Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Ro: Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today, I have a special guest, it’s my sister Mo! Mo: Hello! Ro: She was in town again visitng and last night we just watched the Lego Movie Ro: And, it was awesome

Ro: Everything is… Both: Awesome! Ro: We thought we should be making something from the movie, we got so many requests, Ro: and my sister loves unicorns So, today we’re gonna be making… Mo: The Unikitty Snicker Pops! Ro: Mmmhmm! Let’s get started! Ro: To make these yummy pops, the things you will need, will be: White melting Ro: chocolate, pink melting chocolate, cherry Starbursts, these are the red ones Ro: Fun sized Snickers, not to be confused with the mini Snickers, you want the Ro: ones that are fun sized, that are rectangle not square Green Laffy Taffy, Ro: flavor apple, and Mo: You’ll also need a skewer, some lollipop sticks, some foam, and light blue Mo: and white fondant, and light blue, white and black cookie icing, and a sheet Mo: of wax paper Ro: Yep, let’s put it all together! Ro: We just laid out our snickers on this piece of wax paper, I put down a cookie Ro: sheet, but you can just use any flat surface, it doesn’t matter, you can just use Ro: a plate And then you’re gonna take your kabob, little poker, with a Ro: sharp end You can also use a toothpick, but I like the kabob stick because it’s Ro: a little bit more thick, for the lollipop sticks to go in after So what you Ro: do, this is the side we’re gonna decorate, the flat side, not the rounded side

Ro: Take your kabob, and poke it right here Ro: Go about 3/4 the way down, and then you’re just gonna do this to all of Ro: the Snickers Mo: Next, you’re gonna take your white melting chocolate and heat it up, and Mo: instead of using Kragle to keep your Snickers on your lollipop stick, you can Mo: dip the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate, and then put your Snickers Mo: on top Ro: Once you have your Snicker pops assembled, put them in the freezer for about 10 Ro: minutes to chill, and while they are chilling, we’re gonna heat up our Ro: pink melting chocolates Mo: Mmmmmm! Ro: Om nom nom nom! Ro: Once your Snicker pops have set in the freezer, now we’re gonna dip them first into Ro: white chocolate and then into our pink melted chocolate

Ro: So here’s the first dip, you just pick it up, and I put it into a glass to Ro: make it a little bit easier, Molly, I’m gonna show you how to do one first Mo: OK! Ro: OK, I’ll show you and then you can do one, OK ready, Just go straight down, Ro: wait till it hits the stick, and then pull straight up, let the excess drip off Ro: Then I’m gonna hand it to Mo and she’s gonna put it in the Foam to dry Ro: And now you’re just gonna do this to all of your Snicker pops! Ro: Now that we’ve got the Snicker pops dipped into the white chocolate, now Ro: we’re going to dip them 2/3 of the way into the pink chocolate, you’re just Ro: gonna eyeball it Just let the excess drip off

Mo: And now that we’ve dipped all the Snicker bars in the chocolate, it’s time to Mo: decorate Unikitty’s face So we can just take the dried pops and put them Mo: face up, and get ready to decorate Ro: Just be gentle, and make sure they’ve had plenty of time to dry, we waited Ro: about 10 minutes? Mo: Mmmhmm Ro: Chocolate sets pretty quickly, so you Ro: don’t have to wait that long Ro: Now you’re gonna take your cookie icings, we’ve got white cookie icing, Ro: blue cookie icing, and black cookie icing

You don’t need to use a fancy Ro: tip, but I’ve put a number 1 tip at the end for more control, and now we’re Ro: gonna decorate their little faces, the first thing that I’m gonna do is make Ro: her white fur on the top Just making a half circle, and then fill it in Ro: Now you’re gonna take your black cookie icing to color her eyeballs Mo: And then you’re gonna take a little bit of the light blue icing and put it Mo: just around the top Ro: Now that we’ve got the eyeballs all decorated on our little Snicker pops, Ro: We’re gonna take these, the cherry Starburst, next to decorate

Mo: And we’re gonna make Unikitty’s ears, cheeks, nose and mouth Ro: We’ve already made a bunch, but I’m gonna show you how to do it, Ro: it’s really easy So first you’re gonna unwrap your little Starbursts, and then Ro: you’re gonna take your baking scissors, and you just cut it right down, Ro: diagonal, and then what you're gonna do is cut off one end, so it’s flat Ro: And that is what Unikitty’s ear looks like Mo: And then you’re gonna take another starburst, and you can get off a really Mo: little piece, and roll it into a ball, really small, and that’ll Mo: be a little cheek

Ro: Reep! Mo: And then you do the same thing for the nose, take off a little ball, roll it Mo: up, so that it looks a little bit more oval Ro: And you can do this with whatever candy you like, or if you like to Ro: continue using icing, we just wanted to spice it up! Ro: And I love Starburst! Mo: I’ve eaten so many making these already! Ro: I know, I feel like… Both: Everything is awesome! Ro: These candies are really sticky, so they’re easy to work with Ro: All you have to do is pick them up and gently place them on the top of your Ro: pop, and they will stay there, so they’re really easy Mo: Now that we have their faces on, we’re gonna take a little bit of white frosting Mo: to put on the top, and then we’ll attach their ears Ro: Now that we’ve got Unikitty’s ears on, now we’re gonna be making my Ro: sister’s favorite part… Mo: The horn!!! Ro: Yep, the unicorn horn! So what you’re gonna do is take your white and blue Ro: fondant, and we’ve already made some right here, but these are unicorn horns

Ro: So it’s just the blue fondant, and a little twist, twisted together, Ro: and then you’re gonna place it in-between Unikitty’s ears Mo: And last but not least, we’re gonna use our Laffy Taffy to make Unikitty’s Mo: neck, all you’ll need to do is take out your Laffy Taffy, roll it in a ball, Mo: and flatten it out a little bit like an oval Ro: You’re just gonna take one of these, and a skewer, and you’re just gonna poke Ro: a hole all the way through And then, you’re gonna take your pop and do the same Ro: And then you’re gonna do that to the rest of your pops

Ro: Laffy Taffy’s have the corniest jokes on them ever, what does yours say? Mo: How do billboards talk? Ro: How? Mo: Sign language! Both: Hahahahaha! Both: Ta-da!!! Ro: Here are the Unikitty Snickers Pops, we hope you guys liked them, they were Ro: so much fun to make! Mo and I love The Lego Movie! Mo: And I love unicorns! So I loved being able to make the Unikitty in it! Ro: So you made my sister very, very happy! I will put Molly’s links down below Ro: so you can go check ‘em out, she now has Instagram… Mo: And Twitter! Ro: And Twitter! Ro: Big thank you sister, thank you sister for helping me! Mo: It was so fun! Ro: OW! Oh, ow! Ro: I think I’m gonna get a bruise! Ro: I’ll also post lots of pictures of our Unikitty pops on Facebook, Instagram, Ro: Twitter and Tumblr! Ro: And if you guys make these, please send us pictures, because we love seeing Ro: your baking creations If you have any other suggestions, leave me a comment Ro: down below and I will do my best to make it happen Ro: alright, thanks again you guys! Ro: Bye-bye! Ro: High energy Molly! Really get it goin! Mo: Hahahahaha Mo: And last but not least Ro: Pfffttt-hahaha OK, OK I’m ready! Mo: OK! Ro: I’m ready, I’m ready! Mo: Get in the game! Ro: Get in the game! Mo: OK Ro: Tee-hee!

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