Hey, guys! It's Ro I just got this box in the mail, and I'm so excited because I know exactly what it is

Inside this box are all of the items from my baking line in their final packaging, And I just want to take a few minutes and film a video and share this moment with you guys Please bear with me– this is my first unboxing Also, all of the items that I'm showing you today are not out yet, But they are available for pre-order on Amazon and Walmart; I'll put a link down below Ooooh! *Ro giggles* This feels like Christmas! And look at Cookie *Pretends to tickle Cookie, Ro giggles again* She amuses me! Oh, yes! Ahhhh!!! Look at all the goodies! I don't know where to start– I'm just grabbing something

*Gasp* First up, are some baking basics We have measuring cups and measuring spoons I love these because they are both stainless steel, And I color-coded the handles with silicone grippies, because you can memorize the handle color– –Like the yellow is the tablespoon, so you don't have to look and go, "Oh, which one's the right measurement?" Hee hee *Ro giggles* Okay, let's see what else we got in here *Gasp* Yes! Nerdy Nummies spatula set The large spatula has the Smart Cookie, and then the small spatula are little 16-bit hearts

They also have a hidden message underneath *Gasp* Nom nom nom nom nom Oh, and this one says, "Ta-daaa!" You see? We've got cake testers! This one comes in a 2-pack– –There's the Smart Cookie and the 16-bit heart I prefer using cake testers versus toothpicks, because they're longer, So it keeps me further away from the heat in the oven Next are the color-coordinated tip sets

I use a variety of size decorating tips on the show, and I thought, to make it even easier for beginner bakers Is to color-code them, so I can say, "Grab a number 2 tip or the blue tip" Also on the packaging, it shows which design each tip makes with frosting, Because I thought that would be really helpful I included a coupler into each tip set, because when I first started baking, It wasn't always easy to find them Yes, yes, yes, yes– oh! This is another baking basic: these are decorating bags, But I've designed them for beginner bakers Whenever I was baking, I would fill my piping bag way too full, and then when I was piping a cupcake, The frosting would just explode out the end, And I always wish that there was a line or a guide to tell you when to stop filling your bag, So I designed these bags to do exactly that

Ooooh! I see some edible royal icing decorations in here There's lightning bolts, 16-bit hearts, and the Smart Cookie Look how cute! Most commonly, you put these on top of cupcakes to decorate them, But you can also place them on the top of cakes, Or, because it's royal icing, you can even stick these on little cookies Hi, Cookie! Are you going to help me? Or are you taking a nap? I wanna get these sprinkles out of here Where's all the sprinkles? Oh, yes! We've got sprinkles– they have the little Smart Cookie on the cap of all three of these, And these are each geeky-themed sprinkles

The blue and yellow are stars and lightning bolts This bottle is the Nerdy Nummies sprinkle mix It's all the images from all the chapters in the Nerdy Nummies cookbook There's a Smart Cookie, a crown, a video game controller, a planet, and a little chemistry beaker And here are 8-bit hearts

I have wanted these to exist for years and years and years, and now, they do! I'm not even gonna wait I'm just going to have one right now Look how cute! *Gasp* Okay, I'm going to save these for later Little place over here Also have these little sugar gems– they're kind of like rock candy

I thought it'd be really cool if you were going to make like a geode cupcake or cookie Oh, yes! We've got the cookie stamp! These are really fun, easy to use You roll out cookie dough and stamp them Boop boop boop boop boop boop! And then when they bake, it's kind of like filling in a coloring book– –It gives you a guided line to trace with royal icing and decorate This should also just be my letterhead, how I approve things

Approved! Approved Approved, approved– boop! You're approved, Cookie Onto the molds! We've got some pretzel molds and lollipop molds These ones look like little wizard or fairy wands And these ones are 8-bit and 16-bit heart lollipop molds

Molds, molds, molds! And we have more molds; I saw 'em in here Yes! We have the Nerdy Nummies gummy mold This one has the Smart Cookie, an 8-bit heart, and a little dinosaur, Because dinosaurs have been a part of our show since the very beginning We've got a dark pink one, with 8 and 16-bit heart molds I also have some footage of the process to make this mold

