Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many requests from you guys to do something from the video game Zelda, and my sister and I have been eating a lot of Nilla Wafers lately, so I thought, we’ve never made a Nilla pop, let’s do it! A couple of weeks ago we made an Oreo pop, and it was so fun and easy, so today, I am gonna be making Nilla Navi Pops! Let’s get started! Hey listen! The things you will need, will be: These Nilla Wafers, they’re these little cookies right here, om-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Blue and white candy melts, some lollipop sticks, a decorating bag, foam block, and a Navi wing template, I’ll put a link down below, I made 1 in photoshop and if the template is helpful for you, feel free to download it! And last but not least, a piece of wax paper, now let’s put it all together! The first thing that we’re gonna do is make Navi’s wings, so you’re gonna take Navi wing template and place it down onto a flat surface, I’m using a wooden cutting board Take a little bit of tape, tape it at the top and the bottom

Then you’re gonna take your wax paper and tape it down again! I heated up the candy melts and put them into the decorating bag, with a number 2 tip at the end for a little bit more control, and now I’m just going to outline and fill in all of the wing designs Once your wings are filled in, we’re gonna put these in the freezer for about 10 minutes to chill, and while they’re chilling, we’re gonna assemble our Nilla Pops! To make our Nilla pops, the first thing that you’re gonna do is take 2 little Nilla Wafers, I’m gonna flip ‘em upside down, and then I’m gonna have my third one on standby He’s on the ready, he’s right here! Take your white candy melts, and put a glob of it, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop! Then take a lollipop stick and gonna put it right in the middle Bloop! And I’m using the other Nilla so that the lollipop stick will stay level Then you’re gonna take the other Nilla, place it on top, then we’re just gonna leave this here to dry, because the Candy Melts will act like a glue to hold it all together! And we’re gonna do this to the rest of your Nilla pops, you can make as many as you’d like! Now that we’ve got all of our Nilla pops assembled, we are going to dip them! You want to heat up your blue melts, either in the microwave or, I’ve used a little fondue pot over here

And also, have your styrofoam block ready, these are super handy, after you’ve dipped your nilla, you’ll stick ‘em right in here Alright, let’s dip! Doo-doo-doo-doo! I just go straight down, front, back, side, side! Give it a few taps, let the excess candy drip off! Once the excess candy has dripped off, you’re gonna pick up your pop, and place it into the foam block And then do this to the rest of your Wafer pops We got all of our Nilla Pops dipped over here, in blue And I gave them about 10 minutes to set, and then, I took our little white wings, out of the freezer, they’ve had plenty of time to chill, I cut them out on the wax paper, and now, we are gonna attach ‘em! So take off the wings and you're gonna flip them upside down

I like to make the big wings very close together, and then the little wings at the bottom, a little further apart You’re gonna take your white melted candy, and do a little blob, reyoop! Right at the end, right at the end, right at the end, right at the end! Take 1 of your Nilla Pops and gently place it on top The melted candy sets pretty quickly, so I’m just letting the lollipop stick rest on my thumb And, let’s pick it up, huh! Yep! Da-da! And now we’re gonna do this to the rest of our Nilla Pops! Dee-dee-dee-dee-doo-doo! So cute! Dee-dee-doo-doo-doo! Watch out! Hey listen! Da-da! Here are our Navi Nilla pops that we made today! Thanks you guys for suggesting something Zelda Themed, these were really, really fun and easy to make! And, I love Nilla Wafers, this was a first, we’ve never made something with Nilla Wafers before I’ll be taking lots of pictures of these and posting them on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter! And if you guys make these, please take a picture and send them to me, I love to re-blog them and re-post them, I just love your baking creations, it just makes my day! And, if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know! Leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen! Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Navi! I know how to fish, get off my, get off my jock girl


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