'll see but apparently you just place the antlers on the head and then it's ring toss Are you good at ring toss? I don't know I don't know I mean is that something like you know you're good at

Are You good at horseshoes? Have you ever played horseshoes? Yeah, like a very long time ago It's a minute Yeah, like maybe how many minutes are in 25 years What about bag o These are like yard games like ring toss horseshoes? Cornhole? Next spring we should do some yard games (gasp) We could have like a little like a little set up What we'd have like oh we could get we could have like a popcorn we can have like a bag like a vendor out there With like a certain

We could even have a circus Oh we can hulahoop? I don't know You can do that outside Done Look it looks like a Christmas sweater We did not plan this, but we match the box This is nuts

We look like the sweater on the box Oh, you've got a little bit of um Oh this is from a previous video Oh, we were uh oh I forgot to wipe the table Okay

Do you want to read it? Yes Okay It's the time of year to laugh and sing lets play a game and toss some rings Inflatable antlers upon your head while real reindeer are busy guiding Santa's sled Somebody sat down and wrote this poem They were like we need a great poem and apparently this is for people ages 12 plus Ooh is more adult game apparently

Maybe it's because we're throwing stuff at each other I don't know maybe because there's a plastic bag Oh It's all in one Oh we gotta inflate it Oh wow

Do you want to inflate the reindeer or the rings, you want to do the rings? I can do the rings! Oh, this is much larger than I thought Wow this is huge This is like actual real size Do you think it is? I think so I've seen reindeer in real life No way Yep, and I got peed on

By a reindeer? Yes, I was shocked I was just like oh look at you sweet little deer and that I just was like (gasp) And it peed on you Yes, on my boots Well, thank goodness you had boots on

I didn't know that they did that Yep I've always wanted to meet a reindeer You know what I did after I saw the reindeer? And this broke my heart They were selling reindeer sausage right down the street Eating Rudolph? It made me so sad

Okay mine just deflated again Okay, we're getting there We're getting there I didn't get it to hold air Cover it with your tongue maybe

You know why it's probably a little older? Lightheadedness, so just blow these up at your own speed because if you try to go quick you get a little light-headed I'm super dizzy, and I'm really blowing a ring Let's do rock-paper-scissors whoever wins tosses first Okay ready 1, 2, 3, shoot! oh Justine! What does that mean? Okay, so I'll put this oh, sorry Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Okay, this looks incredible Can you see this? You can see it is this so you seen a reindeer in real life Yeah, this is probably a little bit bigger than their their antlers so this is I'm a very mature reindeer I'm a very old and wise rain

You've been around the block Okay I'm gonna go over here Okay, okay? but oh Okay, hold on I'm out adjust the camera so you can see us cuz these are bigger than I thought okay Okay, just reset the camera cuz these antlers are huge a lot bigger than I thought like look at this span Like look at this

This is so big Oh Dusty okay, I'm gonna stand here, I'm not gonna move don't move oh You no no no I remember right now Okay, wait, did you get no? Oh? No just think you don't me get this off I double-knotted it I feel like this chin strap was not in the picture Oh oh oh see it's on me It's on my I said, I think you know everything all our hands, okay? Okay come on this side come on little Christmas here We go here We go all right Happy Holidays nope I found my game okay here we go my go for another yeah, nope another alert nope okay? Just okay, you got one

Oh, yeah I wonder if I wore this in my pool if this would keep my head of flow No because your head would be underwater and basically it would only be floating right here Oh Khan taking this more seriously because I need to at least get one point okay, I'm not moving Doo dee doo dee dee Daaaaaah Teach me how to juggle just and teach me how to juggle okay? So how do you do this well basically you just kind of want to you know do that like do it? Okay, I got I got it Yes, it's sometimes easier to start with just one just okay getting back We're getting that crisscross pattern crisscross applesauce Applesauce Crisscross applesauce, okay, let's try to let's try to I can do this Chris oh Okay, all right We got warmed up I Got better at juggling I can't breathe and you can't breathe no It's alright

He's down there here We go okay first ring Yeah Oh really, I can't juggle but I can ring toss all right here We go here We go nice You're like the puppy right now Whoa that overshot it over really – it's just too much Oh too much muscle even I'm not a bleep, but it's not to be slam it right on your head

Halfway I don't have to count it It wasn't real yeah, but I'm gonna do too, but I want to count if I get it okay We got a fine deal Okay Well, dude we can do two and a half, okay I think it's fair okay round three here We go

I'm gonna also take the reindeer position, okay? You almost got it You got it You got it You got it Y-yes, you got it Baby baby, baby needy needy maybe might not be needy oh Don't worry girl I'll go fast okay

I'm ready just hold your breath Okay first one in slow-mo Yeti Include okay the second one Blindfolded No you didn't know that you did that you know third ring Madhu opposite hand What should I do for the fourth one um like maybe like my granny shot, that's that's good, too the reindeer granny, okay downup! Is this so tight of like me I'm so sorry I made it too tight gotta get our score Just gotta sit down you can you can wear that I look really great alright that does it for the reindeer games? inflatable antler toss our Final scores two and a half to one come on I really try, but this is more difficult than I thought it was gonna be this was really tricky technically I So the loser has to wear the antlers all day This is me I'm gonna be in the car I'm gonna get pulled over in the officers and be like excuse me ma'am Can you hang on your window? It would be like yes, so by doing something wrong you Can hang out there yeah? You're gonna have to drive with your window down cuz here hold this like a steering wheel I have a sunroof You can put this out the sunroof Yeah, if you just eat if you see around the road today If you'll know why it's cuz we played this silly game well You know people always put like those little antlers in their car that are like popping up so no one wouldn't think anything of it They'll just think it's a holiday car Decoration yeah see those they're really cute

Yeah, it kind of makes me uncomfortable because usually people forget that they're on and then it's like You know it's like March, and they've got like Hitler still stuck on the car I hope you guys enjoyed this silly video we had so much fun playing this ridiculous game a big Thank you to my friend Justine for trying this out with me Thanks again You guys I'm putting all of Justine's links down below so subscribe Show her some love, and if you'd like to see the other fun videos you can click up here or up here Dddd I'm adding a holly jolly Christmas Me too!

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