It was super fascinating, and I wanted to share that with you guys And we've got a blue gem mold I love these gem designs I have so many different gem molds, but they didn't have these ones These are the shapes I really wanted

Last, but not least: the poo silicone mold I may be the most excited about this mold They're poo cavities! I'm going to be making a ton of treats in here You can make little brownies, cakes, poo candles! *Enamored giggling* I love you I got so many requests to make the apron that was on the cover of the Nerdy Nummies cookbook, And that apron was actually made by my mom

And I love you, Mom, but we made them a little better, because we put pockets on them And we made matching oven mitts– it's a set *More giggling* I love these! I made a bunch of cookie cutters All of them are comfort-grip I absolutely love Comfort Grip Cookie cutters– they are my favorite, Because when you're cutting all of them out into the dough, it doesn't hurt your fingers

Little lollipop sticks They're simple lollipop sticks, but they have cute little heart designs on them Can't forget a whisk! Every kitchen needs one It's got a grippy handle, and it's the perfect size Let's get started! Let's get it started! Some of you guys have seen these before, but not in its final packaging

They are foil lined baking cups There are foil lined cupcake liners out there, but they have designs all over the sides– –They come with sprinkle designs, rainbow designs, tie-dye designs, And they're super cute, But if you just want a solid color, they didn't exist, until now! And these ones have cute little sayings on the bottom, like, "Cheers!" "Treat yourself!" "Ta-da!" Oooh, we got something big here at the bottom! It's a candy melting pot! This is one of my favorite items in the whole world; I use it all the time whenever I am melting candy or chocolate It is so easy to use– and look! It's got Nerdy Nummies on it! Let's open it! Let's open it! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It's got safety instructions You may remember that I used one of these on the fondue challenge They are so fun

I love them! Oh, yes! Now, this is a rolling pin that I designed with two silicone guide rings One is a quarter inch, and one is half an inch The quarter inch is pink, and then the half an inch is a teal color I completely wish that I had these when I started baking, Because when I first started, I was rolling my cookie dough too thick or too thin, And the cooking weren't turning out correctly This is a great way for your cookies to come out perfect every time

We've only got three items left in this box, and the next one is my three-bowl-set I am so excited about this I have wanted to design my dream bowl set for quite some time The three bowls are stack-a-bowl! *Wink* How ador-a-bowl! *Another wink* Haha! I'm just on a roll *Please stop* I designed a pour-spigot on each of the bowls, So when you're pouring cake batter, it doesn't run down the sides and get all over

It also has a little handle in the back, And on the inside of the bowl: measuring lines! On one side of the bowl, there's the US measurement, And on the other side of the bowl, the metric system measurements Last, but not least, an airtight lid *Gasp* Look at this cute little ball pan! I really wanted to make a sphere ball pan, because I've made so many recipes using this shape

We've made an Earth cake, a death star cake, and there are so many more adorable possibilities The pan is two parts top and bottom and comes with two silicone stabilizers for baking Think of all the planets we can make! Even Pluto He isn't a planet, But he thought he was, but he's not We've got something in here It is a wooden tablet cookbook stand You can place a whole iPad on here or a cookbook It's so cute! And look, I can turn it off

Boop Oh, those are the games I'm playing One last thing in the box Three different colors and flavored candy melts These are the "One in a Melon" watermelon candy melts Next is "La La Lemon" candy melts

I've been making a lot of lemon-themed treats and recipes, And I wanted a candy melt to go along with them Last, but not least, "Oh My Berry" strawberry candy melts Ha! Alright, that does it for all the items in my baking line Again, the items are not out yet, But you can pre-order all of them on Amazon and Walmart right now I'm going to put a link down below

Go check it out if you're interested in anything All of the items will officially be out Friday, August 18 online It will be on Amazon and wiltoncom and in stores Michaels and Joanne's A big thank you to you guys for watching my first unboxing video

I know that it was a little bit long, but I really wanted to give you a first look at everything Alright! Thanks again! Bye, bye!

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